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  1. Aloha and welcome to my first challenge within the assassins guild! I’m continuing the theme from my last challenge, because I love to swim and I love mermaids.In my last challenge I focused on swimming more, slimming down, and "transitioned" from human to mermaid. For this challenge, I want to have fun with my workouts, get really pumped to go and hit the gym or pool. I want to see an improvement in my abilities not just physical appearance. I also want to improve myself intellectually and gain skills that’ll benefit my hobbies and career (cosplay and modeling). So this challenge is something I’m really looking forward to start and something I’m excited to finish. Changes from the last challenge: Handwritten Battle Log. I can better track my meals, workouts, and progress if I write it down physically.Multiple choices. I now have many choices for exercise instead of one to keep myself motivated.Point system. For my life quests I’ve added a point system to make it easier to track and grade. Main Quest: How to Mermaid Transitioning from human to mermaid means I got some learning to do. In six weeks I want to be able to swim like a mermaid. I want to be able to expand my air capacity and be able to perform proper dolphin kicks (how professional mermaids use their tails) by the end of this challenge. First Lesson: Adjust to new Fins [sTR +3, STA +2] I need to learn how to use my new body parts so I don’t drown. Last challenge I focused on swimming more, not really anything to work on. This challenge I plan on being able to execute daily and weekly drills to learn proper dolphin kick form. I also plan on working on pull-ups, abdominal exercises, and yoga. To complete this quest I need to do something (Dolphin kick drills, yoga, bodyweight exercises, dancing, etc.) 4 days out of the week. Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun is the schedule I'm shooting for. Second Lesson: Breath Water [sTA +1] Mermaids can can gain oxygen from either air or water. I plan on diving again with my husband so improving my breathing will be great. I will do breathing exercises at least once a day, preferably twice a day. This is to improve my air control and air capacity. Third Lesson: Aquatic Cuisine [CON +3] Living in the ocean and swimming all day requires a lot of energy and nutrients. Every morning during breakfast I will take my biotin, multi-vitamins, and fish oil. This is mainly to get me in the habit of taking my supplements more often than I already do. I want to look and feel healthy, and learning to take my supplements along with good food should do the trick. Fourth Lesson: War Paint [CHA +3] Mermaids while sometimes nice can also be deadly, deceiving sailors to their doom with their beauty and sweet songs. As a model I need to take care of my skin and have good makeup knowledge. I will exfoliate twice a week (up to 2 shells), wear a face/hair mask once a week (up to two shells), and I will practice my makeup technique and post one picture a week along with my weekly progress photos (1 Shell). To be honest, while I love modeling and cosplaying natural make-up and skin care routine are real chores for me and quite boring, so making it a habit and getting practice seems like the best way to make progress. Final Lesson: Learn another language [WIS +3] Mermaids speak differently than humans, hence I need to learn the language. My lesson plan: 1 Japanese Lesson/ week [7 points]10 vocab words/ day [up to 14 points]Review at least once a day [up to 14 points]For a total of 35 points a week. I love learning, especially languages, but I’m not a good self-study type person, so I’m hoping adding it as one of my quests will encourage me to work harder on my studies. Motivation:
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