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Found 5 results

  1. How many pull-ups can you do in 1 hour? Use whatever strategery you like. Here's some complex rocket-science level math for your noggin to get you motivated. If you do 1 pull-up per minute, that's 60 pull-ups. If you do 2 pull-ups per minute that's 120 pull-ups! Think you can do 1 every 15 seconds? That's a whopping 240 pull-ups! Beastly. Just bust 'em out, however many reps you want and however many sets you want. Anyways, hop to it. Post your results and I'll make a leaderboard spreadsheet 1 week from now. Clock's 'a tickin'. Oh and if you try the challenge again later and post your new and
  2. So last week I started adding the Overhead Press to my lifts. I was surprised at how challenging it was compared to the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift. Even with 20 less pounds from those other lifts, I was only able to get to 3 reps on all but one of my 5 sets, in which I got 4. This week I attacked the lift with renewed vigor, being sure to warm up a bit longer, and cranked out all 5 reps on all 5 sets. Which means next week I get to add more weight. Level up!
  3. Ok so cleans are my favorite thing ever along with back squats because I've always felt badass doing them since a lot of girls never have. Well today, the weightlifting portion of our WOD was hang clean, and the rep scheme was 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1. I wasn't feel that great because I've been on vacation for a week and haven't done anything heavy in a while. Well once I started on the first set I felt super good and I was like huh maybe I'll be able to hit 125! Because that was my previous max for a regular squat clean. So anyways, this is what I ended up doing: 5 @ 65lbs 5 @ 85lbs 3 @ 105lbs 3
  4. Today I matched my old snatch max, 40 kilos, for the first time since I've been lifting again. And then I did it twice more! Three good reps at my PR. This is a significant weight since it lets me use the big 10-kilo bumper plates on a 20-kilo barbell instead of the flimsy 10-pound bumpers and a bunch of little plates. The big plates are much nicer to work with (and safe to drop, saving my lower back!) but they seemed so intimidating. Now that I've done it, I feel so eager to add more weight! I think I can make some significant strength gains in the next few months.
  5. Hi there! I'm just beginning my fitness journey (just finished week six!) and I want to test to find my max reps on body-weight squats, lunges, step-ups, push ups, and sit ups (any other essential moves you suggest testing, too?). I've been doing fasted workouts in the mornings, but I didn't know if it was a better idea to shoot for maxing out after eating something, as my body has yet to be put under that much stress (I've only been working out as much as time allows for). Or would it be safe, or even better, to do this when fasted as well? Also, since I tested a few before I though
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