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Found 3 results

  1. My daughters favorite scene from RWBY is the epic food fight. That is going to be my main focus this challenge. It is my weakest link. Time to buck it up a bunch. So in my battle log I laid down my training schedule for the next 4 weeks. I have found that I have many goals and a hard time keeping focus on just one. In the next 3 challenges my fitness goals are related to staying consistent with strength work, cross training fun, and running. The only thing I am honestly upping is biking. That will be the first epic off my list this year. However I need to eat better to achieve my goals both short term and long term. So for a big change of pace the main 3 goals of my challenge are food focused and the life goal is consistency with training. That simple. Goal 1: Eat mindfully. I must work on stopping when satisfied again and making more good choices. Goal 2: Mega meal plan and track what I eat here. We plan meals but I need to be careful. We are trying out a martial arts class this Monday and if we like it we will be going weekly. This means I have to be the gal with a plan. Since that happens one day a week (and it is done for week 1 already) this goal is also going to encompass tracking my food here to keep it honest. Goal 3:Eat whole foods with only 7 servings a week of a food that is not a whole food. Free pass with plain greek yogurt and almond milk. Life goal: stay consistent and meet the training plan I laid out in my battle log for the next 4 weeks. Period. No excuses.
  2. I am running a tad behind posting my challenge. To top it off it is outlined on another computer so I am going to modify it as soon as I am able. My main goals for 2016 are to continue to loose weight, build strength, run and bike longer, do a handstand, do a pull up, and just continue to have fun getting healthier as I set a good example for my family. Okay my family and extended family loves RWBY. We have a blast watching it so I am going to have fun and do some RWBY themed challenges (bascially making them fit my goals just because it is fun). Jaune Arc – Leader of team JNPR (pronounced Juniper) because of his leadership ability even if he does not realize it. He has trained much with Pyrrha and improved his skills. Building physical strength as I build mental strength. Stay smart with my goals and training. Yet be consistent and put in the effort to get physically stronger otherwise I will post a picture of me dancing in a dress and I doubt I will look as good as Jaune (hilarious scene). He did it to keep his word to a friend trying to make them smile. Believe me if I have to post such a clip you would not be smiling. LOL Stay consistent and strength train 3-4 days a week no excuses for a total of 12-14 times total during the challenge otherwise you might cry.NORA: This girl knows how to have fun! She is bubbly, slightly over the top intense, and well she can smile while wielding her hammer Magnhild. That is how I feel when I swing Giggles around. Rucking also leads to me feeling all badass. Cross train with sledgehammer and rucking. Do each once a week for a total of 8 (4 each) this challenge.Pyrrha – ...able to change quickly with her weapon (spear, riffle, short sword)...My legs are my weapon. Stay the course for biking and running training. You can not get that good at anything without the work. Keep to the plan for biking and running.Lie Ren – calm and studious I mean he is without his weapon and has the presence of mind to be able to break the fangs off of King Taijitu and stab it in the eye. They all have cool weapons. He is calm and cool even around Nora. Read/meditate daily
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