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  1. After doing half marathons and 7 marathons since 2011, with hardly any training... I no longer want to join races, just to finish.. I want to be a faster runner with a decent time (after walking a LOT in these races) Here are my goals for the next 6 weeks: 1) To join a half marathon and finish with a time of less than 3 hours (I've been finishing mine for over 3 hours due to walking because I get lazy) 2) To prepare for another full marathon within the year, (around October/November) and finish below 6 hours by training consistently 3) To transition being paleo/primal 100% cheat Wi
  2. What up, what up? Welcome to my first 6 week challenge. This could not have come at a better time. I am currently 5 weeks out of running my first marathon on 7 July, 2013. I injured my ankle on run about two weeks ago and have been off it ever since and am struggling to get back into my training regime. A little background on myself; I didn’t seriously get into my running until a couple of years ago, and since then I love it. It is my lone place of solitude. It is my Batcave, my cone of silence, my forced restart, if you will. I have always wanted to run a marathon. This year I realised th
  3. Hello All, I am training to run my first marathon in October and of course I went big. I signed up to do the Bank of America Chicago marathon... With 44,999 other individuals... Eeeeppp! lol I completed two half marathons last year (the OKC Memorial Half and the Prairie Fire Half in Wichita Ks). Since I completed these two races I thought it would be a good goal to do a full marathon to keep me on target and healthy. I have a pretty solid running regimen (I am following Hanson's Marathon Method) but I could definitely use some pointers from people on other aspects to properly prepare fo
  4. Hello Everyone! Was seriously considering sitting down and contemplating this first post, making sure my signature and pic and goals and motivations were all ready to go before I introduced myself. Eff that. Time to wing it. First, nerd history. Been a gamer my whole life, my father swore that if he heard the background music from Dragon Warrior on the NES anymore he was going to get rid of it! I dabbled in DnD in High School, and am finally involved in a continuous campaign here. I play(ed) Dance Dance Revolution, WoW, Final Fantasy, and am currently involved in just about any game
  5. Hey all, I've been a member for a little while now, but I've never posted anything before. In a recent fit of passion I signed up for the country music marathon to be run in 74 days. I need to figure out how to go about training for this thing, but most of the workouts and things I've seen are for better runners, or for longer periods of time. I seriously need help if I want to do this in under three hours. Can anyone help me out with things I should be doing? I would seriously appreciate any help at all.
  6. A little history before my questions: Started taking running serious in February 2012 - averaging 4mi./run and 15mi./week.My paces on these runs got to about 8:45/mile, but I didn't run in any races.I injured my lower back in May while running on a treadmill.Turned out that I had hereditary spinal stenosis, but eliminated the pain with a steroid injection.Back running in December 2012 - averaging 5mi./run and 20mi./week.Pace is around 8:30 to 8:50 and I've run in 2 5ks.Longest run is 13.1mi. in 2'01" I'm planning to run the Dallas Marathon in December and will train using a 20-week plan that
  7. Slushy

    Creative Title

    I was a High-Elf Scout, training for my first marathon, now I'm a Human Ranger, adding in muscles! Summer is coming and I don't yet like the way I look in my swimming shorts, so muscles need to be built and a little bif of fat needs to be shed. Life Goal: Apply for Federal Student Support (BAföG) [+3 CHA] I almost applied for it during the last challenge, but failed to hand in the paper before the month ended, so I had to change stuff in the formulas, which I didn't until now. This would hopefully give me enough money to pay for a room in a flat share with other students. Living alone is
  8. After a rough ending to my Second NF Challenge, I was thinking about not doing another one right now, but then I read a few of Steve's motivating blog articles and decided to come back for more! So, without further ado: GOAL ONE: Train for my first marathon! I'm registered to run in the Lansing Marathon on April 21, 2013. I'm following a beginner's training program with 4 runs each week, and I will be tracking my training runs in this spreadsheet. I ran a half-marathon distance for the first time on December 30 and had a bout of runner's knee afterwards, so I'm going to be more careful wi
  9. I'm quite psyched (as far as that goes for us elves) to have stumbled upon this challenge right on the day that I start following my marathon training schedule! Actually it's already Tuesday 2 a.m. here in Germany, but if I hadn't signed up right now, I know that my motivation to join this ever would have been really reaaally low, so I grabbed the chance by it's neck before it knew what hit it! I had set my "goal" to run a marathon for the last two years already, but got quickly discouraged after some time training. NOW however that I actually have the chance to level up (and having bet 10
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