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  1. Long story short, my first challenge fell apart a little. And this one is starting a little late. But that's okay! Still hoping to get going on making more people at some point in the not-too-distant future, but it's temporarily postponed because of figuring out some health stuff and also some scheduling stuff. In the meantime, I need to do something about me. I've been feeling kind of gross and unhealthy for a while, and I need to fix that, for me (better health and more self-confidence are always good things - especially because losing weight should help with the potential health stuff I might have to deal with), for my boyfriend (feeling gross does not make me very excited about participating in activities that could lead to making more people...let's just put it that way!), and for the future people we might make. Also, I started a new job a few weeks ago! I'm really enjoying it, and my coworkers are all awesome (I work from home, but, you know, Slack). This means I have less time and flexibility but more of a routine and a little more get-up-and-go (being productive and earning money is a little more inspiring than facebooking all day). With that in mind, my goals have to be a little more toned down and changed from the last challenge, but I'm hoping that also means they'll be more achievable. Main goal: Feel less gross and unhealthy. Fit into my clothes better. Be more active and have more energy. This is pretty subjective - I'm not going to keep a close eye on the scale (especially since the cat somehow broke it and now we have to get out a board and put it on the scale frame every time we want to use it) and I just never got into taking measurements. But I know when I feel more or less comfortable and happy with myself - and when I'm not bulging out of the top of my pants! 1. Run three times a week. For now I'm mostly going to stick to three-mile runs, generally on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. 2. One hundred kettlebell swings three times a week. This is partly for getting some dynamic weights in and partly for getting up from my desk throughout the day. I'd like to get up from my desk about once an hour to do ten swings at a time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I might also try to do some on running days (I should still get up from my desk on those days, after all) and/or bump up the numbers as the challenge goes on, but this is my baseline for now. 3. Intermittent fasting + slow carb until dinner on weekdays. I've done both of these with some success in the past. I know that I can't commit to doing them all day every day for various reasons, but during the workday it's definitely doable, and I'm going to mostly eat reasonably the rest of the week, too. Life goal: Work on my master's thesis - hopefully even finish it! Yes, this still. My advisors and I (and everyone I complain to about it) are all sick of this dragging on, and I'm going back to the US in late July for work and to visit family and friends, and I'd really really really like to have this off my plate by then. So...I'm shooting for at least ten hours a week here - preferably at least one hour on weekdays and then some more time on the weekends. I'm not going to grade myself every day (it was kind of a bummer to see all those F's for my thesis goal in my last challenge...), but I'm going to try to post almost every day and then at the end of the week take a look back and see how I did. Okay! It's time! P.S. I don't think overweight = gross or anything. I'm just referring to how I currently feel in my own skin!
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