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Found 25 results

  1. This thread is where I post metrics around training and diet, as a companion to the changing monthly challenges, and with bonus content to house challenge-specific metrics. It should be a boring list with more engaging narrative happening on the challenge threads. See my signature for the current challenge.
  2. Oh dear! But I'm here. I just got back from a road trip vacation in British Columbia (which was a blast). I had thought about making my thread before I left, but was feeling super indecisive about my goals. Now though, I'm feeling so refreshed and re-energised after not worrying about anything for a whole week, and I'm ready to get back to it! Goal Number One: Don't eat like an asshole. It's not even fun anyway. This is really my biggest priority going forward, because I need to get this nonsense under control. Part 1: No eating out. Buying food at wo
  3. Whoohooo! Milestone birthday - haven't had one of these in a while. I'm super okay with moving up a decade, and while I know it's NBD, I like birthdays, and I like arbitrary deadlines, so I'm using it. My birthday is on August 12th, so right before the challenge ends. And I just want to feel proud of where I'm at when I hit that marker, so that's what this next month (And you know, like the last 3 years) are about. Point of Pride #1: Be SO Strong I'm going to lose all of my kettlebell muscles this summer if I don't start doing them at home! Working out by myself is a hu
  4. So I was panicking for a little there, worrying about what I was going to do to replace kettlebells when classes end for the summer - I couldn't find another reasonably priced class that I was interested in. But I've decided to just roll with it, and change things up for the summer, and become more of a Scout/Druid hybrid. I'll still attempt to get some 'Belling in a home, to prevent total annihilation come Fall, but the focus this summer will be logging miles (biking and walking) and improving flexibility (yoga). And that's okay. Goal the First: Bike Commute! I've been mostly
  5. Quick place holder for zero week. Preview: Suburi will be maintained, and if the weather cooperates, may involve naginata suburi outside, so I can actually swing a blade without knocking things off shelves, knocking over fireplace tools, or putting holes in the ceiling. Measurements will be taken. They may even be recorded. Metrics baby, yeah. Travel plans...they are a happenin' Weight will be lessened. Pratchett will be quoted. Also - hell dropped a couple of degrees - I actually went for a walk today.
  6. So I have to confess I was having a bit of a hard time with things. It just seemed like one thing after another for a few months there. And my coping mechanisms left something to be desired. I wasn't happy with the choices I was making, but I just could not. Stop. Making. Them. Which was just making things worse. Vicious cycle. Exacerbated by continually failing challenge goals. So I took a break. Things have been going better lately though. And I've got my head back on straight. And I'm ready for another challenge! I've been working out, eating great. My house is... maintaining a baseline of
  7. Ahhh the good ol' Winter is Coming, Pre-holiday Challenge! No big surprises here, just the usual tweaking things around. Eat good food and sweat. That's where I'm at. Goal One: Workout +2STR +2END +1DEX Kettlebells 2x per week NF yoga 1x per week for: 3 pts per week A : 18pts+ B : 15pts+ C : 12pts+ D : 9pts+ F : <9pts Goal Two: Metrics +2CON +2CHA Calories: 1400 - 1800 per day Carbs: <100g per day Protein: >80g per day All of the above, 6/7 days per week. 1 pt per item per day. A : 105pts B : 95pts+ C : 85pts+ D :75pts+ F : <75pts Goal Three: Craft
  8. I have made the excellent decision to start taking kettlebell classes again - I took them before, for about 8 months, but it's been about a year and half since I've gone. I've tried to keep up with it at home, but it's just not the same. I'm excited to get my fitness level back up there again (can you say guns?!), and since I HAVE to eat well in order to not die at class, I'm hopeful that it will help with sticking to my nutritional goals as well. Goal One: Work out like an awesome person. Kettlebell classes are 1 hr, Mondays and Wednesdays (although I can go on Tues/Thurs if I need to due
  9. Because maths and me don’t really get along, and time slips. I did the research, and this is actually my 20th challenge. Name also spelled correctly in title? Check. — Challenge Theme: Wommens. I’m too scattered to coalesce all my disparate goals into just one theme. Plus, from the title & teaser alone, I’ve already got 2 fandoms representing. So: let’s just roll with Badass Women and see how far I can carry that loose thread. — Google image search for badass elf: While I picture my handle with a bow or a blade and somewhere up high, this is probably much more of an
