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Found 3 results

  1. At long last, I get to join a guild! This is going to be awesome! To those not interested in reading the story I've written up, please feel free to skip down to the colored text for my actual challenge. Story: Megawolf stepped off the bus onto a sidewalk in front of an ordinary-looking office building. Looking at the paper in his paws, he wondered if he had arrived at the right place. He had been invited to join the local branch of the Assassins Guild after some recruiters spotted him training a few days ago, and this was the address they had indicated he should visit to join. Could this really be it, though? The sign next to the door read "Ned Fitzgerald Contracting." Megawolf slowly walked up to the door, pushed gently on it to open it, and stepped inside. The inside of the office building seemed normal enough. Office workers were busy answering phone calls at a few desks lining the gray walls. In the rear-left corner of the room, another worker was leisurely copying some papers at an off-white copy machine. In the center of the room, directly in front of Megawolf, was a desk slightly larger than the ones near the walls. A sign rested on the edge of this desk and read "Alice Johnson, Receptionist." Alice, herself, sat in a leather chair behind the desk. Upon seeing the wolfman enter the office, a smile crossed her face and she arose. "Oh," she said, "are you here for an interview?" Megawolf stood still, somewhat confused. Alice continued "Judging by the look on your face, I assume that you are. Please, sir, right this way." Alice began walking toward a door at the back of the office. Megawolf felt somewhat nervous, but followed her anyway. A sign next to the door read "Ned Fitzgerald, Director." Alice opened the door and motioned for the wolfman to step inside. Once he did, she shut the door behind him. This room was significantly smaller than the one Megawolf had just come from. The walls were the same, gray color as the room before. The walls to Megawolf's left and right contained generic, motivational posters. A single window could be seen on the back wall. At the rear of the room was a large desk, and behind the large desk, a large, leather chair. The chair was turned to face the window, and Megawolf could not see who was sitting in it. At this point, Megawolf was nervous to the point that the fur on the back of his neck was starting to raise up and he began sniffing the air to try to detect any strange odors. All he could smell, however, was the leather from the chair. Megawolf nervously approached the desk. However, upon reaching the desk, he was startled to hear a deep voice coming from directly behind him. "Welcome," the voice said, "I've been expecting you." Megawolf spun around on his toes to face the direction he had come from and came face-to-furred face with a man wearing a black suit and tie. Startled, Megawolf instantly moved to a fighting stance. Before he could act, however, the man had vaulted over his head and landed in the chair behind the desk. Rotating the chair to face the stunned wolfman, the man spoke again. "That really isn't necessary, friend. We are on the same side, after all." Megawolf relaxed a bit at hearing this, but was still on-guard. Why was this man, whom he had never met, calling him friend? Suddenly, it hit him. "I get the feeling that this isn't an ordinary office building," Megawolf said. A smile spread across the man's face as he said "What was your first clue?" Megawolf realized that this building was just a false front for the local Assassins Guild. With the appearance of a normal office, they would be able to have an easily-accessible headquarters without arousing the suspicions of their various enemies. "I take it this is the Assassins Guild?" "You've got it," the man replied. "And, since you are standing here in my office, I will assume that you have decided to take us up on our invitation. You've done well to make it this far, wolfman, but you still have a long way to go." Megawolf nodded in understanding. He knew he was still very much out of shape, but he had accepted that accomplishing his dreams would be a lot of work long ago. The man continued. "My recruiters have told me that you have potential, and I believe we can turn that potential into a reality." The man extended his right arm toward Megawolf. In his hand was a folded paper. Megawolf took the paper and carefully unfolded it. The man continued speaking. "This paper contains your first official mission as a member of the Assassins Guild. Your job is to train and improve yourself so that you are ready when the real missions start coming in." The man arose from his chair and