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Found 2 results

  1. Welp. I was going to wait until the 5th to post this because that's my 3-year Nerdiversary but patience has never been a thing for me. My life is sort of imploding right now, so simple goals are the way to go. Ideally these should all be done every day but like last challenge, I'm not setting a hard goal in terms of how often I have to meet them. I go all-or-nothing way too easily. So instead I've tightened it up and outlined when or how long to do these things because they're harder to put off. I'm still going to go the route of reminding myself that I'll feel better doing any or all of these things rather than yelling at myself that they have to get done. Meditate when I wake up every morning with the Stop, Breathe, and Think app. Repeat my damn mantra in the mirror five times every morning. Avoid dairy at all costs. Clean for 5 minutes every day. Journal for 5 minutes every night before bed. Tracker here because I like pretending I can use Excel. I want to Do All the Things but staying sane is kind of a bigger priority at the moment. There are a few smaller/easier to rebuild habits I'm trying to establish outside of the challenge but they're not worth adding here and cluttering things up or overwhelming myself. Idk if we've going to have a Guild Leader this time so if any newbies have questions, feel free to reach out here or PM me. Old-bies: let the cat gifs commence. Here, I'll go first:
  2. I'm coming over to the druids for this challenge since it's mostly about self refection and improvement. I have lost my muchness and I need to find it again. EAT ME, DRINK ME Maintain Calories in the Green Zone tracking with MyFitnessPal and my FitBit I cannot outrun my fork. I cannot get healthy by over OR under eating. I need to eat the proper amount to fuel my body. I will also try to limit my fast food and junk food by eating at least 1 homecooked meal a day. Slimfast shakes for lunch at work will help me feel full and satisfy my sweet tooth. Eat a minimum of 1 veggie a day, preferably with dinner. Need to get better about eating my veggies. Will work to include at least 1 portion of veggies at 1 meal a day. Start small, and achievable. FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” Complete NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout Lvl 1 3x/Week. Try to Lvl up to Lvl 2 by the end of the challenge, but this is not required to pass. I rocked out this workout last challenge and I hope to continue the momentum. The scale and clothes don't lie! My knees have been giving me a lot of problems, so I have forgone the Bodyweight Workouts this challenge. Do FUN activity thrice a week This can be yoga, walking, darebee apocalypse, hula hoop, jumping rope, wrestling with the boys, etc. Whatever is fun and gets me moving! Even extreme cleaning can count! Walk An Average of 5 Miles a Day (35 per week) Gotta walk to Mordor! REGAINING MY MUCHNESS “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where –" "Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” Organize 1 Bin of Unused Items Every Week To Donate To Charity I have a house filled with extra knick nacks and clothes and stuff that I do not use and do not need. It is wasted extra that need to be donated to others who may use it. I will focus on deep cleaning/organizing one area of the house every week and in the process collect at least one box (generally going to use the big pampers diaper box) of goodies I don't use/need to donate to a local charity. Meditate with my Mantra Daily Over the last challenge I worked on a mantra for myself that I could memorize and practice daily to keep me mindful of what I want to be and do. While I wont list the actual mantra here for personal reasons, I have memorized it and will practice in daily in my sacred altar space as I meditate on the energy I wish to manifest in myself. No excuses, no skipping. Work to figure out which way I want to go.
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