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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, so I heard of this site and decided to see what its all about. I could use some tips and ideas as to how to adapt my diet. for better understanding. I am male, 29 years old. And i went trough a long period of malnutrition. In short my weight at the time was 69 kg at 194 cm height. At present i gained finally weight and am currently just under 90kg. I would like some tips as to how to tone and develop muscle but from atrophy. THank y'all in advance
  2. I was supposed to start this challenge with excitement and strength and good news. Instead my heart has been broken again. I’ve lost another baby and am feeling utterly defeated. As well as this Next year hold much uncertainty about my job. I will still have a job but where and doing what is out of my hands and in those of upper management because of huge structural changes going on. So I’ve come to the druids for nourishment and recuperation. Motivation: My daughter. Always my daughter. To be a good role model for her and be able to give her an awesome childhood. Goal: to increase my energy and decrease my migraines. To find joy in my body again (vague I know but I can’t put my finger on it more than that) Quest one: Read Gods word. Every day. No exception. Write down what he is telling me. I feel most alive when I am with Him. I feel connected, loved and whole. I need to work on this connection so much. I have a diary by my bed I can write in all ready and the bible on my phone so no excuses. Quest two: write a meal plan and stick to it. I do this but I don’t stick to it and eat out way too much (I’ve been using a budget app recently that has highlighted this to me). At the moment the quality of food I have isn’t the focus but making a plan and sticking to it. Better food can come later. Quest three: Move every day. I love yoga with adriene. It’s getting hot here in Australia and I’m very pale and there are snakes around here so going outside won’t always be an option but a 20min yoga video is doable. Bonus for getting my daughter in on it with me. Quest four: work towards getting my landscaping finished THREE DAMN YEARS!! We got ripped off and money stolen from us a few years ago and then we had a baby so no money anymore! I need to find the steps to do this Order more dirt, fill in in retaining wall Another layer of stones Front retaining wall Fill in with dirt Set up vege patch Set up chicken runIf I can get 1 and 2 done I’ll be so happy. Quest five: do something fun with Wilhelmina every week. I do full time shift work as a nurse and am not always a very fun mum. I am tired or need to get the housework done (my awesome husband tries but he isn’t very organised). I need to take the time to focus solely on her and I at least once a week. Go out, do something, enjoy it. I know this seems like a lot but they are tiny goals really. Things I already do but not with any focus.
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