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  1. Hang tight, the insanity is about to begin... Because when you want to leave work, you LEAVE and update your challenge thread after a home made steak dinner, not before. >.< But the least you can do is save yourself a spot on the Rangertrain. Update: 10/26 @ 8:10pm Dinner is DONE (gotta love steak and sweet potato soup), so now it's time to update this thread with my actual challenge goals and such. If you couldn't already tell, the theme to this challenge is... I've decided to stick with my overkill insane motivation for the remainder of the year. I had mixed feelings about using this as a challenge theme; my husband happens to hate the movie, and I know there were a LOT of mixed reception about it. While my knowledge of the 80's TV show is very limited, I still enjoyed the movie for the exact reasons that my husband hates it and more. It brought to life an idea that I've had for a Spec Ops team since I was in middle school, and the ridiculousness, the unrealistic, the hilarious, the insanity, and the EFFECTIVENESS just makes me melt inside (while laughing maniacally). So, without further adieu, I bring to you the challenge in which I become an early bird. Last challenge, I went back to my basics and learned a few things during my struggles. The biggest lesson I learned is that, while it sucks getting up at 5am, it actually makes my life easier to do so and gives me enough time in the day to do the things I need. So, sleep will be added to my basics, along with a few other small things. The Mission: Lose 10lb by December 22nd (my 28th birthday). Team members for the mission: Team Leader: Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith Hannibal is the leader; the brains behind the operation. It is his brilliance in tactics that carries the team through their missions time and again. He is the backbone of the team, always making sure their plans work, one way or another, and gets them out of trouble.Diet is king when it comes to losing weight. So, for this six week challenge, I've decided to take what I've learned about my food issues from last challenge and come up with my own eating plan. I will follow a predominantly Paleo diet while aiming for specific macro-nutrient/calorie numbers. I tend to under-eat while eating clean, so aiming for specific numbers should help me avoid that. The macros should also help with cravings that I just need to nip in the bud and get over. I want to stay as clean as possible though, because it just makes me feel so much better when I do.Macros: CALORIES: 1670|PROTEIN: 145g|FAT: 90g|CARBS: 70gWhat does this have to do with becoming an early bird? Well, if I get my lazy butt up when my alarm goes off, I can actually eat REAL BREAKFAST, something I really need to start doing.Mission role: Eat clean/Paleo at home, following my macros. Reward: +3 CON Team Member: Lieutenant Templeton Arthur "Faceman" Peck His nickname says it all. Peck is the face of the group, always getting into trouble, being the bait and the reel for their plans, and looking damn good doing it. Full of charisma and good-nature, albeit a bit immature at times, he can always be relied on to pull his weight.I will continue with my strength training regimen. Three times a week, push/pull/leg. Although, I'm extending the time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This will allow me more time to do a complete workout, main movement and accessory work, not just a main movement. Waking up on time is crucial to this. Peck is also the player of the group, always flirting with the ladies. Because of the bumps that occurred during my last challenge, I'm planning on having a date night with the husband at least once a week. We're still working to put our relationship back on the rails that it was before, so I plan on making a conscious effort in this endeavor.Mission role: strength training 3x week; one date night per week. Rewards: +3 STR, +1 CHA Team member: Sergeant Bosco Albert "B. A." Baracus "Bad Ass" Baracus is the muscle and mechanical brain of the operation. Primarily an "hit first, ask questions later" kind of man, he stands out and is constantly straight forward about himself and his methods. However, being incarcerated has given him a chance to re-evaluate his stance on violence and get in tune with himself to understand how he feels about things.Here's the biggie: SLEEP. I will dedicate EIGHT HOURS to sleep; in bed, no distractions, eyes closed. Even the bedtime routine needs to be done before I start counting. Quality will be tracked with my FitBit. Bedtime is 9pm and I MUST get up with the alarm at 5am, especially on week days. Maybe some leniency during the weekends, but not much. On weekends, I should be out of bed by 8am.My anterior pelvic tilt needs consecutive MONTHS to start correcting properly, so this also needs to be a primary focus, as I didn't spend as nearly enough time or attention to it last time. Waking up early should allow me the time without distractions in order to complete the FULL ROUTINE, instead of just the basic stretches.On the mechanical side of things, I've been a bit lazy at my new job. I've taken the opportunity that it would give me to do more of the things I love (creating, tinkering, etc.), so this is something I will aim to make better. Though, I don't plan on tracking it just yet.Mission role: adhere to bedtime protocol and do my APT therapy routine (full) every, single, day. Rewards: +3 STA, +3 DEX Team member: Captain H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock Murdock is the pilot and the supposedly insane one of the bunch. Eccentric to the extreme, but completely lovable (in my opinion) and in some ways, ingenious, he completes the team and puts that extra childish, ridiculous flare to their schemes. Always leave it to Murdock to put the madness into the method.EDIT: Play aspect of this challenge will now include any time spent doing any of the following hobbies: sewing, writing, reading, gaming.I will continue to work on my Mandalorian kit. I've got all the fabric swatches and boots, so after I select a fabric for the flight suit, I can purchase it and begin that work. After that's complete, all the other soft parts should fall into place. EDIT: This part will now include all the sewing projects that I have accumulated. I've added a list of what needs to be worked on and completed. Theses do not need to be completed by the time the challenge is over; these are just the articles that I need to spend time working on them. Any time spent sewing costs for this part of the goal.Writing needs more effort than I gave it last challenge. I will try to journal every day, doesn't quite matter about what, and try to get in some serious writing sessions in once a week. This means headphones on, proper writing music in the background, and my pen and notebook. Because, that's how I write.Adulting! There are quite a few adulting chores that I need off my list of things to do. What better way to get them accomplished than to feature them in a Nerd Fitness challenge! I've got a working list so far, but I imagine it'll get things added to it as I remember them.Mission role: work (chores and adulting) and play (sewing and writing hobbies) throughout the week. Rewards: +1 WIS, +1 CHAAdulting List: Sewing List: And there it is, folks! Open and exposed.
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