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  1. Warning: GIF heavy post Remember when anime was about huge robots? When Transformers were an awesome TV cartoon and not Michael Bay's mix of CGI and explosions? When everyone from Silverhawks to Power Rangers and Saber Rider could call up some huge robotic backup and then combine the damn things into an even bigger robot? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you better buckle up cause I got news for you. Our mini for this challenge will draw inspiration from all things large and robotic *insert sick guitar riff* especially the kind that's piloted by an awesome person inside (that's you) from the classic mechas to the latest trend of robotic armored body suits. We'll be using the classic feat system for this and instead of revealing the challenge every week, I'll lay it all out from the start so you can plan accordingly, especially if you're looking to incorporate this in your challenge. Also, since a lot of us are turning the 2 week break between challenges into a 6 week challenge, I'll be including an optional bonus for these first two weeks. Ready? GO! Optional Week 0-A quest: Constructing the thing Before we pilot a robot, we need to have a robot and in order to have a robot, we need to make a robot but before we make a robot, we gotta plan carefully. Hope that makes sense, because it's an allegory about your challenge goals. Take some time to sit back, review your challenge goals and check whether they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related). Optional Week 0-B quest: Strength in unity What's better than a big robot? Well, multiple of them combining to form an even bigger one, of course! Your mission for the second week of the break is to find the threads of 5 Rangers you've never followed before and do just that. Week 1 quest: Full speed ahead! It's the first week of the challenge and we are all HYPED! Use the excitement to push a little more and be off to a strong start. Maybe go for a new PR, do an extra workout or try to ace your goals for the week with a 100% success rate. Whatever it is, go do it and come back to share your success. Week 2 quest: Fine tuning Maybe putting your plan to action during the first week has exposed some weakness in the design. Maybe you were too ambitious and aimed too high or put too much on your plate (the RangerBrain effect). Maybe life's thrown you a curveball and things have changed. Or maybe you're doing a 6 week challenge using the Zero Week breaks and by now you're starting to lose momentum. Whatever the case, look into your challenge and do any tweaks you might need. Remember, adaptation is a Ranger thing! Week 3 quest: More than meets the eye Two common misconceptions about robots. One, they are big, bulky and hard to move around. Two, they use ranged weapons and only go into melee as a last resort. Your mission for the week is to challenge either. You could add some mobility work or a foam/lacrosse rolling session. Perhaps try out some yoga or just basic stretching. Gymnastics, parkour and ninja flips are always a yes. Alternatively, grab a weapon and get physical. Whether it's a staff, nunchucks, a sword or your own body as a weapon, get some work done in that area. Week 4 quest: The killing blow You've made it this far, it's only fitting now that you finish strong. You might feel this challenge was a failure or maybe you'd like to retry it next round, but you might as well drop the excuses and finish it first. The goal is not to pull off a flawless one (though kudos to you if you did) but to finish the challenge. Even a mediocre or failed one includes a degree of success and work put in and even if that's not the case, lessons were learned. As you head towards the finish line, your mission is to do a quick recap of your progress so far and let us know your plans on finishing as best as you can. Ready? Suit up and let's do this thing!
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