  10. I had to give this a lot of thought - I didn't want to take on too much, but I also had some goals I wanted to add... and still need to keep a handle on the good habits I've been working on. After some contemplation though, I decided to go for the "All the things" route. Hey, this is supposed to be a challenge right?! Goal One Metrics: Calories: 1400-1700 Carbs: <100g Protein: >80g 1 point per item per day: A = 100+ B = 85+ C = 70+ D = 55+ F = <55 Goal Two Self-propulsion: I did a good job of getting in to a routine with both of these last challenge - this is just cementing t
  11. Last challenge cycle brought 2 OCRs, a 10k, and a 5k. This cycle encompasses the dog days of summer (and it currently looks like we’ll actually get some summer - NYC is s-w-a-m-p-y), so I had planned on taking it a little easier in August (and by a little easier, I mean 1 big GoRuck + an unspecified number of runs for bling). Of course, now I’m having second thoughts about this “easy†business, and am itching to do moar things. I’m also sad that I only have 1 OCR left this season. It’s a biggie (Tough Mudder in November), but still … it’s not right now. I know, I know â
  12. This cycle's challenges are based off of the feats from the mini challenge exercise for this cycle. More info here. Feats Endurance: Complete: Spartan Sprint + Oakley 10k + Savage Race + Rugged Maniac - DONE WEEK 1 Strength: Improve throughout this season's OCRs + Perform A Single Damn Pull Up Speed: Work on furthering my yoga pose skill set (I'm starting with holding crow for longer + headstands) Combat: Complete the Spartan bodyweight program + continue to work yoga in where I can - Edited to include working with the pull-up bar every week day this week on top of my yoga workouts Heali
  13. Placeholder for this next cycle. I have impending vacation/fml it's monday brain and can't think of much else right now. TBC. Probable goals: 1. my usual fitness + focusing more on specific skills. I think I need to re-evaluate the skills toolbox I wanted to build a few challenges ago and work on some of those specifics. Plus work on lowering my 5k time, and get ready for /compete in this season's mud runs. And I should probably address my damn hip flexor that keeps getting super-pissed after 5ks. 2. Metrics per usual - nothing is changing here. 3. Probably a continuation of my cat
  14. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped encourage me last time, and everyone that will follow along this time. It really helps. My life atm is a bit chaotic, I have 2 more weeks of 14+ hour days. Then I should be back to a more normal schedule. My last challenge was all about maintaining some resemblance of fitness in the midst of this work schedule. I did that by incorporating some activities into my daily activity. I like that and plan to carry some over. Paint by numbers, were always fun as a kid. I also like the idea of tracking numbers ( as long as it doesn't g
  15. Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300 More This challenge cycle is all about building on the momentum I recovered during last challenge to prep for this year’s race season. On the calendar so far: March US Road Running Pirate Virtual 5kLadies First 5kApril Spaceballs Virtual 5kECU Color Run 5kMay North Face Endurance Race 5kSpartan SprintJune Savage RaceJuly Rugged ManiacAugust NoneSeptember NoneOctober NoneNovember Tough MudderDecember NoneThere are quite a few races I’m keeping an eye on for official date announcements, and I want to find 1 more OCR to do. The goal is to do 5 OCRs + at lea
  16. I’ve been enjoying the amount of graphic designs I have made lately for my blog and want to continue on in that vein. To that end, the “theme†of this challenge is playing with texture and font by making my own versions of those uber popular Instagram and Pinterest click bait quote images. As for challenge, I’m keeping things on the simpler side this go round. Last challenge I got really lackadaisical and really didn’t post much. I continued on (mostly, minus some completely off the rails time), but really didn’t feel like posting. NF seemed like a ghost town - most everyone on m
  17. Another new challenge, another fresh start! And speaking of fresh starts, I am starting a new job one week from today! I am very excited, but also quite nervous, as I know it is going to be a huge change from what I'm used to, and I will have so much to learn. That, combined with the inherent stresses of the holiday season, mean that I really need to keep my mental state managed, and not resort to eating and drinking my stresses away (especially since it's not so much "away" as it is "later"). GOAL ONE: Eat like a reasonable human being who is perfectly aware of what foods don't agree
