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Found 13 results

  1. The last challenge was kinda mushy... I was sick for a few days, wen to a conference and got sick again at the conference. And even apart from all that I wasn't as sucessful as I wanted to be. So, the goal for the next five weeks will be to do more or less the same again with some small changes. In week 0 I will take it easy, in particular with working out. After playing for over 170 hours -- and not being remotely close to 100% -- the theme will be... Rare Blades of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I'll be taking quest from four Rare Blades -- not necessarily my
  2. My last challenge went quite okay; the main problem was being too inconsistent. Logic dictates that I do the exact same quests by my insights from the last weeks. But, of course, I want more! So, I do add one or two things and we will see how it goes.... Theme-wise I'll go for my favourite comic of all times: HUNTER X HUNTER And of course I will use the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover classification again. Took me a while to figure out who's who, as all four protagonists show all four characteristics throughout the run of the manga. In the end it do
  3. haha..Aren't I funny? (Last Challenge: My satellite internet started acting screwy and made it near impossible to post, so I got frustrated and quit posting last challenge. I did complete more of it than it looks like. Turns out it needed aligning. Got it aligned Monday and it's working well) So seriously, I'm going to try something totally new. I decided to sign up for Nutrisystem. I figured up my average grocery costs and nutrisystem is about the same.I'll get to eat more of a variety with NS, because as I've complained about before, the grocery options around here suck. The
  4. In my last challenges I used the masks from The Legend of Zelda -- Majora's Mask for the different quest. Now I want to keep this flexibility of the theme, but I want to use different items. Furthermore, I really, really want to gamify my fitness/life journey more. In particular, I want to add some sort of "points" (exp, stamina, strength, etc.) to my challenges I can achieve. But I have no idea how to balance them. So I decided to use something more discrete. Hence, I'll use collectibles from Breath of the Wild. It will be a mix of things I plan to do as the core of the challenge plus so
  5. My last challenge went pretty well. And more overall goal of running faster than before was achieved. However, I want more. I want to run faster, yes. But, I've lost enough weight that I can actually start to envision my weight under 200 pounds. It's been 18 years since that happened. I probably won't make it this challenge (currently at 208), but I want to take a bite out of what's left. To do that, I'm going to recycle most of my goals and try out a different one on the nutrition front since that's the one part of the last challenge that needed lots of improvement. If it's working, why chang
  6. I want to extend on my previous challenge. I'm more or less satisfied with my workouts and my diet and I proceed there more or less without changes. But I want to put more focus on work, on my hobbies and the well-being of my mind and soul. So in order to do all that I assembled the Avenger the greatest assassins of history fiction to teach me! Special lessons by the best of the best will follow. Every master assassin will share his wisdom and knowledge to turn me into the perfect killer.
  7. After months of physical therapy due to my slipped disk my back feels much better. Therefore I want to try out some different sports focussing on whole body movement. So this will be my first "proper" Assassin Challenge. And what topic can be better for this than the new Legend of Zelda. Even though I'm thrilled for the game, I have to admit that I'm worrying Nintendo might not fulfil the expectations they created. Anyway, time for the challenge: The Legend of Akura: Breath of the Wild Roaming Hyrule: Go Swimming once every week. Go running
  8. After parting ways with the insulting Archer, Red exits the forest and gazes upon a sight that causes him to pause. An old castle, it appears ruined and withered by nature and time, but there was something... unearthly about it. Suddenly Red gets a flash of pain and an image appears in his mind. "Whoa! What was that?" He pondered. 'An old enemy...' a voice echos, it was from the Fire crystal he obtained earlier. 'One that has beaten you before...' "The pain, it feels unholy, almost like... Death." He then remembered the last time he felt this way. "The Lich." The Fiend of Earth. Red faced
  9. Pre-Challenge Spiel So my previous challenge was meant to reset my body and my mind for the upcoming year. It did that to an extent. It forced to make more time for myself in my busy (and getting busier) schedule and also to really focus on what I am putting into my body. I have upped my water intake significantly and aside from slipping up on a business trip week, did not drink alcohol for the whole month of January. I feel pretty great and refreshed and am so ready to start hitting things hard again! But going hard is uh... hard. For those of you who haven't been following me, I had a hi
  10. Hello ladies and gents! I am Calanthia Cobbin of Overhill, a hobbit of the Shire with a desire for adventure and travel! I am truly an Assassin at Heart, however right now my goals align more closely with the Druids, so I hope you all don't mind if I visit for a short time I've been naming my challenges off of chapters in Lord of the Rings, and this is my third challenge, which happens to also coincide with the third chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, titled "Three is Company," hence the Topic title. *For those of you who don't like blocks of text, the tl;dr version of this post con
  11. I've been wallowing. The last challenge helped recognize it. This challenge, I'm going to overcome it. I know being depressed is a horrible cycle for me(&lots of people). When I run & stay active, I'm happy. Not(usually) bouncing off the walls giddy, but I feel good. It's like, it raises my baseline, so my lows aren't as low and my highs are higher. But when I'm not running/active, my baseline drops. My lows can get abysmal and my highs are barely speed bumps. When I feel like that, I am less inclined to be active (I convince myself I can't, I don't feel like it, etc.), which makes me
  12. Raxie

    Raxie's Revamp

    Happy New Year Nerds! I'm so excited to be getting going with this challenge. I took a break from NF over the holidays because I hurt my back and I was just generally stressing out over too many things. But I didn't fall off the wagon tooooo hard and my back is all better and I had a lot of time to think about how I wanted to start off the new year. I'm honestly looking forward to this year more than any past years I can remember basically since I was in high school. After a year and a half I am finally starting to not be constantly depressed about my grandfather's death, I am much more fin
  13. And since I just turned 45, let’s call it a mid-life crisis as well. The other day, I put on the Patagonia shorts that almost 2 years ago fit me like a sausage casing. They still fit the way they did 18 months ago – much better than when I joined the Rebellion, but still a tad snug. And I reviewed the weight stats from the last year and realize that I have made no progress at all. Granted, I have had a few injuries - the past couple of months I've been out with a tweaked back and stitches in my hand and has really set me back. I still feel that I should be further along than I am. I’m
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