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Found 7 results

  1. Got a "new to me" pressure cooker the other day ($7, thank goodwill). So far I've done a pork shoulder (carnitas style), beef necks bones (kinda like roast) , and chicken quarters ("curry"). I'm wonder if anyone else has any good pressure cooker recipes? I'm loving this thing just want to find more recipes/thoughts. Our house is gluten free (as much as possible) and wife is allergic to dairy.
  2. Razar

    New to paleo

    Hey, been on here before but this is my first time really going head first into fitness and better health. So I'm starting to get into paleo, haven't started yet but kind of have lol anyways I have an odd schedule so if their are any folks out their who have similar schedules or experiencesomething I would love to hear back from you. I work swing shift 3pm-11pm so I usually end up working out at around 1am and sleeping until 1000/1030. I usually don't eat anything until probably 1pm usually my meals consist of 1st meal a sandwhich like subway tuna and some fruit. Dinner 2000hrs usually a ceasa
  3. What do you guys do for quick, affordable, healthy, tasty meals? My dad went carb-free for a while and lost maybe 30 lbs in what seemed like very little time. He was eating at good restaurants every meal, getting filet mignon and grilled shrimp, telling me all the while about how easy it is, and how it doesn't taste that bad. But my budget is maybe $3 a meal... What can I do? So far, I've been buying a family pack of chicken breast in the beginning of the week and cooking it up with some spices, setting aside small portions for each meal. But it's getting old quick. I love fish, but it
  4. Hey all. I'll start off with my breakfast and workout for today, the 2nd of July, 2014. I woke up this morning and did the Beginner Body Weight Workout. I can only do 2 cycles before I absolutely die. Well, it's not quite that drastic, but it's still a solid workout, and I have something to move toward. Stretching afterward, and now I feel great. One thing I have noticed (now that i'm three weeks along, even though this is my first diary entry) is that my posture and daily energy is generally improved by my exercises. A big plus, seeing as I'm going to start playing tennis for sport soon, an
  5. Fitness, Finance, Food, Friends, Family & Fun in 2014 This year's goals I consider this a work in progress and I will edit and change as necessary. Fitness Continue with NF challenges Waist down to 28" Get rid of tummy fat Maintain a size 6 Be bikini ready for June Take swim lessons Finance Read - I will teach you to be Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad Proceed from there Friends Through the years friends moved away or just lost touch Even when I can go out I have no one to go out with. I need to expand my circle of friends! Make 3 new friends and do something fun with them. Family - Im
  6. Now that I have proven my mettle sufficient to join the Assassin's Guild, it's time to begin the real quest: Defeat the Princess Link had Dark Link, Ichigo had Zangetsu, Max has the Princess. The internal self we must defeat to truly come into our own. She embodies everything I have been taught to be, everything I have internalized from my culture and surroundings that is contrary to my self. She is the dress-wearing, makeup-smeared, ladylike alter-ego I have been putting on before I leave the house since high school. It is the Princess who has convinced me time and time again that visibl
  7. So... before or after breakfast? Before or after lunch? Before or after dinner?
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