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  1. Hi everyone!!! I cannot believe that I have never came across this webpage before. Since I am a huge dork and overall fitness/health fanatic this seems like a great idea for like-minded with similar goals. I know it have been a while since the mass effect trilogy ended, but deal with this. I picked Commander Shepard as my inspiration for this four week challenge because regardless if you are paragon or renegade Shepard, she is determined and perseveres. And who doesn't want the body of the elite group of N7's from the Alliance Navy. Quest One - Fitness: Run 15 km per week I want to up my endurance and run a half marathon this summer, Shepard definitely cannot be huffing and puffing behind everyone else. Quest Two - Fitness: 100 burpees per week I have a love/hate relationship with burpees but it is an efficient way to get a quick full body workout in. Quest Three - Diet & Budget: Do not buy food out No post gym smoothie. No lunches from the cafeteria or buying tea while I am at work. I waste my money and end up eating food that is not healthy when I eat out. Shepard has to save money to buy more important things such as armour upgrades or fish for her fish tank and I have to pay off my student loan. Life Quest: Find one positive thing about myself everyday I am hypercritical of myself and Femshep is one confident badass. I am going to write down one positive thing about myself per day. It can be anything from a personality trait or something that I did that day that I was proud of. Best of luck to everyone with their quests - Akaviri
  2. Hey everybody =) I'm working up new themes these past few challenges. Last time was Dresden Files, and this time is another of my favorite worlds! I'm going to be spending most of this challenge focused on gathering data to figure out how I work best. That's going to include tracking calories, hours of sleep, energy levels, and more. I need to get to know myself the way Garrus knows Normandy. So, if anyone is looking for me this challenge... Yeah. Garrus is easily the best character in all 3 Mass Effect games (what do you mean they made a fourth one? You're clearly delusional.) There are lots of great personalities aboard Normandy, but nobody can hold a candle to this guy. So, goals. 1) We're in this 'til the end. Track one hundred percent of food intake with MFP. There's really not a lot of room for negotiation here. Normally I'm happy if I land 80% of a goal, but 80% of data is not good. In fact, it's pretty much useless. Which means I'm going to have to swallow my embarrassment on days when I go over, and log faithfully regardless of what the number is. 2) After what I've been through lately, calibrating a giant gun is a vacation. Gives me something to focus on. Yeah, things have been a little rough the past couple of months. Hopefully drilling down into numbers and spreadsheets will give my brain something to work with. The goal is to make entries in the daily log. This also has to be 100%. The entries are quick, only about 5 columns in a spreadsheet. I am recording the hours of sleep I got the previous night, the total caloric intake for the day, a subjective rating on my energy level (Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Awesome), and any notes I think might be pertinent. At the end of each week, I am recording the total of the 7 days' calories, a 'weekly deficit' (maintenance goal minus actual intake) and stepping on the scale to figure out where I'm at. 3) We can disobey suicidal orders? Why wasn't I told? Okay, so goal 3 has to be something physical, but hard physical work outside of my kung fu has a tendency to make me ill. And sad, because it sucks to be sick. Last two times I tried it I ended up with 12-day sinus infections that kicked my ass up and down and required antibiotics to treat. So, I'm disobeying that 'suicidal order' and I'm going to start by adding some simple chi gung exercises a few times a week. I actually know the ba duan jin (the Eight Pieces of Brocade) routine from a much earlier time in my life, so that's what I'll be starting with. Combine that with some half-hour walks at work (yay summertime) throughout the week and I should be getting some light additional activity without hurting myself. Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm so physically limited. Some people seem to be able to do ridiculous amounts of training and be fine. I apparently just don't have that ability, or maybe it's just a baseline of fitness I haven't reached yet. Regardless, all I can do is all I can do, so I'll do what I can.