  18. Holding to see if something witty comes to me this weekend... Edit: When in doubt, Internet cats. Overarching Goal Hasn't changed - still trying to get my body comp where I want it through tight-ish metrics + building strength to be able to do all the OCR-related things I want to do. I realize I *could* accomplish this goal faster by adhering to stricter weekend metrics and incorporating more intense workouts, but I'm lazy at heart - let's just stick to doing what I can do and to upping the baseline intensity level, rather than attacking a heavy-duty something all at once and fizzling
  19. Ok, so no theme this time. I thought about a Friday The 13th thing, but finding appropriate/fitnessy memes sounded exhausting. So: dragons. Dragons are always good. Plus, this way I get to search for dragons every morning before jumping into work. Booonus! Deviant Art, here I come! Overarching Goal Hasn't changed - still trying to get my body comp where I want it through tight-ish metrics + building strength to be able to do all the OCR-related things I want to do. I realize I *could* accomplish this goal faster by adhering to stricter weekend metrics and incorporating more intense work
  20. Sorry I don't have a fancy theme for this challenge. If anyone wants to suggest one, by all means, hit me with it I figured it was more important to get this posted than to delay it for "pretty-ification" So, I stepped into the realm of getting a personal trainer the other week. It feels so weird to have one, to have sat down for a consultation/talk and really got my brain picked and examined AND got to butt heads with a great smart guy. This challenge is really about me following direction (from someone I signed a waver form with lol). I'm kinda nervous about this and I'm really real
  21. This challenge is Batman themed, in honor of Batty's 75th. Overarching Goal: Building A Better Bat My continuing and overarching goal for this entire NF journey has been to build a better/more healthy/more fit/whathaveyou version of me. What does that look like? I don't know. There's the image in my head and then there's the more modest and realistic goal - and I'm guessing reality is going to lie somewhere in-between. (vaguely - 15% body fat & guns ala Linda Hamilton in T2) To achieve this goal, I've leveled up my food (mostly and some cycles better than others), I've partic
  22. I dunno .. because it’s time for Dr. Who .gifs? This challenge will encompass the final realization of the Big Picture Goal I’ve been working toward for months and months, as well as one of the two ‘back home’ vacations I have planned for this Spring/Summer. The Big Picture Goal I’m sticking with my overarching goal - Mudderella. Mudderella is on the 10th and I need to continue what I’m doing in order to be able to finish without dying. Allons-y! Goal 1 Fitness, per usual. I will finish my HasFit Hero 90 program 2 weeks into this challenge
  23. Ok, so I have no real idea where I’m going with this analogy business, since Castamere is a ruined castle in Westeros, and not a land with hills - but bear with me. I’ve had a lot of crap to deal with lately and my brain is broken. This challenge cycle feels like 1 part autopilot (since my goals haven’t really changed in awhile), 1 part maintenance (since my schedule has gotten all screwed up and life keeps throwing hammers at me), and 1 part open waters (why? dunno - Spring, maybe?). The Big Picture Goal I’m sticking with my overarching goal - Mudderella. This challenge cycle i
  24. Prologue: Who is this Guy? So, hello everybody! I'm not a person who normally posts on a board, but I'm also not a person who normally sticks to his fitness plans long enough to see results. Therefore, time to change. My name is Scrum and Villainy (Scrum for short). It's my Derby name from roller derby, where I am the Head Non-Skating Official for a top 20 WFTDA league and I also help out with the nation's number 2 MRDA league. My basic job is making sure all the stats are gathered during a bout. I
  25. As part of my current 6 Week Challenge I'm tracking my percentage of paleo foods on a daily basis, and on top of that, the number of calories and protein I also consume. I'm three days into tacking all of this, but most of what I eat is pretty regular, especially Monday through Friday, so I don't expect a lot of variation from day to day and not certainly on a weekly basis. That being said, I am concerned with my total caloric intake (and protein too). I'm currently 6'3" at 217 lbs. According to a variety of calorie calculators, I should be at about 3100 calories a day, with moderate exercise
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