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Found 6 results

  1. A young girl named Wisp has been transported to a dark and desolate world. Her quest; to locate the Sphere of Light and restore colour and happiness to this dreary land. She will travel through a land filled with dangerous creatures and evil henchmen hell bent on stopping her, but perhaps also some new friends. Welcome to Charlie Quinn's Rainbow Brite Challenge! This challenge started out as a one off joke, but the more I thought about it, I realised that Rainbow Brite (Wisp) is actually a really strong female character. She is brave, determined and kind. So what the hell! Lets lean into the rainbows and sparkles! The challenge For each of my challenge goals that I complete, I will be awarded 5 star sparkles. 30 star sparkles a week allows Wisp to move closer to the Dark Castle and also gain an ally or an item to help her complete her quest. Goals Running I'm in the middle of marathon prepping so this should be done at least 3 times a week (the marathon plan has 4 runs per week, but as we run in BMF, I can skip the early week easy run and count BMF as this workout) BMF / Lifting / Climbing BMF once a week and either a lifting session or a climbing session. I'd love to fit in all 3 activities a week (hello, RangerBrain) but that's probably a little too difficult! Lunch Prep I'm OK when it comes to preparing healthy evening meals, but I completely suck when it comes to prepping lunch. I tend to buy reasonably healthy lunches, but this is starting to cost me a small fortune. To make this easier, I'm only starting with three home prepped meals a week (working days) and then increase it from there. Working from home doesn't count, this is just for office based lunches. Life Lines I'm going to give Wisp two life lines, just in case anything unexpected pops up doing the challenge. These cannot be used as a "get of jail free" card, these are for genuine issues (emergencies, illness etc) Side Quest - Spread the happiness and rainbows! It wouldn't be right to do a Rainbow Brite challenge without adopting her ethos. This side challenge is two fold. First, I'm going to make sure I say something positive about either myself or my day on any updates. Secondly, I'm going to try to give much more encouragement around the boards. I start off with good intentions at the start of the challenge but as the weeks go on, I lose track. I'm going to try to be more present and more supportive of my fellow Rebels.
  2. I'm rolling in really late! I went away for a week to Mallorca to switch off and get some much needed sunshine. I was going to skip a challenge completely this time around, and in a way I still am. This is a non-challenge. I'm not putting up any goals, I just realised how much I miss being here and I really need a place to throw all my thoughts and random race and training stuff. Oh and I also have this little thing coming up very soon: and I need somewhere to vent my excitement! If you follow @Mr_Willes, @jonfirestar, @Rhovaniel, @Jarric or @iatetheyeti you probably already know that this is the thing we've been talking about for the best part of a year. And now it's nearly here and every time I think about the more excited I get. I'll be sticking to my regular weekly routine of running, BMF and occasional bouldering in between the insanity that is the longest single lap OCR in the world and one of the most fun OCR's you can imagine - Nuclear Race - the following week. I may actually die before this challenge ends, but nothing like going down in a blaze of glory, right?
  3. I am new to running. So I have started from a humble 5 minutes of proper jogging everyday in the evening. I have decided to increase my endurance by increasing 30 seconds every weekend so that I could run for 31 minutes after 1 year from the date I started runnning. My question is, should I decrease the increments or increase them or are they normal. Also, at how many minutes mark should I stop incrementing any further. Thanks in advance!
  4. Main Quest: Run a sub-three hour marathon at the 2013 Chicago Marathon (2013-10-13) ​Follow the Hanson's Marathon Method pacing guidelines religiously:​Recovery: 8:43 - 8:28Easy A: 8:10 - 7:56Easy B: 7:36 - 7:23Long Run: 7:17 - 7:05Tempo Workouts: 6:29 - 6:4010k pace: 6:07 - 5:575k pace: 5:52 - 5:42Speed Workouts:1600m Repeats: 5:501200m Repeats: 4:20800m Repeats: 2:55600m Repeats: 2:10 - 2:14400m Repeats: 1:25 - 1:30Strength Workouts:1 Mile Repeats: 6:20 - 6:301.5 Mile Repeats: 9:30 - 9:452 Mile Repeats: 12:40 - 13:003 Mile Repeats: 19:00 - 19:30Do 15 to 20 minutes of stretching, not including post run stretching, each dayDevelop and follow a core workout routineLife Quest: Become a USATF certified (Level 1) coach Attend level one training coursePass certification testMotivation: To push myself beyond all limits and inspire others by showing them what can be accomplished with some hard work.
  5. I'm a vegetarian training for my second marathon (it's in October--I have a long way to go). I'm an experienced half-marathon runner, but I'm just coming off an injury and I really need to start cross training better/smarter. Before the injury, I was up to 14 miles for my long run and had just completed my first half-marathon of the season. I'm also a vegetarian and I'm playing with the idea of becoming vegan for ethical reasons, so I'm going to use this challenge as a way to explore the field. I'm stuck in a breakfast rut and have a gluten sensitivity, so I'm worried it's going to be too hard and I'd love some pointers. My goals: Strength train 3x/week, including arms, legs, and core. Bike 2x/week, at least three miles. Eat one vegan meal per day. Seek out vegan breakfast options and try 1 each week during this challenge.
  6. SuperDude is a nickname from being called "Dude" most of my life and adding the hero part to it because that's what I am for my kids. I am starting this challenge from a good place. I have been working on my fitness for two years now, starting with running and eating better and lost 20 lbs of fat. I then realized I didn't want a runner's body and started working out, using beachbody's programs and then following Nerd Fitness program and lifting weights this last winter. I followed the GOMAD diet for two months to bulk up. That worked pretty well, as I gained back 20 lbs of mostly muscle and have since slimmed most of the fat back off. Starting weight: 180 lbs. Age: 35 Starting Lifts: 200 lb. barbell bench press max, 225 lb. squat, 20 pullups in a row, 225 lb. X 5 deadlift. Goals: 1. De-clutter the garage to regain my Man Cave so I can have room to work out and watch movies on the big screen. Feeling lost without somewhere to retreat. I will do this by selling anything we don't use, and use that money toward a running stroller and anything else fitness related for the man cave to work out with. I will first try selling using internet, and then garage sale the rest. 2. Follow my marathon training plan by running 3 days a week with one day of easy, one of tempo/speed, and one long run. I will accomplish this by continuing my morning habit of waking up an hour and a half early to run or workout. Each morning I will plan out my run and follow the prescribed paces. 3. Follow a strength training program 3 days a week to keep up the muscle I have gained (maintain max lifts) and keep/gain core strength to avoid running injury. I will do this by reducing the number of sets I do to 2 instead of 3, while increasing the reps I do on each exercise from 6-8 to 10-12. I will create a workout plan mixing Nerd Fitness dumbbell battalion schedule with a runner's strength training program. 4. Stay off the junk food for the entire 6 weeks...this means no candy, no fries or chips, no soda. Eat only things that are in alignment with my fitness goals (healthy). I will do this by refusing any treats offered to me and not buying any junk food at the store. I will throw out anything currently in my house that is considered junk food.
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