  3. PATHFINDER TEAM NEW RECRUIT: STARPUCK Pathfinders are the "tip of the spear" for exploring new worlds. Pathfinders are trained to improve the viability of potential planets, initiate first contact with unknown species, find suitable outpost sites, and handle any external threats before the first colonist touches soil. Recruit Dossier: Starpuck Female, 5'2" 155lb Ranger Archetype, N7 Graduate, Rampage Squadron Notes: Upon academy acceptance, did not rank in the upper percentile of classes and testing but showed great determination and perseverance throughout the courses and field training. Team skills are a strong point, as is the ability to lead as a subordinate. Capable marksman, physically strong, and well adapted to creative, "outside-the-box" thinking. Assignment: Andromeda Initiative, Ghost Squadron EXPLORATION GOALS Finding sustainable food sources that will provide beyond minimal needs is an essential mandate for the Pathfinder teams. Any potential planet must be capable of providing the required nutrients for ongoing health and training, as well as ensure increased health and vitality. SUSTAINABLE FOOD SOURCES - Produce; fruits and vegetables 5 servings/day Fruit: 1-1.5 servings per day Vegetables: 4 servings per day PROBIOTIC/IMMUNE BOOSTING RESOURCES - Healthy cultures; yogurt, kombucha, natural teas daily [I will be trying a challenge where I do not track my calories, but will be tracking what I eat. I'd like to get my gut into better working order, and I'd like to fill up on foods that promote health and satiety without a lot of garbage calories. To strive for this, I will be focusing on eating more fruits and veggies at each meal, as well as trying to do some of my own cooking ahead of time. I'm also going to be adding more variety into my food plan. I have been eating the exact same thing during the work week for years.] COMBAT PREP While exploration of viable planets is the forefront of the pathfinder's mission, they must be prepared for the high likelihood of encountering dangerous fauna. Well trained members will be capable of handling rigorous encounters with both beast, and potentially aggressive native inhabitants. ENDURANCE TRAINING - Movement; activity based on increasing heart rate and engaging respiratory system. Aerobic-Anaerobic Zone: 2x/week [running, hockey] Temperate Zone: 1x/week [walk] STRENGTH TRAINING - Functional strength improvement; designed to keep the pathfinder in peak shape for a wide range of potential risks. Strength Training: 3x/week [bodyweight, pull ups, balance focused movements, some barbells] [Maintaining the usual routine here. The goal is to move with intent six times per week. Walks, even ones that are slower or unweighted will count toward this and not act as a rest day. Trying to shift the mental focus from 'this will make me look better' to 'this will make ME better - stronger - healthier - more capable" as I have too long struggled with results driven motivation.] DATA ACQUISITION AND ANALYSIS Acquiring and analyzing the data that the pathfinder team has is essential to determining if the new world has potential for success. Detailed information must be gained over a period of at least four weeks for accurate analysis. DOCUMENTATION, STATISTICAL - Bullet Journal; keep track of all important factors for analysis. Daily: Food, exercise, health stats. Daily: To do, appointments, reminders. Weekly: Goals, calendar, upcoming events. Weekly: Upload picture to database of exploration progress with a positive commendation. DOCUMENTATION, ARTISTICAL - Art; Per Week Total of 5 Days MangaStudio Work - 3x Sketches, detailed or doodled - 2x Tutorial Work - Search for online classes, books, youtube channels. - D&D Campaign; weekly progress required. [The reading the bible and daily Tank-inspired affirmations are no longer goals... because they are habits. I do them without thinking now and do not need to keep track of them in a journal, or as a challenge goal because I have done both, almost to perfection, since October of last year! The art is almost there, but the D&D work needs to be mentally reminded. Want to keep up with, and get better with, the BuJo. I think this could turn into a really good long term resource. A return of an oldie but goodie, is the self-love pic with affirmation. Remind me on this one guys!] In addition to the daily/weekly goals, I will be posting a list of things I'd like to work on getting done over the next four weeks. I will likely put that into the second post, along with more concise outline of goals and things to track. But, with the basics figured out. Let's get to work.
