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Found 6 results

  1. I'm gonna put this here quick and flesh out everything over the course of this week. Training: MetCons. CrossFit type workouts as they seem to do a great job lowering my blood glucose numbers. I'm still gonna run, but not concentrate on it or a different goal. Nutrition: I'm going to play around with carb cycling. On days with heavy workouts, I'm going to allow myself some more carbs, mostly fruit. Organization: Lay out my Cub Scouts calendar for the year. As the Pack's communication chair, I need to remind everyone else when stuff is happening. So, I need t
  2. For those of you who haven't seen my recent challenges, they have been a bit...scattered. Mostly they end up reverting to running and counting net carbs. The start of the year everything was more focused - beat the blood sugar monster and reverse Type II diabetes. While I'm still working on that one, the end of this last challenge had my blood sugar numbers averaging under 100 for the last couple of weeks. This despite the fact that my exercise goals have been ping-ponging all over the place and the ability to focus has been non-existent. So we're going to try to change that with more of a pla
  3. I awoke colder than I had felt in ages. It seems that the frost has seeped through the bear pelt I had harvested, through my skin, and was starting to pulse through my veins. My thoughts started to dwell on the past, when I was a young ranger. How much simpler things seemed then. How everything seemed to work out. I stood up and looked out of the cave I had sheltered in for the recent past. Snow was covering the ground and starting to drift closer to my low fire, challenging for dominance. The snow drift would soon win out. How did things end up like this? How did I get so far awa
  4. This challenge is going to be a little different from my previous challenges, which usually involve riding further, lifting heavier, eating cleaner, and lots of lame jokes. If you followed my last challenge you know I was in a fairly serious bicycling accident mid-challenge, involving my face, a concrete curb, a broken cheekbone and various bits of frankenstein-like stitchery (awesome addition to the scar collection, I must say), and then I had to really bust my butt to get it back together in time for my big cycling event over Labor day weekend. Which - with the love and support of the Nerd
  5. Background: The past few challenges have been focusing on preparing me to compete in gymnastics competitions. That culminated in competing at Nationals last weekend, which finishes out the competition season. It went okay. Normally, I would take this time to have some fun, learn new skills, and enjoy the freedom of a looser training schedule. However, Past Me hates Present and FutureMe and decided to sign up for the May 23rd GoRUCK Challenge in Boston, which is officially 6 weeks from tomorrow. I have 6 weeks to go from a bouncy, gymnastics sprinter to an endurance and strength mac
  6. I didn't know where to post this (still new here) and I was afraid to threadjack someone else's conditioning post... I've been doing the Rebel Strength barbell weight training routine and am switching over to a hybrid of level 2 and SL5x5, however I wanted to also better improve my conditioning. I'm not attempting to bulk up at all so I'm not too worried about but I was worried that my possible warm up conditioning would effect my strength workouts... I planned on starting and ending my workouts with: 1 Minute Jump Rope 20 KBS @ 30lbs 20 24in box jumps 20 Burpees 400M Row Does this seem
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