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  1. Talvi: "All part of the plan I just made up" Hi there, I’m a scout who started running about 2 years ago and I’m currently in the last phase of training for my first marathon. I’ve had plenty of mixed feelings about the upcoming marathon in the last month or two. On one hand I’m really pretty excited about the race, the course (Paris) and setting new PRs, but on the other hand I’m worried that I haven’t trained enough and that the long distance training has begun to bore me. There is only one month of training left before the big race on 3rd April, so I
  2. TALVI: Nimbly I go (to the Druids!) Hi Druids! I’m quite definitely a scout in my overarching goals, but I’d like to hang out with you guys for a challenge if that’s okay. I’ve gone from running 5km to 15km in 2015, and I’m now planning on running my first marathon (the Paris one) on 3rd April 2016. Nearly all my NF challenges have concentrated on either running or climbing. I’m fairly confident that I’ve built sustainable running habits now, so it doesn’t need to be the principal focus anymore, and frankly I'm ready for a change. Hence YOGA CHALLENGE! I’ve
  3. This is kind of a turning point for me. I’ve decided to really commit to trying for something that I might not be able to do. I’m following a training plan for a sub-4 hour marathon (will try in early May). This challenge will be weeks 3-6. I haven’t run below 4 hours since 2010. The best I did last year was 4:09. The first goal is the meat of my challenge. (edited because I was starting to hate the picture I originally posted. This one is much cuter) Run the Plan. There are 4 key things each week: (a) an interval workout, usually Tuesdays, but I can substitute my Wed. track workout f
  4. This post really has nothing to do with swimming as the title might suggest. Instead the next month will be about keeping some good habits I formed last month, working on some weak areas I observed, and generally trying not to get overwhelmed by my work and training load(s). I only have two months until I toe the line at American River 50 Mile and to be honest, I'm freaking out! The next six weeks will be the most important training block, but will also overlap with two separate week-long trips, trying out a new position at work, and taking two night classes. Whew! Things are moving, but the
  5. Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays were good for everyone. I sure have had a great holiday season, and am excited to take on 2016. This year could either see much change in my life, or a lot of the same old same old, I don't honestly know which way it will go, its all dependent on what will happen with my husband (The Mastermind), who is working on his PhD. Either way, I want to make the most of the year ahead, and I have big plans to do so. The biggest of my plans is that I signed up to run the Detroit International Half Marathon in October, EEEK! So that is the current fitness qu
  6. Hello fellow Scouts! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I had a ridiculous chest infection which is still hanging around unfortunately. Anyway my scouting plans for 2016 involve a half marathon in March, a marathon in May and a 10k at the London Olympic Village finishing in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in July. That's all I've got booked at the moment but I'll book more as I go along. So the plan is Goal 1. Run three times per week as per my marathon training plan This is a long slow run on Tuesdays, fast 5km on Thursday and a steady 7-8km on a Sunday. The long slow runs ar
  7. Alright. I'm bowing out of the challenges for a bit. Well, at least for this one. I've got the World Championship Spartan Beast this coming Saturday. After that, I've got about a week of easy training. And, then I'll be ramping it up once again with a new training plan. But, I don't feel that the confines of the challenge make sense for what I am doing right now. So, screw it. Here's a battle log.
  8. Xena

    Xena doubles down

    OK…first something I’m doing this 6-week period that’s not exactly part of the challenge… Run 2 marathons ("double down" ). I’m running a marathon at the end of week 1 and another at the end of week 6. I’m really out of shape now, so the second marathon should be much better than the first. Recovering, building back up, and tapering will be tricky. I have a lot of experience and I know what I need to do. This is my most important fitness goal right now, but I’m still thinking about how to work it into a specific challenge Why am I doing this to myself? Reasonable question. Iâ
  9. TALVI's ELEVENTH CHALLENGE: "I accidentally did that on purpose" This challenge, I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled DOTA quotes and themes to journey to the dark side... I swear I can! In the conversion from DOTA2 to LoL, I was practically a god-like smurf through the similarities in gameplay, and then it is much more interesting to play with new characters and items, and then the championships happened and my friends started playing a lot… in any case, I’ve bought a porro hat and I LoL now! In any case, back to the last challenge of 2015! 1) Run three times a w
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice! I've signed up to a marathon in April 2016, and I've already started training for it. However, I've had a bit of a focus change; I want to lose body fat and build some muscle. I know that everything I've read on NF and beyond has said that the best way to lose body fat is to run a calorie deficit, and the best way to gain muscle is to eat more and lift heavier. Everything I've read has said that long distance running hampers muscle growth. Great. Basically, I know I've got a set of incompatible targets. So my question is: given my goals, what is th
  11. Talvi: I’m learning the old way Thankfully I haven’t run out of DOTA enchantress quotes for my tenth challenge. Sorry for joining late, but I’ve only just decided that my summer chillout is over. It is time to be productive! As Salivanth would put it, I’m a cross-guild Shadow Runner with both Assassin (bouldering and bodyweight) and Scout (running) tendencies. I picked up running almost two years ago thanks to NF and ran my last race (15km) at the start of the summer. Again thanks to Salivanth’s thread, I read about Hal Higdon’s training programmes and realised t
  12. On runs going for multiple hours, one needs to carry a few items: house key, iPoodle, a little money, and importantly, a snack bar or goo packet. Without getting too graphic (oh go ahead, imagine it), I found out on my half marathon that tucking sharp-edged foil goo packets into one's bra can lead to injury. Unfortunately, most of my running clothes contain no pockets, so perhaps it's time I got a belt. suggestions? Got one you're happy with, or did you find another clever solution to the luggage problem? My mother's expensive bike jerseys always seem to have pockets in them, but I can'
