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Found 12 results

  1. I'm new to running. I always thought I couldn't, but this time when I started training for a 5k I really loved running... it was different than before. I just started going around the block and felt so empowered when I could do it! Then I worked up to a mile, then two miles. I did pretty good up hill, had good form, good cadence, getting faster. I had so many wins in my first 2 months. Some days are better than others. I now follow a 5k routine on my Garmin Vivioactive to prepare for my race. I'm a completionist, so I really like being able to check off those runs and I want to finish wh
  2. The months flow by Myrik and the Rascals pull off several runs flawlessly. They begin to attract the attention of The Great Dragon Hestaby. Hestaby needs a smaller lesser known group to move against Lofwyr’s Saeder-Krupp holdings in Los Angeles. Grinder calls the team to the hanger. “Okay guys this is going to be a dangerous run but very lucrative. Hestaby has graciously advanced us half of the agreed upon fee. She wants us to infiltrate what she believes to be a holding of Saeder-Krupp, Angelic Entertainment. She wants us to infiltrate their main office and find proof that they repor
  3. I am so, so happy and glad to be back... a whole week without my dear NF friends, a whole week with less than frequent whatsapps, but a whole lot of Good, Bad, Ugly The Good The boys and I had a wonderful time at my mil's place! We loved spending the first two days surrounded by wild animals. I'll add pictures throughout the rest of what remains of this challenge. But to start you off with an appetizer: I was ready and rearing to start the new challenge yesterday, but today I'm a bit slower on the up-take. The Bad While we were away, Brandt told me o
  4. After planning comes... Action! Trigger warning: I post pictures of food and tempting stuff. @Naxius So yeah, I am going to start swimming this month and hopefully keep at it all summer. Since my knee is not showing any sign of getting better, I had to find and alternative to running and high impact sport, so obviously, like every recovering athlete in the making, I went for swimming. In addition, I have decided to start trying something new. NerdFitness might be a fitness-based website, but I don't think I am the only one that has found the
  5. After the failure of last challenge I've fallen far. My fitness has taken a serious hit. I haven't ad an honest workout in over a month and I can tell it. I feel weak. I feel slow. My endurance has almost completely vanished. But that ain't wat this challenge is about, this challenge is about getting to the root of the problem, about tearing it up and burning it. GOAL ONE Got to start off with something physical. And it's just that, something physical. My goal hear is to get back on track, to start training again. Really this challenge is more about getting my body used to working, to prepare
  6. So this pretty much is my first post here and not as a lurker. I need some help with some issues I've noticed that keep cropping up which is sabotaging my weight loss goals. Some background on myself: I'm 5'2'', weigh anywhere from 140-150lbs (stopped weighing myself long ago as I became too obsessed), my bodyfat was 19% but has gone up to about 21% because of having a Fleur De Lis with ab repair done 7 months ago and have just been laying around but within the last few months have I been able to slowly get back into working out. I wear a size 4-6 jeans depending on the maker. My biggest size
  7. Hey everyone, I am Rawglor. I found out about Nerd Fitness awhile ago on another forum and was given some little pushes to join by a member there. He thought it would be very helpful for me. So finally I have joined. Although I won't be participating in any challenges yet. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 13. And the biggest problem I have is having a part of me that is very against me. I'm always very critical of myself, have negative views, beliefs, and thoughts about myself, and can only counter these so well for so long before I run out of willpower. My current
  8. A Hard Hat Towards Vanity My last two challenges were aborted, the last due to a crippling bout of depression combined with intense (for me personally and for the area in general) and unrelenting heat and humidity. But a new month brings the opportunity to meet my friends after a nearly nine month gap between visits. So I'm going to be very vain this challenge, but I'm going to hard hat it all the way. And focus on some other basics to deal with the depression and things, hence my bounce to the Adventurers Guild. Simple, tight and focussed. Challenge Goal: Thanks to my successfu
  9. ME This is my second challenge. I already started C25K the day after the last challenge ended and I'm currently on Week 2 MY MISSION Get stronger mentally, physically and be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. (Around 5 kilometers) HOW DO I GET THERE? 1) Run 3 times a week; follow the C25K program. Repeating weeks does not deduct. (+5 STA) 2) Do some kind of strength workout 2 times per week. Any kind, any length. (+ 5 STR) 3) Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day (+5 WIS) MOTIVATION - I want to be able to run! I don't wanna be the one who's panting AND falling behind when o
  10. Hi all! Main quest: run a 50k in November Quest 1: to train for the main quest 6 days the week Quest 2: to swing my 44 lbs kettlebell 75 times in a row in 6 weeks Quest 3 : to get ripped despite my age of 46 Life quest: to be a good dad and human. Let us burn down the hell!
  11. I don't wanna do challenges, why am I making this thread? I'm making this thread. Ok. Better get started. I've gained weight. Incredible amounts of it (a few kilo really). This needs to stop. But I can't just stop it, I keep trying and failing. Yesterday I went to physical therapy for my shoulder for the first time. Tomorrow I'm going again. (OMG KIBCY IS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT HER SHOULDER) It involved a lot of pain, but also a lot of feeling better. Apparently my shoulder is just basically jammed shut. At the end of the session I could actually raise my arm fully instead of up but
  12. Some people say they are their own worst critic... And I'm starting to think that I take this so far to the extreme, it is probably my biggest hurdle on my journey to get fit.... Let me give you a few examples: 1) the women's fitness forum had a topic about how you perceive your body shape vs what it actually looks like... Most responses from other women were between 5-12.5% smaller than their perception... Me? I am 22.5% smaller than how I percieve myself... And even though that website told me...I still am thinking, "oh, they probably made a mistake, it's a UK website, it has to be a misconv
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