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  1. MAIN GOAL: STEAL PATRICK SWAYZE’S METAL TRAIN MAIN GOAL: COMPETE ALL-AROUND AT NATIONALS THE BIG KAHUNA NAIGC Nationals Open Division When: April 3 – 5, 2014 Where: Chattanooga, TN Events: All-around (Vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor) Description: I will be competing with at least 3 of my female teammates in the Women’s Open Division on Friday, April 4th on all events. Saturday, we'll watch the Finals from the more competitive division, cheer on any teammates who make it to Finals, and enjoy an awesome awards ceremony and banquet. Background: Former gymnast from ages 3-13, competed between ages 4-12, reaching USAG JO level 8 before leaving the sport. Diving team in high school, but dropped off the sports radar after that. Rediscovered gymnastics as an adult in July 2013, joined an adult recreational team in October 2013, and will compete in my first meet as an adult on 3/8/2014 as a precursor to the NAIGC Nationals on 4/4/2014. Goal 1: KEEP IT TIGHT It’s already habit for me, but it’s essential to my main goal, so we’ll keep it here for keepsake purposes. I’m dropping the cardio and WODs as part of this goal. I’ll still do them on days that I have the time and inclination, but I don’t want to include them as gradable criteria. Gymnastics 2-3x/week [3x a week every week it is possible]Strength training 3x/week [Weighted or bodyweight]Conditioning 5x/week [Conditioning after every gymnastics practice and 2x rest of the week]Goal 2: DR. GOODBODY Injury has been an issue for me the past few challenges (pulled tricep, wonky left shoulder, sprained right ankle, and probably others I’ve been forgetting) and I believe it will likely continue to be. This goal will focus on strengthening the joints that have been an issue for me (shoulders and ankles) and general upkeep and mobility work. As I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, nothing cramps my style like injury, so this is gonna be my prevention route. Shoulder Shocker 3x/weekBand pull-aparts 5x/weekAnkle strengthening routine 5x/weekStretch 5x/weekGoal 3: PUT DOWN THE COOKIE I am officially calling quits on my somewhat ridiculous eating habits. I’ve been pretty lax on them over the past two challenges because I didn’t really care, but with such a large competition looming ahead, I’ve got some real motivation. I really want to look and feel my best at Nationals, which means adjusting my snack habits and leaning out so I can rock my high cut leotard and tumble with more confidence. Plus, it’ll just help out with my gymnastics over all, and I really do need to chill out with all the chocolate and cookie snacks. Follow my plan to reduce my snacking habits:Breaking fast at 12:00 PM every daySnack seshes limited to 1 at work and 1 in the eveningNo eating while standing around in the kitchen – must be sitting downKitchen closes at 9:30 PM on normal days and 10:30 PM on gymnastics daysLimited alcohol consumption to 1x a week (up to 6 times before Nationals)Life Goal: THIS IS NOT SUNNYVALE With my previous attention-sucking hobby of video games and my shiny, new(ish) energy-sucking hobby of gymnastics and working out, our house is constantly under Shit Siege. I hate the Shit Siege because it feels like a constant losing battle. This challenge, I am going to gain some ground and try to break the Siege once and for all. Go through our clothes, make donation bags, and ACTUALLY GET THE BAGS OUT OF THE HOUSEClean out fridge 1x/week and keep list of items use-by dates on the fridge to prevent food wasteLaundry at least 2x/week to get rid of that floor laundry clutterClean out pantry 2x/month for clutter maintenance All grading will be on the standard % scale per week. [90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, etc...]
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