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Found 6 results

  1. So jumping on the cat wagon. Or should I say the cat climbing tower? @Severine way of tracking her goals with her hobonichi journal inspired me to do that, so my family and I made our owns. We went to our local dollar store, bought some cheap stickers and poster boards. We made our own unique calendar and taped them in the kitchen. In the spoiler is what we got! With that being said, I will post a happy face sticker everytime I accomplish my 4 main goals each day. For extra credit I have ride bike for an hour (heart sticker) and eat 100% paleo (A rainbow sticke
  2. Meow! As a fierce assassin cat you need to be able to blend in anywhere.... And Lilith's next assassin assignment is to defeat Team Rocket, in their attempt to control the region! The way to come closer to them is to cartwheel, because that way Lilith's dodge skills are highly increased! Also, it looks so cute of course that Team Rocket will be lured into NOT attacking, like this: Then the little assassin cat also needs to be strong, in order to do a lot of damage! Soooo how will I achieve those things? Well here are my goals: Goal 1: Do Stronglifts 3x per week. Goal
  3. Lilith the Assassin Cat wants to get STRONG A proper assassin should be able to fight, to pounce, to kill. Lilith the kitten grew up to be a stealthy, agile, smart cat. However, not a very strong one. Her latest assassination of the stealer of boxes ended up like this: Which tired the target out some, but didn't make him unable to breathe, or steal Lilith's favourite treats afterwards. So Lilith realized she had to learn how to channel her inner lion. And how do you do that? By getting STRONG. Lilith undercover to learn from lions: ------- Okay in all seriousness now guys. I
  4. Lilith the Chubby Kitten - Climbing to the top! Chubby kitten hmmmm yes, that’s still what I am…. Sometimes. Lilith turned around, to claw at the falling fall leaves. She just loved fall. With the colours, the rich smells… And the winds of change. But Lilith started to realise something that has been happening to her for a while now. She was not just a chubby kitten anymore, and sometimes, she wasn’t one at all. She had grown up in mind and body. Feeling stronger, and therefore being stronger. Whenever she felt her fiercest she could feel a strange energy getting hold of her.
  5. Lilith the Chubby Kitten - And the Journey to Somewhere Level 4 assassin kitten (not yet a Cat, Tiger, or...) Lilith had worked very hard on her kitty training, she worked on pouncing, running in circles, chasing her tail, contortion (getting in weird shaped boxes) and overall flexibility. She had done a great job and she knew it. She was faster, stronger and more agile than all her brothers and sisters. Now, she was waiting to show the mysterious cat how awesome she was and how she did as the cat asked. But... The cat never said when she had to be done, nor whether he would come or she
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