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Found 11 results

  1. Target time: August/September Current weight: 208 Goal weight: 160's Age: 19 Diet: Paleo Gym: Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe Other: Boxing class, Krav Maga, hiking Supps: Mens daily, Vitamin D, Adrenal, Creatine, Complete Amino Acid Story- Played hockey since I was 5. That kept me in shape till I stopped playing (18). Started to gain wieght. Was unhappy at college and had a realization one day (while watch the movie Rush) that I need to do what I want and makes me happy Decided to finish up my first semester and then take time of from school. US Marine is what I want to be, even if others don't fully support or understand my decision. So this summer I will join up. Meantime I am working 3 days a week and training the rest. Focusing on lifting, diet, and hiking till I get my weight down then I will really ramp up the running in prep for boot. As for the nerd in me. I love video games, currently playing the ps4 (hit me up and we can play!). I tend to get obsessed with getting achievements (360) adnd now trophies. Haven't been playing quite as much because of my new goals but I find time to wind down and relax. Im terrible at Fifa but love playing it along with BF4 and GTA V. Looking forward to kicking arse and proving to myself I have what it takes to be a Jarhead! Here to encourage others so let's do this
  2. Hi guys! And yes I'm getting married very soon to fraidenfer! Which means I need to lose weight . Since I'm respawning this challenge, along with my life overall my goals are going to be different to. Goal 1: Start and finish 90/10 Paleo diet. Morning and afternoon will be strict, dinner will be whatever is served but a small portion. No sugar, no fried foods, and no cheating. A: No mess up F: Mess up Goal 2: Drawing is also another thing I've neglected. And I have a gift for it, so everyday I will practice it, and every week I'll post my work on here. A: 7/7 And posted my art at the end of the week B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 4/7 F: 3/7 Goal 3: My training regime is Cardio every other day along with weight training. My weight room is cleared off so I have no excuses, time to get back to training. I have a plan that even includes plan B just in case weather is against me. Laziness has been setting in that's prevented me from going back to working out fully, I need a workout habit back. A: 100% B: 90% C: 80% D: 70% F: 60% and lower Goal 4: Read my Bible every morning, it's something I should be in the habit of doing but again, I don't. A: 7/7 B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 4/7 F: 3/7 Life Goal: To make a drastic change in my life. I don't know what I would put my life goal, because that's basically it. I would like this challenge to end with a big change, physically and mentally. I'll be studying to, eating right, and working to get my life going before I'm married. Tomorrow I'll post my before pics. I couldn't start my challenge today or yesterday due to being sick and PMS. I'm way better now, so I should hit it running. Please pray for me, this is a big change. I have to figure out the rest of my challenge. Any suggestions? I can't decide on how to get my diet graded on either.
  3. This Saturday the zombies arrive!! This Saturday I'll be running in the Black-ops. It's a obstacle course race which is done at night, 700 zombies on a 3 mile course, 15 or more obstacles, and if I finish without any life flags I get a medal that says "Infected". I want the medal with "Survivor" on it Also I've decided that February when I'll be ready to join the Marines. No more postponing it. Goal 1: Prayer: Prayer will save me against zombies. I will pray before every meal I have, and not a quick one, one that is full of thought. I really want this to turn into a habit. (Wis. +2) A: A prayer before every meal B: Miss one C: Missed two D: Missed every meal F: All week and no prayer Goal 2: Training: Workout at least 3x a week. More than just running, I need to work my entire body out if I want to make it in the Marines. (Str. +2, Dex. +2, Con. +1) A: More than 3x a week B: 3/3 C: 2/3 D: 1/3 F: No training Goal 3: Studying: On my days off of working out I'll spend the day studying. Math, Science, Philosophy, Zulu, Latin, Spanish, and the ASVAB. It's a lot, but when I have all day to do it, it will be worth it. (Con. +1, Wis +2) A: Study 4/4 B: 3/4 C: 2/4 D: 1/4 F: No studying at all Goal 4: Running the Ranch: As it is, I'm taking care of everything on the ranch and house. But I know there's more I could do. So I'll make a list of at least 4 big things that need to be done. I'm trying to prepare for real life, and life as a wife to my future husband. I am no good to anyone if I'm not giving 100% to my own home. (Cha. +3) A: 4/4 B: 3/4 C: 2/4 D: 1/4 F: Nothing done This will be most likely my toughest challenge. As it is, I'm also taking care of my Accountabilibuddy group Heroes and Warriors in Training, fasting TV and certain foods, and trying to raise money for Christmas gifts. Its a lot of stuff but I can take it with God's help. And I will make it.
