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  1. Heyo, My name is Tatzumi, but you can just call me Tatz. I'm a freshman college student and I've been making use of my schools gym over the past two months. I've consistently done weight lifting since winter break and I'm ready to step it up a notch. Growing up, I remember always being overweight and once I got into gaming my fitness level dropped considerably since I was no longer entertaining myself by running and climbing rocks and trees with my neighborhood friends. Other factors in my childhood led to me having an unhealthy relationship with food and I still struggle a lot with it. A lot of emotional eating and all that jazz When I started two months ago I was 215lbs and when I measured last month I was 205 so I'm making progress. I have no doubt that this program is going to stick with me, because I absolutely love weight lifting. You know how Stacy said had love at first sight with the barbell? Pretty much the same with my and Stacy is a big inspiration for me. Main Quest: Become a Badass My long term goal is to be able to bench, squat, deadlift (almost already there), etc the equivalent of my Dad's weight with ease (220lbs), have between 13%-20% body fat percentage, eat entirely paleo, and be fit enough to start competing with weight-lighting and running. A side effect of this is becoming toned and dropping weight. It's a long ways off I know, but I'm enjoying the small steps getting there. Quest #1 Run to Mordor Run three times a week and by April be able to run 5k without stopping. I'm currently a week into the Zombies! Run 5k app so I'll continue with that. Quest #2 Eat Through My Inner Demons Eat 80% Paleo and track what I eat. Also minimal snacking with three meals a day and very little extra intake. Carbs only on days I've lifted weights and strictly paleo other days. I have gluten and dairy allergies so I'm most of the way there but I've struggled with consistently recording and limiting my food intake. Quest #3 Record Keeping Record my workouts. How much did I lift for how many reps? When did it get hard? That way I can actually track my progress in terms of how much my body is doing. So taking a notebook to the gym with me. Life Side Quest: Procrastination Vacation Try and complete my homework and assignments for school two nights before they are due, not the night before. I'm adding this one so that I can start trying to kick my procrastination bug. Since I'm an engineering student I'd have a lot more time if I stopped putting off my work for a "better" time. Grade Scale 3/3 main quests is an A with the side quest being kinda like extra credit. I'm allowing two slip ups for each quest but after that each slip up is 1% off. At the end I'll calculate a GPA type thing for each quest and based on how I do I'm going to set different awards. 3.5< I will get a massage at the campus Rec and a new ear piercing. And,depending on weight loss, new workout clothes. 3.5-3.0 I can get a new ear piercing 3.0> I'll figure something for this later. Completing a challenge is fun enough.
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