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Found 14 results

  1. So I am going over the things that I want to improve upon this year, and it seems I can't just stick with something which is what I really need to improve but I am going to take a new approach and just focus on small fixes. Things I want to improve: 1. Overall Fitness and Health 2. My ability to be ladylike 3. My savings and budget 4. My organization/home This challenge I am going to focus mostly on 1 and 3 with a small bit of two rolled in. This challenge I will not buy any crap on amazon/online, no clothes, no projects, no STUFF
  2. Hello, I am a 20 year old girl who has been training in the gym for a year now, i am 5'6", and started weighing 71,5kg as a i came back for a 1 year vacation. I currently weight 63kg, have a muscle mass of 45,8 and a Body fat percentage of 23% (last time i weight myself, but I know is approximate so i would say im around 25%). I go to the gym 4 times a week, 2 days upper body, 2 days lower body, 25min of cardio all those 4 days. I have three dogs so i keep myself active also after the gym. About my diet, is something i was very aware of at the beginning but not so much now:
  3. Hello! I am a mom with a toddler that is usually sitting on me, hanging off me, having me read books out loud, or trying to pull me down the hall... play breaks are frequent, but short...so I will try to keep up here with my small bites of 2 hand time. I'm also still figuring out how NF works and fits together. So here are my goals for this challenge: Eat & drink healthier: - Eat only AIP+ when at home, outside I can have non-AIP snacks but not anything sweet. - Come up with a batch cooking meal plan for each week with 4 meals, 2 days of cooking.
  4. Hi, I'm still new to the druids. I posted one challenge as a druid, and I wasn't successful. I'm returning again. Trying hard to be successful, so I'm keeping it simple. I have one goal for this challenge and it is to be true to my meal plan for 5 out of 7 days of the week. Ideally this will be seven days. That is my hope. I know its not much, but I need success more than I need lofty goals right now. I struggle with depression and things have been very hard recently. That's why I need to be successful. Hoping for some encouragement.
  5. Jonesy’s Oh, Bother Last challenge was a struggle to find the determination to follow through with my goals. This challenge I'm going to keep it simple. Me, keep things simple, yeah ok but I’m gonna try real hard. At least for the challenge. Haha Fitness : Workout 12 times Health : Meal Plan each week & eat at home at least 15 times Life : Make a reasonable to do list and accomplish at least 4 items Keep it Simple!
  6. When I hear CLEANSE, my immediate thoughts go to: Miserable and back to your old habits (and size) once you stop drinking carrot juice and start eating real food again. So when one of my best friends asked if I wanted to do a cleanse with her I was not interested at all until she sent me the info. This isn't a cleanse, it's a supplement enhanced jumpstart to a lifestyle change! And isn't that what I'm here for? I'm going to spare you the details (which sounds like a sales pitch) and I am in no way affiliated with the company. But
  7. Last year I decided I was going to pick up and move north to live next door to two of my favorite nerds, which meant picking up my life and moving to Madison. I moved at the very end of last year, and then 3 weeks later went on vacation to Australia and New Zealand, just getting back a few weeks ago. Thus, I have been pretty absent on the forum and challenges, and since I have #warriorgoals and #scoutgoals, here I am! I have a tendency of petering out after week two, so this challenge is going to be super simple. Epic Goal #1: Run the Hot Chocolate 15k in October with @Haikoo If there's
  8. Hey rebels! I have a question for you. I'm currently writing an ebook with the name "Cavemen in College". Basically, it will be a guide to all students at university on how to remain Paleo. This includes: - The basics of Paleo, what it is and why people do it - My story, how and why I became Paleo and how this book was established - How to make Paleo cheaper than a "normal" college diet - How to combine studying with an active lifestyle (sports etc, inherently a part of Paleo imo) - Tips for going out, social events,... - Meal planning and templates - Tips & Tricks (for example: Handy k
  9. GREETINGS, FELLOW REBELS. Is everyone else as excited to get this challenge going as I am?! LET'S PAR-TAAAY. Background I'm Zho. 26, female, 4'11", 136 pounds as of this morning -- my lowest weight in 10+ years. Torn between classes -- perhaps assassin, or ranger? My fitness goals can be summed up as something between "functional strength and movement for everyday life or emergencies" and "do cool stuff." (Oh, I forgot "look freakin' amazing." That's in there too.) I want to be able to lift heavy things for my day job, flee from an attacker if I have to, do a pull-up, hold handstands, etc.
  10. Hi Everyone You won't have seen me around the challenge boards for a while. My life gets very insane during the middle of soccer season. Plus I go into winter hibernation and have no desire to do anything beyond my normal routine. The other things is that most of my goals become about not conceding goals and winning game which is very much out of my control and are therefore hard to stick to and very depressing when I'm being strict with myself. (I'll put some background at the bottom of this post) I've managed to keep up my soccer training (with a bit of time out for a cold; managed not t
  11. Hello! I can ramble sometimes, so I'll try to get right to the point here: my boyfriend and I are about to start the whole babymaking thing, and I want to be as healthy as possible in order to provide a good environment for our potential future human. I'm not particularly unhealthy at the moment, but I could certainly stand to lose some weight and eat a bit better, and I've been slacking on exercise lately. [Disclaimer: I'm sure you all get it, but just in case, please don't be offended by my calling babies-to-be parasites. I mean, they *do* live off their mothers' life forces...but they're
  12. (TL;DR in second post) Previously on Apfelstrudi’s journey: I set out to become the very best. Like no one ever was. I got 4 pokémon from Professor Oak, kicked Gary in the nuts, and set out to defeat Brock. On my way, I encountered lots of trainers and wild pokemon that challenged me every 5 steps. And they helped me level up so I could win the boss battle. But what’s even better: They showed me what I’m passionate about, and made my path forwards much, much clearer. Once Brock had been defeated, I continued wandering, once again being challenged, but now I had a deathly weapon wi
  13. I am making small changes to my diet in an attempt to eat healthier. Less sweets, more fruit & veg - that type of thing. This challenge, I'm trying to experiment with a weekly meal plan before going to buy my groceries. Only thing is - it's not working at all. Yeah I end up eating all the food I buy eventually. I just never actually follow the meal plan past a day or 2. I'm finishing up my last year of college and don't have the motivation to cook every day. I was making 1-2 batch meals that could carry me through each week but fell out of practice when life got busy. I am looking into
  14. How's that for motivation? But I see your one week, and I raise you...six. MAIN QUEST: DROP FAT*. KEEP MUSCLE. *OBVIOUSLY NOT ALL OF IT, SINCE SOME IS REQUIRED TO, YOU KNOW, STAY ALIVE Hey NF peeps! Ems Challenge Number 4 is here! The new rule changes came at the perfect time for me, as I was feeling a little burnt out and disillusioned by the end of my last challenge. I tried to do too many things at once during a very hectic work schedule, resulting in a lot of things done fairly badly. Well, no more! This challenge is going to be very focused on one goal - reduce body fat percentage
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