  4. On November 15th I will be running from 700 zombies, on a 3 mile course, with 15+ obstacles to overcome, at night. I want to finish as a Survivor like I did the last zombie race. But this race is a lot tougher and I look forward to it Goal 1: Titanium Ankles: I need strong ankles to help with my avoidance of the undead and their hunger for my life flags. I will be working out my ankles and getting them stronger 2x a day, and stretching them out. (Str. +2) A: 100% 1400 reps in a week B: 1300 reps C: 1200 reps D: 1100 reps F: 1000 reps Goal 2: Stress Relief: Zombies cause stress, and stress is bad. Video games help me release stress at the end of the day, and I haven't played for a long time. Everything must be done, and after dinner will be me and my games!! (Cha. +2, Dex. +1) A: No procrastination, everything done and video games played B: Missed out two days of gaming C: Missed four days D: Missed six days F: Missed a week Goal 3: Keep friends close and Zombies within range of my shotgun: I have been really bad with updating, and helping Nerds out. Everyday I will be keeping you guys posted, and spend time helping you guys and others out. (Wis. +2) A: 7/7 B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 4/7 F: 3/7 Goal 4 under construction. Life Goal: Fit in a size 8 What do you guys think? I am still going to lose weight and workout, I just noticed I have been doing diet and exercise in every challenge. And it should be a habit now. Everyday I'll write what I've eaten, run 2x a day, increase my strength, eat right, etc. And the size 8 is just something I wanted to do for fun lol.
  5. I'm Going Home Hey guys! So last challenge I did pretty good, but went to extreme as far as working out and eating. It wasn't healthy at all. I am moving back in with my parents. This trip to Oklahoma shed some light as to what she really thought of me. And I can't take it anymore. My parents are happy I'll be moving back, as far as a room of my own....I don't know how that will work. The baby has the only room right now. Mom is talking about getting me signed up for CrossFit which I was excited about. Then my twin let me in on the secret, mom delayed on the bills to send my sis $500. So money is even tighter with my mom's spend happy ways. So no Crossfit for me. Brother in law is helping me find a job at the place he works at. I was excited about that to, but I still don't have a license I don't want my mom to drive me everywhere again. So gotta work even more to get everything set up and done. No excuses of I can't or anything. I get a wall in front of me I either tear it down, find a way over, or go under. Goal 1: Flexibility: Morning Yoga and extensive stretching everyday. Something I've been dragging my feet on for some time. But it will good for me! A: 7/7 B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 4/7 F: 5/7 or lower Goal 2: Spiritual: In order to survive the Marines I'll need all the help I can get, especially help from the Man. So I plan on doing a Bible study when I get home, but for now I'll read the bible on my phone. A: 7/7 B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 4/7 F: 3/7 or lower Goal 3: Diet and Exercise: Eat very clean as always, but this time make it a habit to eat 6x a day. Meals must be small and well portioned. Veggies, meat, and fruit only. And one "free" meal. Workout 6x a week to. A: Commit to 100%, B: Eat two free meals, miss one workout. C: Three free meals, miss two workouts. D: Four free meals, miss three workouts. F: Five free meals, miss four workouts. Life Goal: To Do List: I need to keep moving at my parent's house. I cannot give into old habits of lounging around on the computer all day. So I will make a to do list and finish it everyday. Just 5 things, easy to do throughout the day. And when it's done I can relax. Please feel free to critique! Before:
