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  1. Hi All! I'm gonna try and get things rolling again...because I've been out of it for a while it seems. I haven't been working out consistently. I haven't been eating clean or drinking enough water. And I've just been struck with a general cloud of laziness with a mixture of undisciplined motivation. But, that's just on the fitness side of my life. Other than that, I've been really busy. I mentioned briefly before about my involvement with a discord community called Your Anthem. It's ran by a good buddy of mine, William, and since discovering his YouTube channel covering content for Anthem over the summer, I've been heavily involved with the growth of the community. So much so, that I became the servers first moderator. It's a great community that reminds me a lot of NF, just more chat room structured than forum. Work has been busy too. I now have MORE responsibility because I took over another process on top of my other daily tasks and we recently moved back to the building I used to be in, so, I have the esteemed pleasure of walking 6 flights of stairs multiple times a day! I really missed the stairs when we moved the last time-it's a great little form of cardio. Aaannnnnddd...Heather is 9-weeks pregnant!! Yep, you read that right! The only downside is that she is severely nauseous. This puts a bigger strain on me because she's basically bed ridden most of the day and the cooking/cleaning also falls on my shoulders. We are keeping the pregnancy "hush hush" for the time being. We've made a lot of announcements the last year and don't want to make any more sad ones if we don't have too. We're just going to take this new pregnancy one day at a time. So, in a nut shell, that's whats been going on with me. Busy but still needing accountability from my NF fam. I'm going themeless for this challenge except for anything Anthem related. I'm SOOOOOO excited about the release of this game. I've never been obsessed with a game like I am with Anthem. If you were around for Watch Dogs 2 and thought that was bad, then you haven't seen NOTHIN' yet, lol. Goal 1: Consistency Get back to strength training 3x a week: 1 lower body, 1 upper body and 1 full body day. Nothing fancy just good ole fashion strength basics. Possible Points: +4 STR Goal 2: Hot Sauce Metcons are like hot sauce-a little goes a long way! Perform 2x metcons a week. Preferably after your workout. This can range from a kettlebell complex to sprints. Spend 10-20 min spiking the heart rate and activating the sweat glands. Possible Points: +2 DEX, +2 END Goal 3: The Fat Freelancer Fact #1: A fat Freelancer pilot can't fly. Whereas I've never been fat...I am losing my leanness and getting into more "dad bod" shape than "wolflean" shape. I'm up over 200# now and my abs are almost non existent. Time to focus on my diet and getting in plenty of H20. Possible Points: +4 CON Goal 4: Spead the Grabbit Love What is a grabbit? This "little" creature is a grabbit. Our Anthem discord started a community wide event that involves two warring factions: The PETG aka People for the Ethical Treatment of Grabbits lead my none other than muah. And the TRA aka The Tarsis Rifle Association. The PETG are out to defend the grabbits from extermination and the TRA is out to destroy them. It started out as an inside joke within the community and then William decided to turn it into a full-blown community wide event involving all the Anthem content creators out there and take to Twitter for a mud-slinging good time. I got tasked to run the PETG twitter handle with a good buddy of mine and so far, it's been a funtastic time! We even have Anthem's devs and designers involved in on the fun! It's cool because I'm getting to use all the skills I've learned from my years on NF, and that's knowing a good gif game goes a LOOOONG way :D. The goal is to see who has the most followers by the end of the month long challenge as well as who talked the best trash. Winner gets some professional artwork drawn for them. Like I've said, I'm having a blast with this! If you guys would like to support my side of the war (and ALL grabbits alike), then please go to @AnthemPetg on Twitter and follow me :). Like and retweet posts if you're feeling froggy ;). Possible Points: +3 CHA OK, so, there you have it folks. Short. Sweet. And too the point. I apologize for not being around as much and I'll do my best to keep up with other threads moving forward. I've missed you all! P.S. And @Raxie and @darkfoxx I'm sorry about our scheduled call the other day. I was having major phone issues. I hope we can try that again soon?! Wolf
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