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Found 2 results

  1. My Life, as Prescribed That's a crossfit joke, get it? *sigh* The idea is to get this thing going and stick with this thread for the year. I'm too lazy to make a new challenge thread, so I'm just gonna dump everything in here. I'm a little unmotivated at the moment, as I'm sitting at home in a snow storm and haven't been in the gym for like 4 days now. I'll lay out some yearly goals for now and then come back and update this thing later. <<where I'm at now>> I've been here on NF for 3 years now? That sounds about right. When I started, I was just getting back into the gym after letting myself go, like, really bad. I was up around 240 and just a big fatty. I spent around 9 months working my way through Starting Strength and praying to Brodin at least 3x a week. I got down to around 210 and then back up to 220 or so. My body is comfortable around that weight. Well, it was. This past year, I transitioned away from the pure pursuit of PowerLifting and drank the KoolAid... I joined CrossFit. I now get to train weekly with a dedicated Olympic coach and still get to lift heavy things whenever I want. I've also learned a ton of incredibly stupid exercises, like sumo-dead-lift-high-pulls. Which are pretty much the red headed step child of the exercise world. I'm coming out of a bit of a "bulk", aka I took the holiday season and tried to put on as much weight as possible. I started this year at 212# and a 39" waist. That puts me around 23% bodyfat, using the simple calculators. That'll change pretty quickly though, my body is pretty used to me fucking around with it. <<where I want to be>> There are some exercise goals down below. I'll probably update them as I go through the year and hopefully have to update them as I complete them. A lot of them are open ended though, like RX'ing 5 new girls. I've RX'ed a few so far. I should keep a headcount somewhere for that. Remind me to check my wod book and update the ones I remember doing. The general body image goals are simple enough. I'd like to settle into a body just under 200# with a 35" waist. I tend to think I look good once I drop down below 36" around the waist. The weight comes and goes, during the last challenge I think I dropped down to 192, and was a little too hungry at that point. There are some life goals that I want to hit, but I don't think I've labeled them out here. I'll do that at a later point. I'm taking small steps towards these already but will talk about them later as I feel more comfortable with the goals. <<how I'm gonna get there>> Well, fitness-wise, I'm sticking with my CrossFit programming. My strength coach is a really smart guy and programs in such a way that he can see linear progression across a group of close to 200 people. With that being said, I do plan to supplement with my own workouts. I'm in the middle of running a 5/3/1 bench variation that Mick suggested for me. It's going well. I may have under sold my 1RM used for the calculations, but I hadn't benched in 6 months, so it was kind of a shot in the dark. I'll be doing my weekly Olympic sessions as well, we're running a slowed down cycle from Catalyst Athletics. It's not enough to see ample progression, but it is enough that I'm seeing my lifts steadily moving up and my technique getting better and better. Another supplement will most likely be the weekly "competitor" homework that is handed out. The people who want to do competitions every few months are given a separate workout, usually a specific skill or skill pairing, that is to be completed in your own time. These look like a lot of fun, but I haven't been doing them as I've been doing my own ramp up for the TTTT. After that is done, I'll jump into these. The weight will come off on its own, as long as I don't be a fat ass. Last year, a big thing for me was cutting down on my drinking. That went pretty well for the first half of the year. I need to get back on that. I'm not going to cut things out entirely, but will certainly drill back on what and when I'm drinking... because I've gotten to the point over the holidays where I can walk home with an 18 pack of lite beer and polish that off after a gym session. Table of Contents Challenge ProgressionsRX'ed WoD ListingBBNC Day 1 Weigh InTTTT TotalsBBNC Day 39 Weigh InCatalyst Three Day Alternate Cycle
  2. Meat Tanking : Battle Patterns Everyone knows that marching into battle without a plan would be asinine. Much is the same with heading in to the gym. If you enter those hallowed grounds with no set plan, you're just wasting your own time. over the course of this challenge, I'd like to get together a plan for how I can use my new found enjoyment of CrossFit to fit into an overall strength plan. A lot of this is rooted in the fact that I'll be heading down to the NF Lift Off in January and really don't want to lose to BigM because of the fact that I haven't been training like a Warrior for 6 months. So, how to establish these battle patterns? 1[F]. Setup Your Basecamp First we need to setup a a standard. Something that we can rely on every week. I started this last challenge and it helped me stay sane during some rather stress filled work weeks. I'd like to make sure that I'm keeping a routine of getting to class 3 times a week and in by myself at least once a week. Same scoring as last time. 3 classes a week1+ extra day per week. 2[F]. Ready the Troops Once you have a solid foundation built, it's time to lay the ground work for your building. I'm mixing my metaphors here... Once you have raised your fortifications, you need to ready your troops! Troops are useless if they're underfed and running ragged. The second goal is to ensure that my body is given enough of what it needs to properly recover. I don't think I'm doing this at the moment and really want to work on it. PWO Shake + BCAAs after each workoutIn bed at 10 on workout nightsOnly two nights drinking a week 3[L]. Study the Enemy's Movements More of a life goal than the others, this challenge goal is work related. I've started perusing my brother's library for books on improving managerial and/or people skills. I'm being put into such a position in my company where I have direct subordinates and have a lot of face time with clients. I want to make sure that I'm taking full advantage of these situations and can progress professionally from the outcomes of the projects that I'm heading. Read another managerial bookCreate S&P for Client repo 4[F]. Devise Battle Patterns As the year comes to an end and I'm getting into the swing of things at CrossFit, I'd like to setup my own battle patterns. What that really means is setting up programming around the WoD that we do during class. I haven't benched in 5 months now.. I haven't pulled anything over 85% for deadlifts in about that long.. I'm not sure what programming I want to get into, if it's PL or WL focused. A lot of that is going to depend on feedback from my coaches who are in the notes for this goal. Jen is thinking about doing a WL class during the week and Rick is our strength coach, so any programming I'll be running past him. Have a program setup with input from Rick/Jen on how to enter the new year 5. Sub Goals Place in my CF Competition this week?Beat(don't hold back) TinMan and Ska at the Spartan in two weeks.Make progress towards my bodyweight snatch challenge with BigM.Get in a couple heavy pulls to prep for the NF PL meetup in January.
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