  4. For this quest I'm taking advice from the dark side of Mass Effect - the Reapers. Life's gone crazy, and it's time to assume direct control. Main quest - Reclaiming the health bar Now that some very, very big things got taken care of last challenge (nasty roommate evicted, hired in at work, Whole 30) I need to get some of the basics back on track, while keeping the progress that was made. I wasn't as consistent as I would have liked to be with workouts, but it was definitely a step up from where I was. I've noticed a lot of improvements in my strength and endurance, and I know I'm much calmer than I was 1-2 months ago, but there's still a lot of loose ends that need picked up. So it's time to ratchet up the game a bit: Side quest 1 - Food tracking (Con+2) Now that I'm done with Whole 30, I want to keep track of my food 6 days a week on LifeSum to make sure that I don't start going off on bad habits again. Ice cream one day isn't a bad thing, but ice cream 3 days in a row needs to be addressed, that type of thing. I'll also keep a log here on my challenge thread as well. I'm going to try to stay under my calorie limit, which does adjust daily based on my activity level (have I ever mentioned how much I love my smartphone? Technology is amazing.) Side quest 2 - Fitness (+3End, +2Str) Bit of a 2-in-one, but I want to make sure I'm getting in 6 exercise sessions per week until I get done with the couch to 5k, after which I want to do 5 total; 2 runs and 3 strength. I do want to ride my bike for work and errands as much as possible as well, but that'll be a bit of a bonus rather than actually part of the challenge. Bonus a - 1 precision/parkour training session outside at the park per week. Bonus b - Bike to work all 5 days, + church sunday Side quest 3 - Meditation (Wis+2) I have some aspects of my mental health coming back under control, but I know I'm still waaaay more stressable than I should be overall, and that needs to be addressed. I want to start meditating at least once a day again, 6 days a week. I'm going to aim for 15 minutes per day, but for week 1 I will accept anything that's at least 5-10 minutes. Life quest - Guitar (+3Cha, +1Dex) This fell almost completely to the wayside during the stress of evicting my roommate then cleaning up after she left, so I'm going to push it back to the top of my priority list by sticking it on here. I was able to get myself to practice once or twice a week the past couple weeks, but I need to set up time 3 times a week, at least a half-hour per, for guitar. Bonus - 1 hour of piano a week (more is awesome, but only 1 hour will count) Those are the main aspects of the quest; a lot of these will involve some scheduling on my part that I'll aim to get done this week before the actual challenge starts so I have them on my agenda, and I want to start making sure the items I put on said agenda get taken care of, hence the emphasis on control this challenge. I need to say to all the madness and stress in my life: I've already started making dual lists of things I can/need to do that do or don't require sunlight, since my day is split oddly due to a 2nd shift schedule.
  5. Originally I had no idea what I wanted for this next challenge. But, after talking with a wise and true friend on Sunday, my brain started working. What are the things I need to accomplish during the time frame? Key moments are: - April 16, Boston Athletic Association 5k - April 24, PAXEast Great. So, I know I'm running, and the next week there will be a long Sunday with good friends, where I will hopefully discover some fun and interesting games. Which means I really need to step up my running game over the next two weeks. Other than that, I have a big problem. For much too long, I have been allowing myself the idea that I have no control when free and available food is offered, and simply doing whatever in those moments. This wasn't such a problem when I was being less social overall, but recently my number of social encounters has gone up, which means that this idea is now directly opposed to my wants, desires, and progress. Thus, the theme of the challenge. I decided a little Mass Effect wouldn't hurt. Goals for this month are as follows: Run 2x/week starting right now. There is no time to waste on this, the race gets closer and closer every day. Fortunately I already know that I can run a 5k, which means that all I'm doing is making sure that I do so respectably. Forge a morning routine that includes at least 10 minutes of meditation. Every day is better when I do this. It's necessary, and I need to stop allowing myself to think that it's not. Practice mindfulness around eating at all times, with particular attention to social encounters where food is available. The idea that I have no control in these situations is hereby once and for all declared FICTION, and has absolutely no relevance to real life going forward. I know that I will struggle, and I know that I will fail as I fight this life-long fiction, but dammit, I WILL REWRITE THIS STORY. That's it. All of this is surrounded of course by my attending martial arts class as much as possible; a habit and activity at which I am already well-accomplished. In May we've got our Pride Day demonstration coming up (sounds like I might get to be on the drums this year!), and then in early June the Wu Dao tournament to attend. There's also a book to write, but I've decided against making it part of my challenge here. Added pressure is not helping with that process right now, as the alchemy of my brain is actually getting more resistant under pressure, where usually the opposite occurs. So it's just a thing I'm working on, that's all. A project which deserves completion.
