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  1. I'm still trying to lose some weight, so that's a big focus right now Endeavor 1: Lose 2.5 pounds by challenge end Use MFP 6 days a week Follow guidelines from eating skills *experiment, I've upped my protein to 120 grams to see if that helps with satiety. This is a guideline. If I have a day where I feel like eating more carbs than protein, that is fine. I just want to experiment and see how this works Reward: counted at end of challenge: 1 point for each day tracked 28+ points = 2 Constitution pts 24-27= 1 Con pt. 20 -24 = .5
  2. Last month went well, let's keep it going The Morning Way: Follow my morning routine; Read Bible, eat breakfast, kitchen dishes away Set the timer so I have enough time to relax, but that I get going on my day;if I do this Monday through Thursday, then Friday is free reward.5 wisdom each week completed Mindful Eating Way Practice my eating skills Keep my super power values in mind-Joy and Self Control Do MFP 5 days a week Alternate: I'm going on vacation this challenge. I will mainly just focus on my superpowers and eating slow
  3. So 2020, eh? This is exciting! I can already kind of see the light returning to the world. The dark of the year is behind us. And as someone who has been doing kind of okay, managing s.a.d it still fills me with joy. I am 36 yo female from the north of Germany, Katrin irl, going by the handle Morag or Katrin Morag most everywhere online. I weigh 100kg, which is way too much. And I don't much like how bloated and stuff I feel. On a less depressing note: I did really well throughout the holiday season and into the new year. I am leaving break week wi
  4. We have done a good job of keeping our town safe.For now anyway, Metropolis is free from villains. Which is great. But also, well, truthfully, kind of boring.What's a super hero to do when she doesn't have any villains to fight? I was sitting in my easy chair, reading a book, sipping on some pumpkin spice tea, secretly hoping I would be called out on a mission. So when my secret superhero phone beeped, I quickly darted over to check it. Hmm, it was a text from Jessie Graff. She and I had become buddies one day after I had saved her from the evil Villain Giganta. I opened the text and read:
  5. I'm a little late to the party, but know this, I have been fighting the war for a long time. However, my body has not been reacting at all to my nutrition changes. I talked to my nutritionist last night, and she's going to reduce my Cals to 2350 with 325c/120p/65f. I'm going to starve, but I'll be forged from fire. I also have gotten to the point that I need to practice Crossfit skills again. Freestanding Handstands into HS walks, Muscle ups, double unders and pistols, practice at least one a day.
  6. Honestly, I don't have much of theme. Just sorta doing my thing. Which this time happens to be like this Goal 1 : Morning Routine Read Bible, clear kitchen, eat breakfast What's NOT happening this time; There is no time table, I've been trying to make it a habit to start at a certain time for over a year. Tried bribes, and punishments. I do it for a while, and then I just resent having to do it. I have made a great habit of getting stuff done before I sit down though. So, at lest for this month, I'm going to be happy with that. I'm going to start my day when I start it.
  7. Looking forward over the next six weeks, this Challenge Cycle coincides with the start of a new programming cycle. My parents are visiting until the end of the week, and I will once again have a place to myself. Then I have another friend coming to visit the week of my birthday, which is Week 2 of the Challenge cycle. Those of you who forget my birthday, Imperial Storm Troopers will come find you and may the force be with you. Finally, my new program finishes the week after this Challenge cycle, coinciding with a zero week. Then I'm off for a weekend on another vacation! For t
  8. So, this is me. Lightning. I'm back from a long journey that was full of arduous boss battles, too many enemies, and too many loves lost. I've learned a lot along the way, despite making some of the same old mistakes again. But, I've already spent enough time licking my wounds and enjoying a pity party for one. Lightning is known for trying to do it all on her own and she is (I am) still learning to ask for help. Now I need the help of a doctor because there is still some healing that needs to happen. But, I'm LIghtning and that means a little bad-assery also ne
  9. I continue to struggle -thoroughly- with the same things over and over and over. So again: Selfcare and taking breaks. Kinda boring, isn't it? more soon
  10. One last try... So here it is. I have not been able to manage my fitness, plus a full-time job and homeschooling my teen. I'm really not certain I'm going to be able to do it all. I'm thinking I may have to switch back to part-time work, but I'd like to try to make this work. All I know is that I'm tired and sore and my clothes are tight so I have to try something. I'm jumping into this challenge just to see if I can handle it for a week. I really want to drop weight, tighten up and regain some spark. We shall see if this works. Goal 1: Track food on MF
  11. I've neglected hypertrophy training for a while, but NO MORE. The next four weeks are going to be all about those gains... I just started a new mesocycle with sets of 8 for the big lifts, plus lots of accessories to address my weaknesses. In order to make sure I have enough energy for this work, I'm going to focus on bringing my calories back up after losing a couple of kilos the past couple of months. I'm aiming for maintenance since I'm just in my weight class at ~83 kg in the morning, but if I undershoot or overshoot a bit, it's not the end of the world - if I'm still at a deficit, then the
  12. Update from last challenge: Mobility is going better, Nutrition was static. I've been between 225 and 229 for the last 5 months. I'm getting better at the Crossfit skills including my first 5 muscle ups. No work was done on my rifle or gun. So part 2 of the 2nd half of the years goals: 1: Give praise in the Iron sanctuary. To do this, I must remain mobile and healthy. I know right? And since I'm sacrificing my gainz at the in the halls of crossfit. #makingcrossfitwarriorsagain Wait... I have to quit Crossfit because of time and m
