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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a pretty scrawny guy at 5'7 and 148 pounds. I'd like to bulk up a bit as I hear a good weight for my height is at least 155 pounds. Trying to get on a good meal/workout plan and looking for good suggestions/resources. I'm looking for a healthy (possibly Paleo) bulk up meal plan. I thought the NF Academy had a bulk up meal plan, but I can only find their slim down plan. Does anyone have a good resource for this type of meal plan? And how long should I be on a eating plan like this? I'm thinking of doing the bodyweight brigade as a work out plan while eating more than I burn off. Would this be a good plan to bulk out on? With these plans will I just end up a little more doughy from eating more or end up another year of being skinny fat?
  2. Meal planning is my greatest weakness. I can never figure out what I need from the grocery store & I can't figure out how to plan meals for more than just one day. As a result, me doing well is me eating the exact same breakfast, lunch, & dinner every day until the next week when I go to the store again. Me doing bad is me not having enough/the right food from the grocery store & having to either go back or eat out. I feel like a babe in the Lost Woods. How do you plan meals for an entire week? (Or for longer - I know there's superhumans who do all their grocery shopping for 2 weeks or longer) How do you get the right groceries? How do I adult? If there's already an article, somebody please link it here. If not, Steve - help please! All other advice welcome & in fact requested.
  3. One of my partner's favourite meals has been Chicken and Leek pie since my Mum gave me a recipe book with it in, but since I've started trying to eat paleo I've not been able to find a suitable replacement that didn't involve finding somewhere to get coconut flour or attempting to make paleo pastry, and he's had to go without. Well, I had enough of depriving him of his favourite meal so I just, made it up! It's not really a traditional pie, but it'd damned tasty and I think someone out there will enjoy it. [Paleo] Chicken and Leek Pie-lets. 1x Chicken Breast A handful of spring onions OR 1/2 a Leek Thyme 1 tsp Arrowroot powder 1x 165mL of coconut milk 6x Bacon rashers Olive oil Ghee or butter Almond meal Cook off your chicken breast however you want. The original pie recipe called for poaching, but mine were pre-baked and I just grabbed it out of the fridge. Anyway, cut it up into small parts once it's cooked to your liking. Cut up and cook off your spring onion / leek in some olive oil and ghee (original recipe was butter so go for it if you're not trying to be strict; this can also be left out though I guess.) until it's sauteed nicely. Once it is, tip in some Thyme and your arrowroot powder and make sure it's mixed through your spring onion, then add your coconut milk. The pan doesn't need to be too hot for this because it will bubble up and then thicken quite quickly. Add your chicken breast to the sauce and mix through. That's your pie filling done. Now grab some bacon and a cupcake pan and use the bacon as the pie base. I ripped into the middle of the bacon rasher so I could make it into a cone shape and put it in the cupcake tin. One rasher fits quite nicely. Fill the bases with your filling until you've got none left. Sprinkle a little bit of almond meal and some salt and pepper on top of your pies for a bit of a crust and bake them for around 10 minutes. EAT THEM WITH JOY.
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