  6. It's time. IT'S TIME. For what, you may not have asked- BUT I'LL ANSWER ANYWAY! IT'S TIME... to get strong. Powerful. Bad. Ass. Becoming a certified and recognized badass takes time and effort, of course. The first of which I have in spades. The second.. ehh. [i'm lazy] A Bit About Me: I'm a 5'9 1/2, about 145 pound 18 year old girl who is currently attending college.I'm currently taking karate at my college [going on 6 months now!] and will continue after my classes are over.My Goals For This Challenge: Taking My Medicine Daily - It looks gross and tastes gross, but damn if it doesn't do well for my mental health.Water World - Drinking exclusively water. Liquid calories are no bueno.1 Minute Horse Stance - This is mainly to strengthen my knees; I've always had joint problems, so this SHOULD help. Any other suggestions would be welcome!Current Badass Level: Kitten. I have claws but no idea how to use them- Suck. This challenge is mainly to show myself that I CAN stick with something. There aren't any fitness-specific goals, only because of my Karate classes twice a week, which don't necessitate a goal at the moment. 3 is also a nice number.
  7. I'm.. a bit of a nerd. "How much of a nerd could she possibly be?", you ask. Enough to recite "I. AM. COMMANDER MOTHERF*CKING SHEPARD" while exercising for extra motivation, perhaps. Enough to visualize myself sprinting away from Halo's Elites and Grunts for that extra kick. Enough to put myself in the mindset of different characters for confidence's sake. Yeah. I go by Echo or Cheshire, whichever floats your boat! The reason why I'm here... Well, I've been reading NerdFitness for close to 5 years now, I think. Gotta start young, yeah? And with anxiety constantly looming over my shoulder, and the huge transitions that college has brought me, I'd like to kick life's ass and have control over something. And that something happens to be me. I WILL take control over my life. My body. My responsibilities. I WILL fight tooth n' nail to become stronger, to become fierce, to not be afraid to fight back. Here's to being in it for the long run, yeah? [i will also be joining the Monk's Guild this go-around. Karate OP!]
  8. [Oh crap, I thought I had another week to get ready! o0! - ed.] Main Quest: Become My Own Hero In celebration of the recent completion of my first (and certainly not last) career in Mass Effect, I’m joining N7! I briefly considered going for one of the “pure†classes, but quickly thought better of it and rolled up a Vanguard - ME’s answer to the classic fighter/mage. My Shepard was a real sweetheart, friend to all living things, and a synthetic’s worst nightmare. Naturally, I relied heavily on the assistance of my crack engineering team, Tali and Garrus, but this challenge is based on the Vanguard skills that got Shep the farthest in his mission. tl;dnr Throw -3min Kip Up practice, 5 days/week Charm - 30 min/week creative writing practice Unity - Loving-Kindness Meditation, 2x/week Barrier - Stomach Vacuums, 4x15s 3x/week Shotguns - All HabitRPG Dailies complete everyday. Let’s get versatile!
