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Found 10 results

  1. The Ghost returns! I'm not super active around here as much anymore, but thought I'd still drop a meet report. F TL;DR: Went 7/9 (again) (failed 3rd squat and deadlift attempts (complete fail)), left some pounds on the platform but still set some 4 PRs. Amazing experience for my first meet and reinforced my stance that everyone who ever thinks about doing a meet, competition or race should just do it. PLAN YOUR WORK. WORK YOUR PLAN! TRAINING & MEET PREP: Going into this meet I ran Candito's 6 Week Strength Program, which has been amazing. Prior to t
  2. I'd like to organize an Edmonton meetup for Rebels, new and veteran alike, to meet and get to know each other. It's a great opportunity to creat a support network and maybe even a group to adventure with. Anyone interested? Reply here!
  3. I’m a bit late to posting my challenge as life has been crazy with work and grad school. Now I’ve found some time to settle down and actually write this out. So here goes my first challenge, counting to 4! I just put down my entry fee for a powerlifting meet at the end of August which will be my first meet. The meet is part of a bigger GoRuck weekend event so rather than strict PvP competition, the event is based more on hitting certain totals to win ruck patches. Patches are awarded for 1000lb, 1250lb and 1500lb totals. My goal for this competition is to break the 1000
  4. I usually only pop up round these here parts when I'm going to compete (and likely fail) in something. And this time is no different. March 6th I will be (finally) competing in my first powerlifting meet. This is just a placeholder for when I actually think of goals and all the bullshit, which will likely beon Wednesday, but for now... ====================================================================================================================================== So despite bringing a strange, crying, needy alien being into my house I've decided to do my first...long awaited powerli
  5. Hi All! I recently got the bug to compete and decided to sign up for my first USAW weightlifting meet. It's scheduled on November 8, so I have a few months to prepare for it. Anyone have experience with oly meets? Any advice for a noob to the meet scene? Thanks! Nicc
  6. Hey everyone! I have a few more spots open for the so cal ragnar april 10-11th 2015, and I know I have room for some people for the Nappa one (date's not released yet). If you run both in a year you get the special gold rush medal!!! We may not be the fastest runners, but we will have fun. Some of us will be representing different causes during the race, Who I run 4 and Team Red White Blue in particular, but you don't have to belong to either to join us! Send me a message or post if you're interested
  7. Ok so, it's very, very possible that I'm getting far ahead of myself and am being guilty of DTM (doing too much) however; I'm thinking about entering into my first powerlifting meet this fall/winter. The idea is barely a glint in my eye. Keep in mind that I also recently just registered for the Chicago SuperSprint Triathlon for August 24, so its entirely possible that my weights will drop once I start running (ugh), swimming, and biking regularly to prepare for it. I know your first meet is you competing against yourself, but obviously I don't want to put up the lowest numbers in my weigh
  8. Anyone else signed up for the Manchester NH Color Me Rad 5k? I just registered yesterday! Feel free to join my team (Team Badass)... I'd love some more company! Also - Until St. Paddy's Day there is a $10 discount with the promo code LUCKYMANCHESTER
  9. Hey guys, is anyone going to this convention? http://www.upintheaether.com/
  10. Looking for people in my area to start a group and help motivate eachother. Im in muskegon MI.
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