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Found 3 results

  1. Morning crept up over the horizon on the shore of a small island. The red sand shimmered and gleamed as the rays began to tickle them and spread warmth across the deserted beach. On the very edge of the beach, was a small figure. She was disheveled, her long brown hair tangled and knotted and green eyes were red from tears. Her toes had dug themselves into the cool sand and she sat curled with her arms hugging her knees. There were no tears now, they had dried themselves up and she looked weary. As the sun ran across her and began to warm up the sand around her, she blinked and closed her eyes, a look of peace coming over her face. Yes, it was time. She leaned back and stood up, shaking the loose sand from her baggy clothes. They were very large, hiding a large frame and the draping fabric made her look even bigger. She looked out to the ocean and smiled, a determined look in her eye. “I will return.” she said, looking out at the dark water longingly, before turning and leaving the beach. Hello all, my name is Cassandra and I’m a mermaid who has been banished to the land and longs to return to the sea. I’ve allowed myself to descend deep into emotional and physical depths in my time, but I know that if I work hard I can become happy and healthy with my new lot. Perhaps it will even allow me a chance to return to my home! I suppose in general, I wish to become a fierce warrior and healthier to boot! I’d love if you’d help and follow me on my journey to be a better me. Also, anyone know where I can get a decent kelpshake around here? One of the worst things I miss from home… But I suppose that’s the lot of a landlubber! My goals for the first month of my new journey are as follows! 1. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (exercise for at least 30 minutes, x5 days a week) 2. I ate what? (keep a record of the food I eat, be it through pictures or trackers) 3. It’s a masterpiece! (finish x4 pictures of my art to-do list every week) <- please note I work very quickly on art, so this could all be done in one day if I sat down and did it, tbh 4. Rinse and Repeat (up my laundry game and do x2 full loads every week) I have already had a tutorial week since my introduction to this amazing community and have nearly fully succeeded in my goals! Okay, well I made the exercise goals and missed the first day for food… And no art… But I’m working on it and I’m striving to work that much harder! After all, who doesn’t want to level up and be an amazing, fierce, mermaid warrior?!
  2. WARNING! THE FOLLOWING CHALLENGE CONTAINS SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALSO I HAVEN'T SEEN SEASON 9 OR 10 YET SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Welcome to the bunker bitches. I’m once again using this challenge to see what I can do and how far I can come. Last challenge I learned how to dolphin kick, and how to hold my breath. This challenge will be all fun and games….at least until someone gets shots in the chest with rock salt. My main focus will be to build up endurance, flexibility, and to have fun. (also Supernatural themed because I can) Main Quest: SEAL THE GATES OF HELL I get a lot of questionable doubt, both from myself and others around me. These are my demons. And they need to get back to hell. I want to build up my stamina and endurance, improve flexibility, and to gain strength. I want gain knowledge and use it as the lock and key to seal these demons away in hell. First Mission: ACQUIRE & SAFEKEEP THE DEMON TABLET I'll have to work hard to not only acquire the demon tablet, but make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands (*cough*Crowley*cough*) Mermaid training M & FParkour workout M-W-FO2 and/or CO2 training on Weds.This will work on my endurance, stamina, and strength. Things needed if I’m going up against demons. Second Mission: ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES When your trying to outsmart the King of Hell and run from Angels, while hunting down the things that go bump in the night…you gotta be kinda flexible. I will work on flexibility for at least 5 min or do yoga on my “off†days. Su-Te-Th-Sa Third Mission: DECIPHER THE DEMON TABLET It’s going to take a lot of work to decipher a tablet written in a language even Angels can’t understand. 5 min review vocab5 min grammar5 min reading5 min Kanji reviewI’ll have to do this every four hours (8,12,4,8). This will be on a point system. Each item is worth 1 “wordâ€, for a total of 16 “words†a day. Listening and reading podcast notes can substitute for 15 min of vocab, grammar, and reading. Fourth Mission: COMPLETE THE DEMON TRIALS There are three trials that need to be completed in order to seal the gates of hell. But I won’t know what these trials are until I decipher the demon tablet. Motivation: Always Keep Fighting I admire both Jared and Jensen as actors and as crazy human beings. Their characters in the show motivate me, but so does their campaign, Always Keep Fighting. That’s all the motivation I’ll need.
  3. I'm Fayrn. I'm human. Right now my body condition is average leaning towards overweight. I mostly stay at home, waiting for my life to begin. I need to change that. I want to have a better body image by getting to a healthy weight and tone my body. I'm on a quest to lose my humanity and become something, someone better. Main Quest: In six weeks I will lose six inches off my waist line. Mermaids are graceful, lithe, and fast. That's because they're streamlined and that's what I'm going for. Quest 1: Swim for at least 10 min, twice a week. I love to swim, and if I do more of it I can improve my stamina and overall body condition. Quest 2: Drink more water for the next 6 weeks. I drink water everyday, but not enough. I plan on drinking at least 2L a day. Quest 3: No carbs before 11am. I wake up at around 6 or 7 in the morning most days, and after talking to a nutritionist, I learned it's best to avoid carbs in the morning when you wake up. Life Quest: Furnish the house. I just moved and I would like to make my house into a nice comfy fortress and in order to do that, I need to put things in it. In six weeks I would like to have a kitchen table, a couch, and a bed frame. Motivation: Mermaids. Seriously, I want to look and feel good being half naked and imagining a mermaid seems to get the ball rolling
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