walked around the desk to Megawolf. Extending his right hand again, he grinned and said "Welcome to the Assassins Guild." Megawolf smiled back, shook the man's hand, and said "Thank you, Mr. Fitzgerald." The man chuckled a bit, then said "My name isn't really Ned Fitzgerald; that's just an alias. Everyone here calls me Black. You may do the same." The man walked Megawolf to his office door and opened it. "Good luck out there," he said. "Thank you sir," Megawolf responded as he walked back into the main office, across the floor, and back outside. Once out in the fresh air, Megawolf looked at the paper again. Knowing what he now needed to do, Megawolf set off to accomplish his first mission. Challenge Start! Mission: The Trainee Assassin Player: Megawolf Start Stats: Race: Wolfman Class: Assassin Age: 27 Height: 5'9" Weight: 195 lbs STR: 3 DEX: 3 STA: 3 CON: 3 WIS: 1 CHA: 2 Level: 2 Main Quest: Increase strength, control, and endurance; decrease body fat Black: You have potential, Megawolf, but you have a long way to go. You have the determination to be a good or even a great assassin, but your body needs a lot of work. I want you to increase your strength and balance while losing that excess fat slowing you down. Quest 1: Strength train 3 days each week Black: One of the most important things for an assassin to have is the strength to control their body. Without that, you could die the first time you see any real action. Train your strength exactly three days each week. No more, no less! Focus on training methods that utilize your bodyweight so that you can gain mastery over it, though I won't hold things against you if you decide to change things up once in a while and use weights as well. Grading Scale: A >= 90%, B >= 80%, C >= 70%, F <= 69% Rewards: A: +3 STR, B: +2 STR, C: +1 STR Quest 2: Spend 20 minutes or more conditioning body and 10 minutes or more stretching every day Black: Just as you need the strength to control your body, you also need a strong heart to power your body. Running out of breath while making an escape from an enemy stronghold would be bad news. In addition, the last thing you need is to injure yourself while training or using any skills you learn. Condition and stretch. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Grading Scale: A >= 90%, B >= 80%, C >= 70%, F <= 69% Rewards: A: +3 STA +3 DEX, B: +2 STA +2 DEX, C: +1 STA +1 DEX Quest 3: Don't pig-out on pizza Eat healthy amounts of healthy food Black: While I've generally heard good things about you from our recruiters, there are a few black marks on your record. I have been informed that pizza is one of your greatest weaknesses. When you see pizza, you consume it like it's the last pizza you will ever get to eat. Quit it! You're working against yourself! From now on, you are not to eat more than two slices of a large pizza or 3 slices of a medium pizza per meal. I'm not asking you to stop eating pizza altogether, just cut back on the amount you eat. You can do this. Pizza is just the tip of the food iceberg, though. You need to clean up your diet. From the third week on, no more munching on junk food between meals. You get hungry, you grab a vegetable or some other healthy snack. Don't undo all your hard work by gulping down a bag of potato chips. Also, being a wolfman does not give you permission to load up your plate and wolf your food down at mealtime. I want you to take smaller portions and really think about what your eating and how it impacts your body. Eat to deal with your hunger, not because you are bored or because the food tastes good. Grading Scale: A = 2 4 or fewer failures, B = 3 5 or fewer failures, C = 4 6 or fewer failures, F = 5 7 or more failures Rewards: A: +3 CON, B: +2 CON, C: +1 CON A: +2 CON +1 WIS, B: +2 CON, C: +1 CON Life Quest: Spend at least 15 minutes each day organizing bedroom Black: I've seen pictures of your place. It's not pretty. You have organizational skills. Use them! It may look like a daunting task, but if you spend just 15 minutes each day working on it, you can put things in order and keep them that way. An organized space is a space conducive to a clear mind and progress. Grading Scale: A >= 90%, B >= 80%, C >= 70%, F <= 69% Rewards: A: +2 CHA +1 WIS, B: +1 CHA +1 WIS, C: +1 CHA Motivation: Having just cleared my first challenge, I'm pretty psyched about doing this one. I love the amount of progress I can already see with myself in such a short time, and can't wait to see just how far I can go with this! Thanks for reading, everyone! Good luck with all your challenges! 08/11/2014 Update: I have turned the pizza quest into a more general nutrition quest because I have ended up consuming pizza far less frequently than I thought I would.
