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Found 17 results

  1. Howdy thought I'd post this and see if there are any fellow rebels in my area. If you're in the area or are going to be let me know and maybe we can meetup, talk fitness, gaming, role playing or anything else. Thanks for reading hope to hear from you.

    Los Angeles

    I don't have anything in mind just yet. I'm throwing this out there to gauge interest and proximity. I live in Beverly Hills and am pretty close (relatively speaking with traffic) to everything LA proper. Sound off LA area nerds!
  3. I've been reading on some of the meet ups and seeing how much fun everyone has been having and then I realized that there hasn't been one in maine(least not that I have seen). Well this need sto be fixed now that we mainers are FINALLY coming out of our winter slumber. So what do you say Nerds? Shall we change this injustice of leaving the Mainers out?
  4. Every year, West Virginia is listed as one of the unhealthiest states in the U.S. Are there any Rebellion members here from WV who would like to defy stereotypes, buck the system, and inspire other Mountaineers to make healthy choices? I live in Putnam County, which is not far from the Charleston area. We could plan a meet up around Charleston as there are plenty of places and activities for the Rebellion.
  5. Hi, i hope everything is going well leveling up your life. I want to know if there's someone else in the México server, so we can raid and grind someday.
  6. How tough are you? Are you one tough mudder? My sister and I have signed up for the Tough Mudder run in Central Texas. It is to take place in Smithville, about 2 hours outside of Houston. My sister and I are going to volunteer on the 21st and run it (on a volunteer discount) on the 22nd. We are looking for two things: 1) Nerds who want to run this mug with us. (neither my sister nor I are going to run the whole distance, we are not scouts ;)) 2) A place to stay near the location. I am kind of poor and can't afford to spend too much money on lodging, bu
  7. Anyone near the Pataskala Ohio area who would like to workout, go walking , go to the dog park , or just want to hang and do nerd things? My husband is not into working out a whole lot so I was looking for a buddy in the area who would like to do workouts together whether it be walking or even larping/adventuring. -Ecco
  8. Since there has been lots of talking about European meet-ups, spread all across a dozen challenge threads, let's plan here instead! Or we'll all end up at each other's houses while the others are away visiting someone else somewhere else! Note: Might be helpful to put into your first post where you are and what people could do, should they choose to visit you. Just for refreshers!
  9. joedog

    Midwest Monk Up

    So this is a very vague meet up at this point. The last 2 or 3 challenges we cluster up in Cheechoe's thread and talk about getting together to throw each other around the room. I'm terribly indecisive about making plans like this but I really want to see if we can make it happen. I thought I would create a thread for discussion to see if we can get our Monk-ish act together. But wait...you're not a Monk? That's cool. We like everybody. Or we'll ninja you and you'll never know what happened. Either way you should be there! (You know, when we figure out when and where IT is.) The main event
  10. Hey everyone! We always throw this out way too late, but does anyone here plan on doing the Bolder Boulder this year? I'm not using a qualifying time this year, so if anyone is open to wogging it and having a good ole NF meet up time, post here so we can all get together!!! Mr Ham and I are doing it! (I do it for the sweet lunch bag, and the super awesome fun time)
  11. rt2788


    Hey I'm René, I'm from Chicago! I've been a rebel for the past two years!! And I want to have a bi-monthly meet up across the city. If, that's okay with everyone I can be a community manager for the Chicago group. Also, if you're on twitter, instagram, facebook, and/or google plus, use the hashtag #chicagonerdfitness! Rebel on! Rene
  12. The time has come for what Im pretty sure is the first NF Rebel meet up in the South Island of New Zealand! A few of us over at the women's academy just happen to be in South Island NZ at the same time. We are currently thinking the following dates somewhere around Feb 24 - 28 or Mar 3 - 5 possibly in Dunedin or Otago. Ideas - Dunedin is my home town so I can take the fellow rebels on a bit of a tour of the sites (We have amazing wildlife penguins albatross seals etc and the steepest street in the world to run up, beaches, cool rocks and landscapes etc), or maybe walk up a mountain if
  13. Anyone up for a meet-up in NYC Central Park or Botanic Garden? If yes then what date? I can do any day this month, earlier in the day preferable but i can go later in the day as well as long as its not monday or thursday. I guess since most people work or go to school a weekend should be better. We can plan a few games, or a picnic where we can share all kinds of healthy tasty foods. OR both XD Plus this could be a good chance for people to meet workout buddies or make whole teams
  14. Heres my tumblr http://dandyandyillustration.tumblr.com/ (btw I messed up I accidentally put are there is anyone instead of is there anyone)
  15. I moved to Detroit in the fall as a JV (Jesuit Volunteer) and would LOVE to meet up with any fellow rebels in the area. It would be great to get together to run or do some other form of training. Maybe do a healthy potluck? I'm open to any suggestions, but I do personally have some restrictions. I only make $100 a month and have commitments to my community. I'm sure they'd be happy to get involved from time to time as well, though!
  16. So Nerds, I'm looking to meet up with any other South African Nerds, preferably in the Gauteng area, to hack around, climb some buildings, boulder, climb, mountain bike basically anything that could be fun.
  17. This is the Shogun of the Rising Nerds, broadcasting on the emergency frequency, here in Venezuela. There is no infection. We offer safety and security, food and shelter. This is the Shogun of the Rising Nerds, broadcasting on the emergency frequency, here in Venezuela. There is no infection. If you are out there, we will help you. There is hope.
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