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Found 8 results

  1. The forum keeps timing out - this is my third try to post this.. http://www.pbs.org/video/2365635287/
  2. Okay, so Paleo has kinda been "sold" to me as "all the meat and vegetables you can handle." Well, I weigh 290 lbs, so I can handle a lot. Cutting grains, sugars, starches, legumes -- that's been no problem for me. My body's been lashing out at me re: sugar deprivation, but other than that, it's going fine. Now I need to have a talk about portion control and the balance of those meat the vegetables. I'm cutting some bulls--t that I've been on for the past couple of weeks. Ultimately, I want to lose 145 lbs, so I think I need to be more strict that others have to be. I'm cutting my avocado, sweet potatoes, and store-bought almond milk (for dessert, I've been drinking unsweetened almond milk with stevia and honey. I know, I know). Meals are strictly meat and vegetables. How much meat? I cooked four porkchops earlier, and before Paleo, I'd see, "Okay, 4 porkchops, so that's two for lunch, two for dinner." I realize now that's an insane amount of meat to eat in one day. So I said, "Okay, I'm gonna eat my 4 oz of meat that's been recommended to me, which should be the one pork chop, right?" Wrong. My Porkchop weighed 9 oz. I ate the whole thing because still in my mind, one porkchop is one serving, how can I have half of that thing? I ate it with frozen green beans cooked in butter. How can I improve my Paleo strategy?
  3. So I was helping my dad clean out the freezer in the garage to make room for some fresh deer and hog meat from a recent hunt. Inside the freezer was a lot of still good frozens that can be used for meals. The only problem is I don't know what to cook with what I have. I'm fine with running to the grocery store for any extra ingredients, but I just want to cook what I have before going and buying more meat. Here's what we have so far: chicken (lots of it)sausage linkspork loin chopsback strap, deerhamburger meatchili meatbroccoli (way too much)If anyone has any recipes please post a link to it the the comment sections. thanks
  4. A friend of mine is suffering from a serious eating disorder, and has asked my help. She has trouble eating anything other than light vegetables and fruits, but at this time, needs to start eating more calorie-dense foods such as meats and fats. I'm hoping to help her see that meat and fats can be healthy parts of the diet, despite much of the nutritional wisdom of the 80s and 90s. Can anyone help point me to good articles supporting the idea that meat and fat can be healthy?
  5. Hello Challengers! This is my second challenge, and having learnt a lot from my last one, this time my goal is simpler, more concise and altogether less arbitrary. By the end of this 6 weeks, I want to have visible abs, and that means sub 15% body-fat. That's how I will judge my success or failure- can I see my abs? Yes or no answer. I think that's a lot easier to judge than wether I reached a bunch of random numbers I know It's a vein, self absorbed goal, but it's a goal nonetheless. My starting stats: Weight - 197 Height - 5.10" Body fat % - 16.5 As a side note, iv been using a formula to figure out my body fat %, i know for a fact it isn't entirely accurate but it is consistent. I may not be 16.5% but i have definitely lost at least 6 percent from where I was before. Best of luck everyone!
  6. It's a recipe that just happened yesterday evening and was nice and refreshing during this heat we experienced in Germany these days. And it's fairly simple, so here we go: What you need: 1 beef steak, preferably roastbeef*, about 200-300g (0.4-0.7 lbs) and about 1.5cm (0.6 inches) thick 1 Florence fennel bulb (picture added just to make sure I use the right term) 1 big spring onion 1 lime about 10-15g (0.5 oz) of fresh ginger Curry powder ~1/3 of a cauliflower head 2 soft goat cheese "coins" 3 very thin slices of white radish chili powder grease for pan-frying the meat (lard, ghee, coconut oil), olive oil for stewing the fennel butter salt, pepper to your taste Preparation: Throw the radish slices into the microwave for about a minute. Then build a little cheese-radish tower, starting with radish. Sprinkle some chili powder onto the cheese. Store it in the fridge so it is out of the way. Wash and clean the vegetables. Joint the cauliflower into florets and score the stems in the shape of a cross, if they are thick. Now, if you have a pot with a steamer basket, put the fellows in there with the stems pointing down, turn on the stove and let them sweat. Meanwhile, chop up the fennel to thin stripes. Therefore, remove the stem at the bottom and just slice it, it fells apart into stripes.Peel and hash the ginger. Preheat some olive oil in a large pan and carefully fry the onions with the Curry, then add the fennel and the ginger. Lid onto it, let it steam at middle-high temperatur (will be done in about 20-30 minutes). , oh, and don't forget looking after your cauliflower friends from time to time. Meaning, poke them with a knife to see how cooked they are. It will take about 20-30 minutes until the cauliflower is done. Preheat grease in a pan, as hot as possible without burning. Wash the meat under flowing, cold water and carefully dry it with kitchen paper. Put it into the hot pan and cook it to your taste. I did 3 minutes each side, and it came out rare to medium rare, that's how I dig my beef. Finally add the lime chops and squeeze the leftovers into the fennel, stir a last time, maybe season it with some drops of honey and then all can be served. Don't forget the cheese tower in the fridge, it tastes amazing to the meat. If you like, put some pieces of butter along with salt, pepper and some leftover lime-juice onto the meat. Enjoy! For a full paleo version, substitute the cheese with thick avocado slices and just use dairy-free grease like lard and coconut oil. You can spice up the cheese-tower with crispy-fried thin bacon slices. Because bacon. Note: Fennel as a mild anise-like taste. Gorgeous, and I don't even dig anise as a spice very much.Just give it a chance, it is an amazing vegetable that goes along with a huge variety of dishes! And this was the result: *Of course, you can use any meat that can be pan-fried. Fillet(although I consider it much less aromatic than roastbeef and thus being ridiculously expensive given that fact), point steak ... lamb, pork, game, poultry, fish ... feel free to twitch it to your likings!