  2. Well, here goes! Time to start my first official challenge as a rebel! No more putting things off. This is officially the first day of the rest of my life. Not completely sure how to set this up, so I'm going to wing it. Where possible, grading scales are going to be similar to academic grades (A = 90-100%, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, there will not be a D). Since I am starting late, this challenge will run for 32 days counting today (06/19/2014). Mission: A New Beginning Player: Megawolf Start Stats: Race: Wolfman Class: Rebel Age: 27 Height: 5'9" Weight: 198.2 lbs STR: 0 DEX: 0 STA: 0 CON: 0 WIS: 0 CHA: 0 Level: 0 Main Quest: Become fit enough that I can feel happy with my body Quest 1: Work out for at least 20 minutes a day, six days per week I will work out Monday through Saturday. Workouts will be focused on strength, dexterity (agility), and stamina. Every other day, I will alternate days between strength training and dexterity training. Scoring will be based on amount of time spent working out. One point for ten minutes, two for fifteen, and three for twenty or more. Total of 96 points. Grading Scale: A=87-96, B=77-86, C=68-76, F=67 or less Quest 2: Cut a path into the woods so I can run with my dog again I used to run with my dog every day. She really enjoys running and is a great exercise partner. However, life happened and I have been unable to run with her regularly. It's time to change that. I will cut through the thick grass and brush leading into the woods behind my house to clear a safe path that the two of us can run through. Grading Scale: A = Cleared a path and ran with my dog, B = Made good progress, C = Made little progress, F = Completely gave up Quest 3: Limit sugary drinks to 1 per day I'm not going to lie: I enjoy drinking soda, energy drinks, and sweet tea. However, I drink WAY too much of them. Starting today, I will consume no more than 1 sugary drink per day. The size of the sugary drink shall not exceed 24 ounces for a normally sweetened drink or 32 ounces for a lightly sweetened drink. Scoring will be based on number of days I successfully limit my intake. Three points for complete success, two points for an extra half drink, one point for an extra full drink. Total of 96 points. Grading Scale: A=87-96. B=77-86, C=68-76, F=67 or less Life Quest: Obtain a driver's license This is something I have put off way too long and it has seriously messed with my self confidence. I will obtain a driver's license. Grading Scale: A = Obtained driver's license, B = Increased confidence in driving ability and attempted test, but failed, C = Increased confidence in driving ability, F = Made very little progress or did not attempt Motivation: I'm sick of feeling tired and weak all the time and watching my body deteriorate. In addition, Quest 2 is something I owe to my dog. She has stuck by me for seven years, and clearing a path so she can run through the woods again is the least I can do to thank her. Well, here goes everything! Megawolf, mission 1: START
  3. Greetings, fellow rebels! The name's Megawolf. Nice to meet you! I'm a Web programmer / analyst for a small college by day and avid gamer by night. I've spent too much of my life completely ignoring fitness, but that has to stop. When I stumbled upon Nerd Fitness, something clicked in my head and I knew becoming a rebel would be the motivational push I needed to finally stop procrastinating and be the best version of me I can be. I'm a 27 year-old, 5'9" (or is it 5'10", I can never remember) guy weighing in at just over 200 lbs. My current plans are to drop that weight down to about 175 and find an exercise type I enjoy. I kind of lean toward powerlifting, but running is fun too. I would love to eventually get back into martial arts (I was with a Shoren Ryu Karate dojo for a couple years when I was younger), but I think I'm best off doing things one step at a time. As for interests, I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of anime. I have an awesome Siberian Husky who I love spending time with and I'm currently studying Japanese so I can understand the dialogue in the imported games I've been playing. I also get a kick out of putting stuff together (computers, Gundam models, etc.). Anyway, I'm glad to have found this community and look forward to leveling-up my life alongside the rest of you!
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