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Found 2 results

  1. Me the past two years I woke up this morning at 185.2 That may be my highest ever. So basically I need to start moving and eat right. No theme to this challenge just a few basic principles and the help and support of this community. Daily: My morning routine A workout later in the day(lifting or cardio) Eating right No alcohol Morning Routine Walk around the blockish. Some mornings I do 45 mins, sometimes I do less. That is all. If I do this I always hit at least 10k steps later in the day. Read. Read a book for some period of time. That's it. Duolingo 50XP When I start my day like this it generally goes really well after. It also prompts me to get to bed early so I can get up early and do these things. Workout 3 Days a week I'll do compound barbell lifts. The other 4 days I will do some form of cardio. Some examples might include: Running Biking Paddle boarding Hiking Rucking Hockey Tennis This will likely be done right after work. Eating Right Is it Mediterranean? Specifically Ikarian. Is it Paleo Those are my two approved eating methods. I am loving eating Mediterranean food, specifically Ikarian. Ikarian is mostly veggies/fruits, lots of beans, some whole grains, and a metric ton of EVOO. Very little fish and poultry, very little dairy. I am still eating paleo since that is in my freezer and cabinet. I will not be buying any more paleo items though. When out to eat, I will just try to make good choices. I went and had Thai with my GF for lunch this past week and ordered the ginger dish with shrimp and brown rice upcharge. I ate half and then took half home for later. Normally I would order pad thai and eat the whole thing and that is why I am in this mess now. No alcohol None. However I will cook with it if called for it since a lot of my recipes call for it. IPA is good, but it makes me fat. Maybe after this challenge I will reincorporate red wine into meals like the Mediterranean.
  2. MAIN GOAL: Prepare to run a half-marathon by January I need sacrifice, to lose weight, rest enough (at least rest during the hours I spend sleeping). 1. Exercise Strength training: return to basics. I'll follow a 3x5 routine 2 times a week (AB). 12/12 +2 STR +1 DEX >6/12 + 1 STR <6/12 = FAIL Score: /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 Running: 4 times a week. 24/24 +2 STA + 1 DEX >18/24 +1 STA +1 DEX >9/18 1 SRA Score: /4 - /4 - /4 - /4 - /4 - /4 2. How I eat Mindfuldness eating The three main meals must be eaten sited down. Every bite must be bitten 30 times. (I'm not going to count them every time, but more or less that's the point). PASS or FAIL +1 WIS +1 CHA 3. What I eat Mediterranean diet to lose 13 lbs (6 kg) and/or 5% BF I have a meal plan at home. I want to follow it and keep a food journal here. 13 lbs / 5% BF +2 CON + 1 CHA >6 lbs / 2.5% BF +1 CON <6 lbs / 2.5% BF = FAIL 4. LIFE GOAL Getting the best results as possible at university Monday to Friday: read at least 2 papers or 2 chapters of a relevant book or 60 pages. +1 WIS Saturday to Sunday: 12 hours playing the piano. (Play a Polonaise and 2 Chopin etudes). +1 WIS + 1 CHA It could change during the challenge. I don't know if I could improve my studies playing the piano only during weekends, but I'm going to try it. Score A: /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 - /2 Score B: /12 - /12 - /12 - /12 - /12 - /12 SIDE QUEST(S) Manage my time: biphasic sleep 1.5 hours + 4.5 hours 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. 3 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. +1 WIS/CHA
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