  13. Bro's and Swolemaidens, You have fought wars, slayed epic monsters and rescued fair maidens or squires. But, now it's time to feast in the halls of Bralhalla. Now, there are a couple ways to feast! Challenge 1: MFP High Score That's right. You know you're going to eat it, we know you're going to eat it, Grandma knows you're going to seconds, might as well as add up all those calories of Boar and Mead. Track all those calories (best reasonable estimate) and post it here. Name total
  14. Korranation's back onboard I had to take a break from the challenges for a bit. Here's a little backstory to it So here's the goals/objectives part. Part One - Food Pictures - take pictures of all food (excluding repeating meal prepped items). Totally stealing this from Deffy Tracking - Put all items in MFP the night before Snacking - all processed food snacking is banned. I found snacking on baby carrots gets me through the workday and working on a pomegranate gets me through the evening. Part 2 - Health W
  15. And once again, I'm back! The past several months my challenges have been pretty lackluster (and usually abandoned), largely because of lingering health-related symptoms (fatigue and insomnia, among others…) that have thrown me off track. What's been more difficult to deal with than the symptoms themselves, though, is how I've reacted to them - I've been putting many of my fitness goals on hold until my health is more stable and certain. As a result, I've been feeling stuck, frustrated, and a bit aimless for a while now - especially since I don't know when my health will be mor
  16. Lightning is no more. I'm coming back to NF, after a couple of months off, as Batgrl. So much has changed in my life and I realized my Alter Ego needed to change too. So, my story in a nutshell... I returned to work after 20 years of being a SAHM, Homeschool teacher, freelance writer, and freelance graphic designer. I am inching my way towards my childhood dream of being Batgirl thanks to my new job in a library. But, figuring out how to combine work, the kids, the house AND fitness has been hard, really hard. Luckily, Batgrl knows how to lead a double life . Im re
  17. I decided a challenge where I treat myself like a queen would probably yield great results. be strong for yourself and the people that depend on you lift 4x per week (except week 4) use the resources you already have available I have a pull up bar I never use. pull up bar play, 10 mins per week be graceful and well-rounded run/hike/cardio 2x per week burpees 3x per week: 20 per session yoga 60 mins per week take care of your regal self stay within 13,000 cals per week no more than 800
  18. Tranquility, I will find it with this challenge. As a Zenyatta main, it's my primary goal. Primarily because I have a few weeks of break from school after a year non-stop. *happily takes deep breath* This is technically my third challenge, though I think of it as my second. School turned into a beast with multiple accelerated classes at the same time work ramped up. It was the worst timing ever. I've been waiting for this break and challenge. Based on previous experience, I'm going with the KISS rule here, keeping it super simple. In the past, I've tried to tackle too
  19. Have some music: It's almost mid-July now. A LOT of changes heading towards me and mine. Little boy "graduates" from Kindergarten. Summer break for most of our fitness activities, most of all our regular schedule. Life is weird. And it never really changes to not being weird, when I think I almost got used to things, they change again. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. It's just something that keeps me on my toes. This time without theme to go back to what is essential, what is REALLY important. I am aiming for a log-in every other day to e
  20. Hey everybody =) I'm working up new themes these past few challenges. Last time was Dresden Files, and this time is another of my favorite worlds! I'm going to be spending most of this challenge focused on gathering data to figure out how I work best. That's going to include tracking calories, hours of sleep, energy levels, and more. I need to get to know myself the way Garrus knows Normandy. So, if anyone is looking for me this challenge... Yeah. Garrus is easily the best character in all 3 Mass Effect games (what do you mean
  21. Life is calming down into a more manageable tilt as we get settled into the new place and a stable routine. I'm back to tracking calories and macros, and there should be language and meditation metrics reported here, let's just see how thorough this durn contraption is.
  22. Because object permanence. Yep, I disappeared during the last challenge I tried to complete, mostly because sleep wasn't happening, despite my efforts to sort it out. That's improving, though I still have bad nights, probably thanks largely to orange goggles, magnesium powder, high-ish dose vitamin C, and preliminary attempts at stress management. Thankfully my PhD supervisor gives me a lot of flexibility for when, where, and how much I work, so my newly started graduate studies can take a back seat when needed to sort out the health stuff. Also on the plus
  23. I'm late but I'm here! I took an extended week zero thanks to traveling. I got home a couple hours ago so figured I should put up a challenge thread. My spreadsheet will be added to this post when I create it, lol. I'm actually going to be doing my challenge officially for the month of June, but since the NF challenge started yesterday (oops) I'll still post along. I knew starting a challenge on vacation just wasn't going to happen. My depression has been bad, and I've identified one reason was my efforts to date go in waves and the current waves have been super crap
  24. I'm going a little backwards. My week zero I am being super strict. Don't throw things, but it's my "detox" week. I'm not going to take detox tea that gives me diarrhea or anything - I'm going to hardcore clean up my food. Then, for the actual challenge, I'm going back to more reasonable goals, so that I'm not setting myself up for failure. I can do one week. I CAN DO ONE WEEK. Spreadsheet here
  25. Looks like I took an unexpected trip to the spirit world again. I'm still a little bit disconnected so the fast travel seems to be switched off. I'm switching things up again for this quest. I do love switching. I will be doing a different set of quests each week. I'm not making these quests up on my own since I've had issues sticking ith self-created quests. For the first two weeks, I'll be sticking to Rising Heroes quests since I signed back up with them for a month. I thought rejoining would help me get my priorities straight since the first month I had tri
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