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  1. I've been doing a lot of Podcast listening to a Former Navy SEAL turned motivation speaker and he has 2 big points that I love. Discipline = Freedom and extreme ownership of everything you do. I haven't been meeting my goals mainly causing I'm not doing these things. So, this year I'm going to be more goal oriented and harder on myself when I don't make good decisions. I'm also going to get back to basics, evaluate my priorities, and reestablish my discipline. There are lots of things I want to accomplish, but haven't because, honestly, I just didn't do the things necessary to accomplish them, like I started this year fatter than last year, and I've failed to make any fat loss progress since end of Jan and electrostatic machine says I'm losing muscle mass and gaining fat. 1. Get lean as fuck or lose 20 lbs. I was in between 225-228 for most of last year, but my belly measurement went up from 35.8-36.2" to 38". This isn't good. I'm not at 36.5", but have made no progress in the last 10 weeks. a. Count all my calories. Don't eat over 2450 cals/day. Basically, have some goddamn discipline. I've been doing good at this, but now to take it to the next step. Be accurate with my Marcos. b. New Macros: 250c, 215p, 65f. I've been mostly good for this for the last 10 days. c. Track my body stats. I'm great at capturing my weight, but I'm now going to be discipline about tracking my waist and hip measurements. and it's too hot here to go another summer of wearing a shirt during workouts. Fuck, summer is here and I'm not summer ready!! 2. Give praise in the Iron sanctuary. To do this, I must remain mobile and healthy. So... have some fucking discipline and do my mobility. Don't be afraid to see my chrio, and lastly... if I need them, take my NSAIDs. I know they make me bloated... but it will pass. Use them to heal faster. 3. Compete in things. Get off my ass and enter some contests. I will enter at least 1 PL meet, 1 Crossfit comp (open isn't going to count, and I'm not entering) and 1 WL meet. I'll do the worse at the WL meeting, but I need to just get off my ass and throw some numbers up. I'll be competing in the Midtown Open 2 this Sat in WL. Going to rock it and get some PRs! Sorry if I don't post in your challenge
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