  9. Hey there everyone, Title is in reference to this shirt, which I think is hilariously awesome (and don't choose Nah!) http://www.lookhuman.com/design/76687-burpees-for-paragon-squats-for-renegadepint Always been in decent enough shape, but definitely wasn't into any sports or anything physical in school. So there was a long time where I didn't 'identify' as someone who went to the gym. I started exercising casually when, in a period of a lot of stress, I was hit with a freak, really bad case of acne practically overnight. My college had fitness classes, so I started aerobics. It was pretty awesome to dance to music twice a week, but then I graduated and started volunteering and didn't have money to be in any kind of fitness class. I was still scared to 'exercise myself', but I started running and was able to run a 10K. I quit running right after that because of knee pain. I wasn't really too consistent for a while - I also did a 6 month stint at a CrossFit gym, which I also loved, but I had to quit that when I was laid off from my job. It was a few months after this that I casually went to the gym while visiting my brother for a mostly easy workout and what I thought was a light weight deadlift for me. All I can say is that either I was horribly imbalanced or just forgotten my form, and I came home and thought "Something is not right with my hips." A couple of weeks later, when the hip pain still hadn't subsided, I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with hip flexor tendonitis. For a while I stopped exercising completely, and that came along with its own issues of anxiety and depression. Now, I spend all of my time at the gym stretching and strengthening so that I can get my body realigned and reverse all the years of bad posture and bad form. I see a chiropractor twice a week. I'm also hitting my diet pretty hard - which part of this challenge. As an overall focus, these 6 weeks are going to be to reset and refocus. Goal 1: Something physical every day. The idea is consistency. The end goal and focus in this is to heal my hip and adjust my body for maximum awesomeness!! I can't actually burpee or squat right now - At the end of 6 weeks, my goal is to be able to again! Goal 2: Home cooked meals. Again, consistency. Goal 3: Sleep before midnight, if not sooner. 8 hours a night goal. SideQuest: Kill the laundry monster of doom. Let's get physical 7%7% Home cooked goodness 7%7% ZZZZZZZZZZ's 7%7%
  10. The quest: N7 Training Havock style This is my first challenge as a Ranger, and I'm really looking forward to it. I have participated in several challenges in the past, and although I finish I always forget to keep logging my progress after a while. Or just get self-consious about the progress I'm making, which is just ridiculous and no way for a N7 Marine to act. I got my bantha poodoo together last year but have been lacking in the logging/keeping track of progress department. This challenge is my way of working on that. Oh and obviously I love Mass Effect... Fitness Goals: 1. 5k in under 40 minutes, because Specters need to run. Plan: Going to alternate my gym days so that every other day I'm working on running either on the treadmill or track. Currently: I went from running a 5k in 48 minutes to 40 minutes this past year. But I really want to get it under that in the next 6 weeks. 2. 5 Proper Push Ups. Plan: I want to start practicing my push ups every (or every other) morning. Currently: I can do one, and that took a while to acomplish, but I know I can do better. Life Quests: 3. Log progress daily - because I've always struggled with this and want to work on it so I know if I'm making progress on my goals or not. 4. No Drinking - This is a personal one, just to try and lose some weight while I'm at it. 5. Get everything I need to done to go to my Targeted Selection interview for school administration. I finished my masters degree and passed all my tests, time to start moving forward on this one too.
  11. I call up the message one more time at my private terminal and run my fingers nervously behind my neck. Being tapped for this mission is a dream come true; they've afforded me the highest level of security clearance, opened the sealed archives, even opened a comm channel with Silent Step. The resources they are pouring into this into this endeavor are unprecedented, much like their sudden faith in me. There's a lot riding on my success. I know my brain is up to the task but is my body... STG ops need more than just a sharp wit! It's going to take strength, endurance, and of course, stealth. With that in mind, here is the outline of my STG Training challenge. Main Quest: Pull ups -- how are you going to crawl around those vents gathering intelligence if you can't get your chubby salarian butt up there? But, since I am pretty far from being able to do pull ups, let's focus on the... Sidequest 1: Strength -- Continue strength training at least 3x per week. By the end of the six weeks, move on to standard push ups. Not up against a wall, not on my knees (huh, that went to a weird place), but real toes-to-the-ground push ups. Sidequest 2: Stamina -- Endurance training at least 2x per week to include jogging at least 1x per week Sidequest 3: Flexibility -- Yoga at least 2x per week [Edited to update sidequests]