  6. Getting Ready for the Marines Part 4 Hey guys! This will be my tenth challenge now! Last challenge I wasn't proud how it ended, I really want to make it my best but I didn't . I let my personal problems effect my goals and as a result I crashed. But now I'm better! A series of events happened and now I'm the me I used to be 10 years ago. And she's a Badass . So let's do this, let's all make this challenge our best! Who's with me?!?!?! Goal #1: Beast Mode ENGAGED!!: I'll be working out 6x a week, leaving Sunday a rest day. The workouts will be hardcore to. The Marines won't hold back, so I shouldn't either. (Str. +2) A. 6x B. 5x C. 4x D. 3x F. 2x Goal #2: Eat Like a Warrior: I'm sticking to a very strict diet. It's mainly veggies and meat, even then it'll be mostly veggies. If I get a sugar craving I'll have some fruit and nuts. No dairy either. (Con. +2, Wis. +1) A. 0 cheats B. 1 cheat C. 2 cheats D. 3 cheats F. 4 or more cheats Goal #3: Run faster than the Zombies in 28 Days Later: Running for me greatly helps me mentally. I can face the day and all the stress if I've ran earlier, and I don't want to go back to how I used to be. Everyday now I'll be running and trying to push to go faster. (Sta. +2) A. Run everyday B. 1 day missed C. 2 days missed D. 3 days missed F. 4 days missed Goal #4: Rest and Repair: If I feel my body giving out because of how hard I'm pushing I will rest. A rest day will include, extensive relaxing Yoga, a cold bath, some diy spa treatments, reading, drawing, etc. (Wis. +1, Dex. +1) A. Listen to my body and rest F. Push to hard Life Goal: Size 8!!: I am a size 12 now and although I'm happy about that, I want to take the chance and strive for a size 8 in 6 weeks. Can I do it? Don't know but can't hurt to try! (Cha. +3) A. Size 8!! B. Size 10! F. No change I have no idea right now how to grade this haha . So if anyone has any ideas let me know please. Feedback is welcomed! What do you guys think? Before:
  7. Hey guys! Ready to do my....wow, ninth challenge. Goal #1: Commit to a strict Paleo diet. I've done this before with success, but now that I'm training even harder, I'm curious about the results I'll get when I stick to it all. The only splurge will be on my birthday. A: 100% B: 95% F: Anything lower Goal #2: Train 5x a week. I get bored easily, which means I get lazy and don't want to train the next day. So I need to keep up the habit. 5x may seem extreme but I'll have 2 days off to rest, and I'll allow more if I need it. A: 5/5 B: 4/5 F: 3/5 Goal #3: Finish pre Algebra and Arithmatics on Khan Academy. Some of you already know I hate math, and suck at it. But I don't want to be a Combat Engineer who can't do the math right then and there. A: Finish Pre-Algebra and Arithmetic B: Just a few Master Classes away F: No change Goal #4: Find a job. No luck so far, but I need to keep trying. I'm hoping to get a job at a vet's office, PetsMart, Gamestop, or a feed store. But I'm trying anyone that's hiring right now. A: Get an interview B: Send out a lot of applications F: Nothing Life Goal: Get down to a size 12. My size 14 are loose now! I'm hoping to get down to a 12, or maybe a 10 but that most likely is wishful thinking. Side Goals: Draw more Lose my butt gut Keep practicing patience Yoga Write in journal everyday Let my walls down once in a while with the guy Before/After Didn't think there was a difference till I saw the pics, now I'm happy Wanted to pimp this up but for some reason it's not letting me paste photos or even change font size. I thought it was my computer, but I'm using my grandmother's. I'm gonna ask someone what's up.
  8. Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this! Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive. Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is: 50 FULL pushups 100 Hanging Leg Raises 2 Chin ups 50 Squats with 100# sandbag A+: Surpass at least two A: Accomplished goal F: Failed set goals Goal 2: Exercise and Stretch Concho Everyday: This should be simple enough, I'll obviously postpone this goal when I'm gone to my race. A+: Complete goal and take Concho hiking 2+x a week A: Complete Goal F: Miss two days Goal 3: Workout my Brain: This is my discipline, for me, anything mental related is hard. I have a really short attention span to certain things and tend to zone out when bored. Like Walter Mitty (awesome movie!). A+: Memorize "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, something I've always wanted to do! A: Work and study everyday. F: Nothing. Goal 4: Grip Strength: If I want to achieve what I've been dreaming to do, then I need the grip of Hercules. I want to learn how to rock climb after all. A+: Hold onto the bar past a minute. A: 1 minute F: Not even a minute. Life Goal: Finish the Super Spartan. Ready to make this year the most memorable of my life!
