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Found 2 results

  1. So it's official... I am addicted to powerlifting. I made it official today and changed my class to warrior. I love feeling like she hulk after a workout, and adding 10lbs to my deadlift (even though I think I could have pushed further), and 15 lbs to my bench last 6 week challenge was awesome. For this challenge I plan to continue getting stronger, more consistent, and perfecting my form while loosing a few lbs. To do this I must: Combining Powers - Continue lifting heavy things, and add in some LISS/cardio on off days - I need to add at least 3 days of LISS consistently throughout my week. (A - 3 weight and 3 LISS days, B - 3 weight, and 2 LISS days, C - at least 2 weight and 2 LISS day) Juggernaut gets it. My fitbit will be with me always, and know everything - I wore my charge HR for a while but let it die and didn't charge it for about a month until today. I want to get more in tune with what my body burns during weight/LISS days so that I can better meet calorie needs while not going overboard. (A - all 7 days, B 5-6 days, F less than 5 days) Limit that sweet sweet pasta, pizza, and bread - I get 2 meals a week with that as a main facet of the meal. I am not going to go crazy if I have to add flour to a recipe, ect for now. Complete meal prep so that it is easier to stick to the program and healthy foods. (A - 2 meals, B - 3 meals, F - 4+ meals)
  2. So here we go! I joined nerd fitness back in January, and have gotten a slow and steady start since really getting into it back in March. This is my first 6 week challenge, and it will be a mulit round challenge since I wouldn't be able to get through my main mission in 6 weeks safely. I have always been a stocky girl, and I have had a love/hate relationship with my body since I was in my early teens. The weight runs in the family on my mom's side, and my main motivation is to get ahead of the curve so I don't have health issues down the road. Feeling better about my body, and not seeing only the things I dislike in the mirror is my secondary motivation. All in all I am a fairly healthy/active person, but I don't have much self control when it comes to social situations/meals, and I need better portion control. Main Challenge Quest: To get to 130 lbs, and or a size 6. Minor Missions: Meet net calorie goal of 1240 daily Be gluten free at least 5 days a week Be active for at least 1 hour 6 days a week Life Quest: Be more confident and open to expressing myself and my needs. I am an overly giving person, and I tend to push my want's and needs aside constantly. While I am proud of the person I am, this is something I must balance in my life.
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