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Found 7 results

  1. I am too tired to write up a fancy challenge post! But after 11 weeks of full time French classes and early mornings that led to bad food choices, I'm glad to be back and able to focus on self care again! I learnt I am really not capable of functioning well if I divert from my usual sleep schedule. My body and mental state have suffered, although my French is improved! So! Want to rebuild some former habits that have served me well. Keeping it simple with 2.5 daily tasks: 1. Meditation every day after getting up, followed by a vocal warm up 2. Daily stretching, most likely in the evenings in front of TV I'll make a tracker thingy tomorrow.
  2. Heyo! Decided to revamp my challenge on the 28th, a little more indepth if you read the original post in spoiler. But working on finding a Practicum/Job to finish my degree. Trying to make good choices along with it, and now if I follow through I'll reward myself with the Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure! Quest for the RING CHALLENGE Feb 28 - Week 3 Day 1 (just using normal challenge timeline now) 1. YNAB Reset - 0/0 2. Applications 0/1 3. Savings: 12% 4. Taxes: Federal done, State to be finished 5. Calorie Tracking: 1/1 Did the math for Dominoes before I ordered pickup (had a solid craving, last out 2 eat on my own for the reset) 6. Meditate: 1/1 7. Journal Daily: 0/1 8. Musuem Job Catch up 0/30 9. Decluttering: Step 3 - Paper 10. Workout 0/1 -- working on getting through a ring fit walkthrough (sadly it is tiring w/o the ring) whelp there we go Orginal:
  3. This challenge is all about taking what I gained over the last two challenges and putting it all together. I had 10 weeks of solid training and two weeks of wind down and now it's time to clean up and polish my katas for my competition in 12 days. This is going to be a simple challenge with some small but important goals. 1. Put the final coat of polish on my kata. 25 per week With less then two weeks to go, I am not going to make any big changes to my kata. Power and speed are at their peak and now some small adjustments are needed to clean it up. 2. Mobility training. Keep the body moving and pain free with four mobility workouts per week I think I will get more than four each week but at least four is the goal. 3. Meditate with the focus on relaxation. Keep the muscles and mind relaxed three times a week I still meditate each day but some extra focus is needed on keeping my muscles and my mind in a relaxed state. I have some old meditation tracks that I found that I used to do before Karate classes and it helped keep my head in the right place. Three a week should be easily doable. Extra credit: One good blog post. Since this hasn't been going well, the number target is lower but it has to be one good blog post. I have something in mind already and now it just needs to be typed.
  4. [Important note: I'm posting now, and may be around a little for week 1, but I'm on stay-cation this week and won't officially start challenge activities until everyone else is on week 2. I'll make up for it on the break before the next challenge... probably. ^^;] Breaking news from the Goodfellow Cluster! Early this morning employees of the Ettin Conglomerate arrived for work at asteroid mining facility H414n and were surprised to find a group of heavily armed mobile frames guarding the docks. A representative for the group claimed to be acting on the collective will of laborers throughout Ettin territory who have been demanding improved wages and working conditions to no avail for several years. They stated an intent to guard the entrance to this mine against all intrusion until their demands are met, and have called on workers in other Ettin Conglomerate facilities to rise up in solidarity. While rumors of dissatisfaction within the Conglomerate have circulated since it severed ties with the Free Allied Ergotacrocies over 25 years ago, this is the first such act of open rebellion. You may recall our report last week regarding a shipment of advanced charged particle weaponry and SK-1 "Imp" mobile frames that had been reported by manufacturer Phayze Fructification, inc as "seized by pirates" during transport to the Oberon Tvier Solar Energy Collection Array. We reached out to PFi to ask if these could be those same units, and executive spokesman Destin Puck had this to say: Puck: "There is simply no way of identifying the stolen units short of examining the serial numbers etched onto the inner frame on the left underarm, and I'm certain that the thieves burned those off with a plasma welder long before selling the frames to whoever has them now. Even if these were the same units, PFi bears no responsibility for what may be done with property that's been stolen from us." More on this story as it develops, but for now let's turn to Alex for the latest on the Trundleball Quarterfinals! Alex? -- TL;DNR: Pointman - Ring Row/Bridge Progressions 4x/week GWACS - Post 2x/week to this thread + 4x/week in other threads Ground - Movement 15min 4x/week Pound - Meditate 10min 5x/week Let's get rebellious!