  13. I have never really run before. I did at school some 30+ years ago when we had to but nothing organised or even really for fun. I have been on here for a couple of years now and been using irregular exercise along with a much better diet to help me lose weight. I'm at a point now where I have lost 15 kg and when I started I was lucky to be able to walk 1km usually stopping when crippling back pain kicked in. A few months ago based on some sort of challenge in scouts on here I decided to try to run 1km and ended up doing 2km without stopping and once I recovered enough to catch my breath I was
  14. So a few months back, I decided to run a marathon for my 30th birthday, which is in late September. I think the longest I've run in the past is 10k or 12k (8 or 10 miles ... not really sure), and not frequently. I can walk all day, and often do, but when you crank up the pace, I have trouble. My day hike record is 12 miles with serious elevation, so I'm confident I could walk 26 miles on rolling hills if I really had to. But I'm not walking this whole thing. It'll take forever and I'll be shamed for life. So to prepare, I've gone for runs a few times a week, as well as jumping rope and
  15. I will clean this post up as the days go on, but I am squeezing it in at lunch, and wanted to get in on the fun before this 6-week challenge got to far along! I was a Scout at the beginning of last year, trained all summer long and left the 6-week challenge Nerd-Crew due to time and changes in my training focus... Ran my first half-marathon in September and it was solid! SUCCESS!! Then I took a break, recovered and relaxed... Winter started up and disaster struck! I tore the ligaments in my big toe on my left foot while running in the ice and snow... Everything has been reset to zer
  16. Was wondering if anyone else is doing the USAF Marathon on Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio on 19 Sept 2015. http://usafmarathon.com
  17. Hey! My name is E. and I am a passionate dreamer. I'm a graduating HighSchool senior, making it trough my last month of exams. One of my most profound dreams is to compete in Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii. I know there is a long road to get there, but I hope I can document my travels here with this marvelous community. I was going to start this challenge when the six weeks started but then just forgot about it. Better late than never. Here is my MiniChallenge: The superhero/Avengers hype is at its max right now, and as an avid and proud comic book reader, I decided to
  18. Since there is a two-week gap between challenges this time, how about something simple and fun to keep yourself active in the down time? Even though it looks like it's only a 1-week break, after all, do you want something to keep your motivation and activity level up between now and the next challenge? The League of Extraordinary NERDS (accountabilibuddy group) has a solution for you! Join our Walk-a-thon. It's like a marathon, except that it lasts two weeks, can be fit into nearly any schedule, and you don't have to run unless you want to. The goal: Between 12:01am Monday 4/6 and 11:59p
  19. Introduction: As a full-time government analyst, full-time graduate student, and father of two young boys, my scheduled has all but sidelined health and fitness. I am now a shadow of my former half-marathon-running self. It's time to get it back and up the ante. Main Quest: Run a marathon in January 2016 Quest 1 Run 4x per week. No set distance, no set pace, just get out there. Quest 2 No buying breakfast or lunch out. With long hours and long commutes, it's easier to opt for the greasy, processed food around the office than plan ahead to eat well. Quest 3 Limit weekday beverages to wa
  20. I'm looking for some help on programming. I've looked online at different programs, but I'm really not sure where to head to for a good schedule to increase my distance. Currently I can run about 5.5 miles in an hour, not sure on how far my limit is, but I would like to do a 31 mile ultra in october. I know this is a HUGE difference in distances. I am really pumped to try this though. I am fairly new to running as something I do in training, I have mostly been just running about once a month to see if my times and ability to run distances has changed. The biggest constraint I have right
  21. Hello Scouts! I come humbly and ask if I can join your ranks. I'm dedicating 2015 to something I've wanted to do since I started running in earnest in college: ultra marathons! So far I've only planned out my 50k (30ish miles race) in early May, but I'm also working on setting up a Ragnar run with some fellow NF rebels in early April, a backpacking trip in Colorado over the summer Jul/Aug, and a 50 mile ultra sometime in the late fall. All of these mean I need endurance and time on my feet. Without further ado, the goals! 1) Run faster by training slower: Follow Matt Fitzgerald's "80/2
  22. Thought you all would enjoy this: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running
  23. This sub-forum couldn't have come at a better time for me. I had planned to be doing the Manchester Marathon in April 2015, and the London Triathlon in May 2015. I'd been seriously lacking motivation recently, and this had resulted in poor training runs, eating too much, and putting off the day when I'd 'seriously start' further and further back. So I made a promise to myself - I had one week where I would be home for the first half and then visiting a friend for a massive food-fest for the second half - after that, I swore I would eat healthy and get back into my exercise regime. I did my
  24. I was perusing the west meetup and saw a post from red_queen about a 5k - the run scared (http://www.runscared5k.com/). It occured to me that if I had seen it earlier I just may have dropped $5 for the race (the run is for leukemia and lymphoma). NF's are a very caring and giving group, I think, and it would be a great way to show support to members, especially when theres a run (or whatever) in support of something that has affected my own life. Maybe a sub-topic under battlelogs, or woot? I also remember when my cousin was going through muay thai internationals and some of the fundraising
  25. Hello All my nf peeps! After having a blast on my first level 1 rebels quest I'm officially embarking on quest #2. I'm typing this from the ipad in my hotel room (I'm in NYC for training for my new job) so forgive the lack of formatting. This quest is all about doubling down. In quest number 1 I formed a habit of exercise and worked on pullups and waist size. This quest I'm going to double down. That's right, at the end of 6 weeks I'm aiming for: 1. 20 pull-ups 2. -2 inches off waist (putting me at 32) Quest 3 is a half marathon. I can jog 6 miles without too much difficulty, so 13 seems
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