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  1. Main Quest To live in the here and now. To love myself for who I am and gain my confidence back. Getting healthy will be a bonus to being myself. Goal 1: Daily Update (+1 CHA & +1 WIS) This is pretty self-explanatory. I will update my thread daily. I liked this from my last challenge so I’m keeping. Also, I want to get back into writing in my self-love/gratitude journal. I let it fall to the wayside and I want to pick it back up. It’s useful to look back on it. Goal 2: Add Exercise (+3 STR & +3 DEX) This time I'm not having hula hooping as a goal but I can still do it if I feel inclined. This is going to be a 3 part goal. 1) I'm going to aim for walking in the evening with the husband and dog twice a week. 2) I've wanted to pick up belly dancing for years and the last time I had this as a goal, I failed miserably. Soo..I'm adding it back in. Saturday morning this will be done, with additional time during the week if I feel like practicing. If I belly dance, then I can play Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. 3) I'm hung up what type of exercise I want to do. Body weight training or yoga? I think I'm going to follow Swampling down the rabbit hole that is yoga. I'll also be copying what she's doing aka do the doyouyoga 30-day challenge. However, I will only be doing 2 videos days a week to see how I like it. Also, this will be the first time I've tried yoga soo hopefully 2 days won't be too rough on me. Goal 3: Meal Plans (+2 WIS) I need to start making weekly/monthly plans for meals. This will also help with my following goal as well as my food shopping needs. Currently, I go to the grocery store on Saturdays to pick up meat and any other extras that I may need for that week. I tend go to the produce stand every day and buy the vegetables that I want for that day. I’m a bit spoiled. I want to get into a better habit of this so that when we move, the transition will be easier. I’ll miss my 30 second walk… This first week will be getting all the recipes/meals ideas that I make on a regular basis so new official meal plan for the first. Though I will be shopping this weekend so I’ll need to know what I need by Saturday. Diet Quest: Limit the Processed/Junk/Fast Food (+2 CON) Having the meal plans made should help with this goal.I make most of my husband's and my meals. However, there are days when I'm tired or just don't want to cook and we order pizza or go out to a fast food restaurant of some sort. I want to limit these occurrences Also this will include limiting beer. This will be graded based on each successful day without the processed stuff. I will also be tracking how often I succumb to the temptations of this type of food. Life Quest: Be Successful in Clothes Shopping (+1 CHA ) I’m making this into a goal because I’m not a fan of shopping and have had mini freaks in my latest shopping trips. I'm approaching a US women's size 20 in pants and shopping is miserable. I’m attending a friend’s wedding on Oct 18th and need a dress and I would like the dress to fit with their theme. I also will be visiting San Diego (my hometown) the following weekend and want better fitting clothes. This seems like a lot but at the same time do-able. I like it.
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