  9. This challenge is going to be different from my other ones, because I've noticed that I have focused so much on physical goals that I neglected mental and spiritual. As a result I'm at a plateau with my workouts due to my mind putting up a wall I don't want to cross. It's my own personal goal to become the first female Marine sniper, and it won't happen if I make it a habit of giving in to all the negative voices in my head. Achieving the Focus and Iron Will of Batman Goal 1: CrossFit, H.I.I.T., or Weight Lifting 4x a week: As much as I am focusing on losing weight I cannot afford to neglect my strength. (Str. +3) A+: 100% Completed with no misses. A: 95% One or two missed. B: 85% Only one workout a week. F: 80% I need a good ass kicker pronto! Goal 2: Meditate three times a day everyday: Meditating or praying will help me to train my mind to focus. Which I really need in order to get over the "wall". (Wis. +3, Char. +2) A+: Not a meditation missed. A: One or two missed. B: A whole day and not a single OHM F: I suck at this. Goal 3: Study for the ASVAB every other day: I am not where I want to be in Math or the other subjects, I refuse to go into the Marines as a dunce! (Con. +3) A+: Significantly increase my former ASVAB score from 53. A: Only a slight increase. B: No change whatsoever. F: Anyone got a DUNCE cap? Goal 4: Run and/or sprint everyday: This won't be ironclad, if I need to rest I'll take a day off so I won't risk getting shin splints. (Sta. +3) A+: No excuses, no problems, just running! A: Miss one day. B: Two days missed in a row F: It had better have been raining all 6 weeks! Life Goal: Decrease down to a size 12: This is achievable, all I have to do is get rid of my butt gut, that's the only thing preventing me from fitting in smaller jeans. (Char. +2) A+: I'm built like a diva, and I wear a size 12! A: Can button and zip up. B: Well I can get them on at least... F: Wanna see me attempt the 23 clowns in a small car trick with these pants? I'm hoping to finish this challenge with all my goals at A+. Then I would be two steps closer to being the correct weight to sign up for the Marines, plus fitting into smaller stuff will give me a good excuse to get some new clothes! As far as my diet, I am actually doing very well, my sister has been helping me and keeping me accountable about what I eat. Plus, my stomach has now shrunk to the point where two pieces of pizza is to much. And I now hate the feeling of being to heavy after a meal, making most of what I eat at this moment light and healthy. All of this is not just for the Marines right now, I have a Super Spartan race to prepare for! Semper Fi
  10. Attention: By next Saturday San Bernardino will be run over with zombies!! That's right! Pretty soon I'll be running from zombies in the Run for Your Life obstacle course race! So here are some goals to get me to the finish line as a Survivor: Goal #1: Run at least 3x a week: Obviously since the race is coming up I'll be training more than 3x, but this is for after the race A: 3-4x a week B: 2x a week F: 1x a week Goal #2: Eat Like a Viking: I know I did this last challenge, but I wanted to try again and actually stick to it. A: 100% Meat and/or veggies with very little breads, pasta and no sugar B: 85% F: 75% Goal #3: Every other day complete a hardcore workout such as: Insanity, CrossFit, 5x5, ZWOW, or HIIT. A: Every other day with 100% intensity! B: Missed 1 or 2 days F: Missed 3 days in a row Life Goal: Finish race a Survivor! A: 2 life flags B: 1 life flag F: BRAAAAAAINS!! My grading may seem harsh but that's because yesterday I went to the recruiters and found out I lost 10 lb,!! Which is awesome but still I need to lose more in order to be allowed to sign up. I'm now focusing on being eligible to be a Poolie next year. And once I graduate I'll be finally on my own and out of my parents house!
  11. Yesterday, I met with my Marine Recruiter. Next June, I hope to be starting OCS. But first, I have to pass the PFT. So, I have three months to get in ready. Main Quest: Pass the PFT and get selected to join OCS in June. Goals: 1. Complete 3 pull ups. 2. Run 3 miles in 24 minutes. 3. Complete 100 crunches in 2 minutes. Life Quest: Finish Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East (Seriously, an amazing book). Wish me luck, fellow Rangers! I am off to start the Armstrong Pull-up Program. "The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea." ~Isak Dinesen
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