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Found 1 result

  1. Do I need to introduce myself? Goals: Marbles: I've been trying to figure out what's helping or hurting my mood on a daily basis. Since coloring in a pizza was a nice visual guide for tracking junk food consumption that helped quite a bit last challenge, I decided to do this with things that affect my mood and sort out the good days and the bad days and what's contributing to each. So I bought a few mini-goldfish bowls and a bunch of multi-colored marbles. The bowl in the middle holds the reservoir of marbles, and the marbles are color-coded as follows: Red = Writing Blue = Work Green = Health/fitness Yellow = social Multi-color swirl = environmental, aka all the little things The bowl on the left is for bad days, the bowl on the right is for good days. If I had a good day because of writing, I put a red marble in the right bowl. If I ruined the day by eating too much pizza and got indigestion, I put a marble in the left jar. If I had a 'meh' day with no strong feelings about it, no marbles move. Then at the end of the challenge, or whenever, I can look at the bowls and see if something is contributing disproportionately to good vs. bad days. Greyskull: Lift weights per Greyskull. I was on a really good run, but stopped for a break last week because of tendinitis in my wrist. I'm gonna restart this week with a deload on squats and switch from low bar squats to high bar squats Cholesterol: I still have to go in for a blood metabolic and lipid panel, but I'm not sure I've done enough to change habits and see if I can lower it. I've basically dropped whole eggs and eat mostly egg whites now... and my egg white omelette game is bangin'. But, I'm researching and finding that dietary cholesterol isn't the biggest driver, and it seems like eating lots of fiber is a bigger help. So starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal, and eating a can of beans daily should skyrocket my fiber intake. If I skip one or the other, I have some psylium husk fiber to make up for it. Writing: It's looking like we're going to keep going with our workshop, though without the author that kicked off the whole thing, so we'll see, but I likely won't need a writing goal since one of the driving forces of the workshop is daily accountability for word count and reading. Other stuff: I'm still playing chess regulary with kishi and KBGirl, and I have a 44 day streak on Duolingo studying Ukrainian.
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