  12. :IC Journal: I just received notice that I’ve been given an N7 Commendation. I haven’t had the best track record, but someone apparently sees some potential in me. It’s a big deal. N7 is the best training, best equipment and best assignments you can ask for. And they ask the best of you in return. I haven’t been off earth. Hell, I can count the number of alien races I’ve met in person on one hand. But if I’m going to do this… and make it, then I’m going to have to start figuring out how to take the best of their traits and master them for myself. I’ll have to show them what the humans are made of… including their females! **Pwallace and I have decided to share our quest theme for this challenge and use each other to motivate ourselves to our final destination of graduating with an N7 designation. (Scoring all A's by end of challenge.) This is why both of our names are in the title. MAIN QUEST: To complete the N7 Training Program and be assigned to the Normandy. (Be stronger and more healthy.) Train like a Krogan – Workout 5x/Week (STA 2/STR 2)Eat like a Quarian – Cook clean 1x/week, eat clean 80/20 (CHA 2/CON 2)Think like a Salarian – Track budget and stick to it! (WIS 2)Side Fitness Quest: Break James Vega’s pull up record : 183 unassisted pull ups (total) in 6 weeks. (+1 STR) Mass Effect 3 - Shepard doing pull ups... LIFE QUEST: Perform like an Asari – Relearn the piano (WIS 3) [Put at least 2 hours of practice in per week.] Mass Effect 3 - Liara plays the piano. Side Life Quest: Redo Starpuck photo shoot pictures! Smile at results! (+1 Cha) MOTIVATION: Hockey season is starting this week and I want to be strong, durable and able to progress the whole season with noticeable improvements in my game. I also want to be as bad ass as FemShep is. ... and autumn is the season I typically start falling apart in, so I need to prove to myself that I can break the cycle of gaining and losing. Starting Stats: Weight: 142 Bodyfat: 29.8% Waist: 32.5 Hip: 36.75 Thigh: 23.5 Bicep: 12.5 N7 is a vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The "N" designates Special Forces and the "7" refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program. Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) is the Systems Alliance's premier school for leadership and combat expertise. The Interplanetary Combatives Academy, sometimes called "N-School" or "the villa," recruits officers from every branch of Earth's militaries to partake in grueling courses at Vila Militar in Rio de Janeiro. The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If the trainee survives these scenarios in "admirable and effective fashion," he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation. N7 is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms. There is little shame in failing an N course - the training is so extreme that even qualifying for N1 elevates an officer to a position of respect. The universal prestige of merely attending the academy helps to restrain trainees from taking excessive risks in pursuit of higher honors.
  13. Good starts, great intentions, and well made plans are all what pave the road to hell, and that is right where my last 6 week challenge went. Between bad eating choices, working to many hours, stress from job interviews and the like I just didn't care. However, I am back and ready to make it happen! I need to train for my spartan race in November. My goal is to beat 45 minutes, which as far as I can tell is about the average. “FORM UP MAGGOTS! INSPECTION!†The drill sergeant’s voice booms from the open door way. Terrified new recruits throw themselves forward, forming up at the foot of the beds, back straight, eyes forward, sweat forming on their brows. Anxiously awaiting their first inspection, the new recruits of the Systems Alliance Military, many are shifting their weight from foot to foot, not sure of how to deal with the suspense . “EYES FORWARD! ATENT. HUT!†The voice bellows again, THUMP.THUMP. THUMP. Fearing to look away anywhere but straight ahead, private pwallace find him staring at a fellow private. The name on her fatigues says starpuck. A little shorter than him, and a few year older, Starpuck gazed back with a cool steady stare. ‘She looks like she could handle a krogan. Granted it would have to be a small young krogan but DAMN! Remind m not mess with her.’ Pwallace thinks, attempting to get his mind off of the impending screaming that is about to happen. “YOU CALL THIS A MADE BUNK MAGGOT! DROP DOWN AND GIVE ONE HUNDRED!