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Found 5 results

  1. My Story Continued: A year and a half has gone by since the rebels of Nerd Fitness last saw my face (posts), but I have returned. When you last saw me, I was returning to a better place after 4 months in a dangerous world. I was positive. Making strides to improve nourishment in life: mentally, physically, emotionally. But there was a darkness on the horizon, an evil yet to be determined (diagnosed). The darkness is now clear. The evil had a year to take it's toll on my body and mind. Then a year more to ravage my inner being. I feel myself breaking, but I will not give in. This is my la
  2. So, I've got a big butt. And because of my poor posture over several years from sitting on the side of my bed or leaned over a desk playing video games, I've got something called a "Lower-Cross Syndrome" that makes my butt look even bigger than it already does, and makes it a bit more difficult to get proper form when doing things like squats. What are some exercises that people recommend for solving this issue?
  3. G'DAY FELLOW REBELS This is like the (calculate that) time I respawn, but with good reason, apparently. After 2 years of continuously struggling with my health and my GP telling me it's all because I'm "psychologically unstable'', I was fed up with it and decided to go to a private clinic abroad, with all the results from lab tests from the past few years. It paid off. Not only did they find I tested positively for Lyme disease OVER A YEAR AGO (can you imagine my GP just overlooked that...) and still do, but they also discovered my T4 levels (thyroid hormone) are way below the minimum,
  4. Greetings! Looking for a bit of diet help here. I have a disorder that makes it tough for me to consume meats and vegetables without choking on them. With any luck this will improve over time, but until them I'm hoping to find a healthy/rounded diet consisting of liquid/soft foods. Right now my ceiling seems to be salads and cereal as far as solid foods go. Currently I'm living primarily on Boost "nutrition" drinks and protein granola bars, please help me!
  5. Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. For the last decade or so I have suffered from a disorder that I recently had diagnosed as Eosinophillic Esophagitis (EE). Docs mostly just want me to drop weight and limit intake of "bad foods (chocolate, spicy stuff, alcohol, caffeine) while I wait to see if the symptoms return. I've read in a few places and talked to some folks about the potential for foods being the cause of this problem, figured the internet/this forum might be a good place to see if anyone happens to have any knowledge to impart. Does anyone happen to know of specific
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