  7. I like my username - FortBacon - and I usually feel LIKE bacon - like a big piece of fatty meat. In fact, I would go as far as to say I feel like a street-delicacy I encountered in Ukraine called salo - which is pretty much a slice of fatback (emphasis on the fat), fried, peppered and sold on the street. You can read more about this questionable treat here. So, I would like this challenge to kick off my year-long quest to transition from feeling like this... To feeling like this... The Big/Main Quest - Lean Out (without losing what little muscle I have) and get the career settle (more of a caveat, but same timeline and just as important) From now until summer (and probably through the end of 2014), I shall lean out - and would love to fit into 36" waist I should probably shoot for smaller waist than 36 at my height - but I gotta start somewhere that's currently out of reach - 36 for now... and I don't know what's possible with my particular combination of health stuff (primarily thyroid). Progress, not perfection. 3 FITNESS QUESTS (Nov 11 - Dec 22) * NUTRITION - Whole42 - the ever popular whole30 extended through the duration of our 6 week challenges (yes - including Thanksgiving) * EXERCISE - 3x per week, go to CrossFit (maybe 4 times per week, but at least 3) - with an emphasis on SCALING - I'm not trying to RX and hit a stress wall - just trying to burn off my glycogen stores, keep some strength and boost my metabolism (while doing the mobility, endurance and strength thing without succumbing to the pressure to overdo it) * HYDRATION - water water water - shooting for 72 oz per day (that's draining my nalgene 3x's per day) and restrict coffee to 1 cup a day. The coffee will be the hardest part, but I need to take it easy on my adrenals and rehydrate my body!! Life Quest - Complete first run-through of CAIA Level 1 study material I'm working on my career while I do this - trying to get to a family-sustaining job and into a home town that I can live in long-term (whether that is where I live now or somewhere else in a year - unsure - I just need to hurry up and settle on it so I can move my parents to where I can sustain the family... life... so crazy). I would love to be self-employed, but for now I need to feed the kid and save up the monies!!!!!! Getting the CAIA will be very helpful in getting that "set job" in a long-term town (my current job is considered short-term and transitional by most in the industry). Wow -that is wordy. Let's summarize and make it nice and tidy and measurable and doable MAIN QUEST: In a year, lean out to <36" waist and be on a strong career path 1) Whole42 - get fat-adapted and clean the body of the processed foods, grains, dairy and legume 2) CrossFit 3x per week (and maybe 4 times) - scaled - just burn the glycogen and keep the strength 3) Water - 72 oz water per day and only 1 cup of coffee per day LIFE - Complete first run-through of CAIA Level 1 material (exam is in March) WHY? I am the big kid now - as my last challenge ended with major health crisis in the family, I discovered that I may someday be responsible for the parentals... while being husband to a WONDERFUL wife. I need to get healthy so I can be around and honor the body God gave me... and be the best I can in my career (in my job, appearances matter - sales and all). I love my wife, my son and my parents and I know how good I feel when I'm in shape (energy levels, confidence, etc.). So many barriers have been removed, and it's time. Debt is finally gone, my job is supportive and flexible, my parents are healthy, and I learned a ton about food prep and cooking in my last challenge. It is time to fix the body! I'm very excited about this challenge. It's such a transitional time - like I finally pulled my family out of a bog and we can start moving again! Very very excited.
  8. Ron Swanson is pretty much the best sitcom character on TV right now. And let's face it: every man, (or woman, like me) would be better off if they followed his Pyramid of Greatness. BEHOLD. That's exactly what I'm going to do this challenge. OVERALL GOAL: Get down to 20% bodyfat. I currently sit at about 28%. I gained about a percentage point last challenge, which is super annoying, but I have only myself to blame, so I'm determined to do better this challenge. Who better than Ron Swanson to inspire me? Goal #1: "DISCIPLINE: The ability to repeat a boring thing over and over again." I don't think anyone will argue that clean eating isn't always fun. But it is the most important thing when it comes to losing those percentage points, so that has to be my first focus. My aim here is to eat totally clean during the week, except for one cheat meal. I didn't do so hot last time, so this time I'm blackmailing myself with a system I'll talk about in more detail later. 1 cheat meal/week: A. 2/week: B. 3/week: C. 4/week: D. 5/week: F. Goal #2: "TORSO. Should be thick and impenetrable". Over the last year and a half I've really come a long way as far as building muscle and getting in shape. I've been on Stronglifts for about 6 months now, with a few bumps along the way, but I've seen a lot of improvement and I want to keep increasing my lifts. The goal here will be to lift around 100,000lbs by the time the challenge is done. 100,000+ pounds=A. 90,000-99,999=B. 80,000-89999=C, etc. Goal #3: "COW PROTEIN. PIG PROTEIN. CHICKEN PROTEIN. ROMANTIC LOVE. DEER PROTEIN. FISH (sport only)" My romantic love right now pretty much extends to bacon. I love following the paleo diet, but sometimes I fall into a rut of eating the same recipes over and over. Finding new ways to spice up the food I eat will help a lot with the clean eating goal. So, I aim to try one new recipe - preferably a new way of cooking meat - every week. P/F per week. Life Goal: "INTENSITY. Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that." I've been pretty lazy lately about sleeping in and then not giving myself enough time to get ready for the day. I want to start getting up at 7:30 every morning during the week for this challenge. Get up on time every day=A. Miss one day=B, etc. Bonus fitness goal: This won't be graded, but I need to get myself in better shape overall - not just strength-wise. To do this, I'll take a page from Ron Swanson's favorite activities and incorporate special finishers into my training. Sledgehammer swings, tire flips, farmers walks - anything and everything that Ron Swanson does just for fun. Bring on the challenge!
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