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Found 5 results

  1. Last week I was sitting with my sons and watching Finding Nemo and was inspired to make that my next challenge theme. My goal for this challenge is to simplify. I feel like I bit off more than I could handle well last challenge and so I'm tweaking this one to make it more manageable. Fish are friends, not food....just kidding... SUSHI! Stay within Green Zone on FitBit for Calories (3.57% every day completed) 92.85% 64% Lvl up to Academy Nutrition Lvl 4 by end of week 2 and maintain! (3.57% every day completed)Level up to 4 when no grains for breakfast for 14 days straight. Maintaining is minimize sugar and carb consumption, cut out liquid calories, 1 veggie a day 92.85% 64% **BONUS 5XP** Swap rockstar for a coffee twice a week. (3.125% per swap) Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.... Keep up with Bodyweight Brigade Lvl 1 Workout. 3 times a week. (8.3% per day) 100% 100% **BONUS 5XP** Swim at least 4 times during challenge.(6.25% per swim) **BONUS 5XP** Bonus for following through with BB1 for the entire challenge since I've had difficulty with this in the past (2.08% per time completed) I Feel Happy, Which Is A Big Deal....For Me! Yoga and/or meditation 5 times a week. (5% per day completed) 105% 105% ***BONUS 5XP*** Attend 3 yoga classes during challenge! (8.33% per class) BONUS ROUND each bonus adds up to 25% all 4 bonus'= 100% 62.5% 62.5% Want to say that you to Tank and Elize. Using their progress bar idea to help me with the challenge. Thank you both!
  2. Hello, I am Spockgrrl and this is my second attempt at my first challenge. I took a break from my fitness journey and really discovered how much I need to commit to this. Main Quest: To reach my "goal weight" of 155 pounds by this time next year. (I currently weigh 195 pounds, so that's 40 pounds to lose) To have a healthy relationship with food. Quest 1: Exercise at least 5 days a week, and do an active recovery day (yoga, a light walk, etc) at least one day a week. Quest 2: Meditate at least 5 days a week, and keep a journal. Quest 3: Record all of my food and exercise. This includes checking in with my accountability partners and Nerd Fitness community members on a daily basis. Last time around, once I stopped doing this, I did an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the wagon. Life Quest: Meet some new people, and generally be more social. Motivation: I've wasted too much of my youth twisting in the wind. It's time to find some peace and be happy.
  3. I am wondering if anyone has used or use binaural beats to assist with meditation? What was your experience? If you have a favorite, what is it? I use Binaural Beats for the Shamanic Journey during migraine attacks but am always looking towards others to try out.
  4. Butterfly, assassin in training, is crawling up to this new challenge. After a full week in bed fighting the plague she is emerging to join the challenge. Main Quest: Become stronger, leaner, more agile and mentally balanced. READY for anything! Specific Goals: 1. Workouts 6 days a week- Body weight circuits 2. Yoga and meditation 6 days a week- 10 minutes each day 3. Follow the nutrition plan which means continuing the No Alcohol rule from last challenge! Life Side Quest: Implement business organization plan that assigns tasks for me from each of the different sphere's of my business life so that everything gets at least a little progress rather than sitting on the shelf for years.
  5. Does anyone have experience with meditation in Metta or Loving-Kindness meditation? I would like to start a practice and would love to talk to anyone with some experience.
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