†The Private 4 bunks down from pwallace drops to the floor. Risking a quick glance, Pwallace turns his head just a small amount to see what the owner of this fearsome voice looks like. Not one but 5 officers stand in between the two rows of Privates. “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX….FROM THE BEGINNING YOUR FORM IS CRAP! ONE! TWO! THREE!†Roars the Human officer standing at about 6 feet tall and every inch of him intimidating. Flanking him are a Turian and a Krogan, both silently watching the private struggle to keep up with the count. Behind them, barely visible, stand a Solarian and an Asari. Pwallace had heard tales of the Asari and their intimate social habits, but the Asari standing with the officers made him doubt what he had heard of the dancing girls at the bars. This Asari seemed to be even more terrifying than the Human. Slight of build and shorter than Pwallace, she moved with a deadly grace that told anyone looking she had seen many battles and more men die. “Excuse me major, but it would appear that those two down the line seem to think they don’t have to follow your directions.†The Turian says, in a normal tone but loud enough for everyone in the barracks to hear. Snapping his head back around, Pwallace sees Starpuck looking at him, fear dancing in her eyes. ‘She must have been looking too. Aw Hell! This is it. We are done. I am going to be kicked out because I couldn’t follow one stupid order. I will never make it to a N7 now!’ Pwallace chastises himself THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. “PWALLACE! STARPUCK! FRONT AND CENTER!†The Major screams, spittle flying into the air. Stepping forward, Pwallace can feel his knees shaking and sees a new sheen of sweat breaking out on Starpucks forehead. "YOU HAVE JUST VOLUNTEERED FOR THE N7 STREAMLINE PROGRAM! STARTING MONDAY, YOU WILL TRAIN AND BE TRAINED IN THE WAYS OF OUR ALIEN ALLIES TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS IN LIFE AND IN THE BATTLEFIELD, LEADING TO A MORE ROUNDED SOLDIER. THE CITADEL IS PUTTING THIS INTO PLACE DUE TO THE CONSTANT REAPER THREATS." Strong like a Krogan -work out atleast 3x a week (strength training or cardio) Efficient likea Solarian - Get house work done 3x a week (cleaning or organizing) Sensual like an Asari - Do something with the "significant other" atleast 1x a week Eat like a Turian~ Eat Paleo atleast 4x a week ( I will end up haveing wednesday evening, thursday, and friday off with the fiance so on those days I will have 1 meal that I can eat that is not paleo.)
  14. So let me do something cool here... something I have been doing over on my battle log. BAM~ Download the template here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14003151/Template.docx Or in .doc (not tested): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14003151/Template.doc Fonts used: Imprint MT Shadow & Agency FB. Feel free to mess around with it, or use as is. Would love to see if you use it Attributes Improve flexibility and skills: +2 DEX Improve strength: +5 STR Improve endurance: +5 STA Improve eating habits: +1 CON +2 WIS It's actually about the bigger missions, the subs will be upgraded as I complete them Bare minimum for the challenge is completing 1 sub! Okay now that that's settled. I don't have a life goal, my life's a mess and I'm getting it back in order... my bigger problem is my health slacking. Yes I'm a little late this time, but you know, I just got my head back on straight. This'll be my fourth challenge... we shall not talk about the past three. I'm here now. I track my weight 2 times a day, because I'm crazy. This morning it was 80.5 kg. My aim is between 75 and 80 kg, but I don't care very much. Once a month I steal borrow my parents' scale for the official stats (theirs is more accurate/advanced). Every 25th I'll measure those. So 25th of February I weighted 80.4 kg, with a BF% of 30. (for comparison my scale gives a number 300 grams more than my parents' scale ) And that's all the stats you're gonna get! If you're interested... let me just do some Mass Effect RPing. Also see my twitter account @HuntressBeckia, where I will be actually RPing with some friends (in the near future probably) Beckia let out a sigh and turned off her console. She really had to stop goofing around and get real. "If you can't be serious about your training, then you should just leave the program altogether", is what the trainers had said. Well she admitted they were probably right, but it's not that she didn't want to be a commando, the training was just so hard and her console so easy. No more excuses, they're boring anyway. It was time to get up and do the work. Every day, as much as she could manage. (yeah I don't write long pieces of text... yet?)
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