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Found 6 results

  1. A young girl named Wisp has been transported to a dark and desolate world. Her quest; to locate the Sphere of Light and restore colour and happiness to this dreary land. She will travel through a land filled with dangerous creatures and evil henchmen hell bent on stopping her, but perhaps also some new friends. Welcome to Charlie Quinn's Rainbow Brite Challenge! This challenge started out as a one off joke, but the more I thought about it, I realised that Rainbow Brite (Wisp) is actually a really strong female character. She is brave, determined and kind.
  2. I'm rolling in really late! I went away for a week to Mallorca to switch off and get some much needed sunshine. I was going to skip a challenge completely this time around, and in a way I still am. This is a non-challenge. I'm not putting up any goals, I just realised how much I miss being here and I really need a place to throw all my thoughts and random race and training stuff. Oh and I also have this little thing coming up very soon: and I need somewhere to vent my excitement! If you follow @Mr_Willes, @jonfirestar, @Rhovaniel, @Jarric or @iatetheyet
  3. I am new to running. So I have started from a humble 5 minutes of proper jogging everyday in the evening. I have decided to increase my endurance by increasing 30 seconds every weekend so that I could run for 31 minutes after 1 year from the date I started runnning. My question is, should I decrease the increments or increase them or are they normal. Also, at how many minutes mark should I stop incrementing any further. Thanks in advance!
  4. Main Quest: Run a sub-three hour marathon at the 2013 Chicago Marathon (2013-10-13) ​Follow the Hanson's Marathon Method pacing guidelines religiously:​Recovery: 8:43 - 8:28Easy A: 8:10 - 7:56Easy B: 7:36 - 7:23Long Run: 7:17 - 7:05Tempo Workouts: 6:29 - 6:4010k pace: 6:07 - 5:575k pace: 5:52 - 5:42Speed Workouts:1600m Repeats: 5:501200m Repeats: 4:20800m Repeats: 2:55600m Repeats: 2:10 - 2:14400m Repeats: 1:25 - 1:30Strength Workouts:1 Mile Repeats: 6:20 - 6:301.5 Mile Repeats: 9:30 - 9:452 Mile Repeats: 12:40 - 13:003 Mile Repeats: 19:00 - 19:30Do 15 to 20 minutes of stre
  5. I'm a vegetarian training for my second marathon (it's in October--I have a long way to go). I'm an experienced half-marathon runner, but I'm just coming off an injury and I really need to start cross training better/smarter. Before the injury, I was up to 14 miles for my long run and had just completed my first half-marathon of the season. I'm also a vegetarian and I'm playing with the idea of becoming vegan for ethical reasons, so I'm going to use this challenge as a way to explore the field. I'm stuck in a breakfast rut and have a gluten sensitivity, so I'm worried it's going to be too hard
  6. SuperDude is a nickname from being called "Dude" most of my life and adding the hero part to it because that's what I am for my kids. I am starting this challenge from a good place. I have been working on my fitness for two years now, starting with running and eating better and lost 20 lbs of fat. I then realized I didn't want a runner's body and started working out, using beachbody's programs and then following Nerd Fitness program and lifting weights this last winter. I followed the GOMAD diet for two months to bulk up. That worked pretty well, as I gained back 20 lbs of mostly muscle and
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