  5. I'm back! And I'm trying to be more regular on the boards again. I have a lot going on with my life at the moment: the move, Camp NaNo, finishing my re-write (or trying to), exercising, trying not to be overwhelmed, finishing financial aid, sisters wedding, blah blah blah So I'm keeping this as simple as possible. That means no theme, no frills, just 3 measurable goals I can do every day. I want to get more momentum behind me. Goal 1: Meditation Meditate for 1 minute every day That's it. Just take a minute to be mindfully aware. Who can't spare a minute? Goal 2: Post every day I want to be more active here again, so what better way than to make it a goal? Visit one friend's thread and my own every day Goal 3: Something for myself Do one thing to make myself happy every day. Can be a walk, painting my nails, making art, making music, writing, playing with a cat. Anything. As long as it's done mindfully, and with an awareness that it is for me. And then post it in the day's update. That's it! I'm still cleaning and going through my house, I'll be writing for all of April and updating those numbers here too, but short, simple, sweet, and attainable. That's what I want right now Now to find everyone's threads Goal 4: Mindful Eating Refer to this post when I'm feeling snacky
  6. Main Quest: Find balance with all the things I must do in this life. As life responsibilities increase I will learn to handle all that is on my plate now and then some. Hypothesis: If I balance out my daily routine to include smaller time slots of more things, then I will become more balanced and well rounded in life, therefore making myself more productive and building more discipline to accomplish my major goals in life Notes: I am really good at going 110% into something and neglecting other things in the process. I just got a second job, started rehabbing the SLAP tear in my left shoulder, getting more involved with some career based networking groups here in town, and starting a some new projects at home. I need balance, not all out with one thing while neglecting the rest Goals: Complete the tasks set forth below... Quest 1: Meditate Hypothesis: If I mediate for a short period once a day, over time I will ingrain the mindset of meditation and calm neurologically into my brain, and will be more peaceful and focused with less mind chatter. Goal: 7 minutes a day, 6 days a week (because every needs a day off here and there). Notes: This should be easy right? So far I have never hit this goal, tried twice. Third time is the charm. Quest 2: Read for the Commonplace Hypothesis: If I start to keep a commonplace book, then I will become way more badass and smarter and start to accumulate knowledge that I can then draw upon later. Goal #1: Finish 2 books by the end of the challenge. I'm almost done with Education of a BodyBuilder (amazing book!), then I will choose and finish one more book by the end. Goal #2: Have 50 notecards for the Commonplace book by the end of the challenge. Don't care what they are about or where they come from (book or quotes or nuggets of information from the interwebs), as long as they are there. Notes: Reading > Netflix (in most cases). when I do read, I will start to take notes on index cards that I keep in each book that I am reading so that I can begin to put together a commonplace book so that I can draw upon that knowledge later, instead of just having a hundred books with highlighting in them that I can never find the information when I want it, like I have now Quest 3: Shoulder Rehab Hypothesis: If I do what my physical therapist says, my shoulder will get better . Goals: Hit the gym 3 times a week while maintaining a routine that has my physical therapists stamp of approval. Notes: I've had this injury for a while, and while it hasn't got worse, it hasn't got any better either. So I went to a physical therapist and go a list of no-no's and yes's for my routine I can: do anything with my arms in front of me, ideally around the heart area. This includes: deadlift, rows, pushups, front squat, handstands, L-sits, ring supports I can not: Do involves my shoulders being stretched out of my arms behind me. This includes: dips, squats, muscle ups, back levers, and stretching with my arms behind me. New Gym Goals: 350 lb deadlift 160 lb bench 185 lb front squat 20 sec handstand 30 pullups Life Quest: Nutrition System Hypothesis: If I develop a system a nutrition system, with a schedule, recipes, grocery lists, and meal prepping times, then I will make my life so much easier it's ridiculous. Goal: Have a full blown "This is Brice's system for eating healthy in a efficient, non time consuming manner" complete with meal times, sample meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, the whole 9 yards that I can use as a blueprint for the next 6WC. Notes: The bane of my gains is my eating habits. I eat pretty healthy in terms of substance. I also miss meals, allocate too much time (work from home + not meal prep = too many hours in the kitchen), and make myself frustrated constantly. I need a system. I have no organization. I got to get this shit under control. The way I'm doing it isn't working for me so I need to create something better and more efficient or as my time with other things increases my nutrition will suffer immensely. I'm giving myself 6 weeks of research to come up with a plan, this should be sufficient. Motivation: Self-development is an essential skill in life. Being weak and complacent is not an option.
  7. This is a work in progress. "Rich" habits refers to a book I read… The end of the school year is stressful and hectic, then I am going to Chicago, then I am home with lots of time on my hands. If I don't have a good plan the whole summer slips away from me and all I did was laundry and paint the house… AM Routine: Wake Up Time: Up before 6 am - work days; 8 am - weekends Five minutes of yoga or day in the morning (Spine warm-ups and sun salutations) Meditation- 10 minutes Gratitude statements: Exercise: 25 squats (daily) 25 push-ups (daily) StrongLifts 5x5 (2-3 times per week until 6/26) Diet: Avoid nuts, limit dairy including ice cream, limit sugar (except stevia), limit grains (rice and potatoes are okay), limit processed foods and baked goods. Eat quality proteins (grass-fed beef, pork and lamb, fish and seafood) and lots of veggies. Drink water (San Pelligrino) and coffee (no tea ) Limit alcohol (no beer or wine; Absolute or Grey Goose Vodka in small quanities) Side Quests: House Chores Laundry Clean Kitchen Run dishwasher PM House sweep Declutter or clean one small area in the house To Do List: Get three important things done each week (work up to daily To Do) Detox:
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