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Found 6 results

  1. Today I walked for a whole before I left for work today. Might not sound like a huge deal, but five months ago, I couldn't do that. In July, I had a major back surgery. I have been slowly rebuilding since then. To be able to walk that long with no pain is so great.
  2. So one of the ways I'm getting more fit and doing cardio, is jump roping. Of all the choices, jump roping is one of my favorites to do. I used to do double unders all the time and speed rope for a good 15minutes. This was 5 years ago. After failed attempts and throwing in the towel after trying to pick it up again, I finally jumped...haha.... back into speed roping. Though I can't go for 15min just yet, I managed to do 10 seconds of continuous double unders and that makes me feel really good
  3. I've been on the microbiome diet (paleo with focus on supporting good bacteria in the gut) for a month now, along with changing my diabetes meds and adding Welbutrin. I don't own a scale. On January 6 at my endocrinologists office, I was 284 lbs. today February 6 at my OBGYNs office, I was 267. I'm sure that the different scales may account for a few of those lbs, but woohoo me!
  4. I went to visit a friend in Wisconsin this past July. It was fun, but when I came back and we did our usual photo swap, I ended up in tears. When I saw the photos of me, I couldn't even see myself anymore. I have always been big, but I was at my heaviest and I hated what I saw. I made her promise to never post those pictures online and to never scrapbook them (we are crafting buddies) or do anything with them in any way. She reluctantly agreed. This was the last straw--so many tries before, so many failures, so many tears. Somehow, somewhere, I read the word "Paleo." I kept it in the back of my mind. When my mother mentioned the same word a few weeks later, I jumped on it. I started slow, replacing one meal a day with a Paleo-approved meal. I then switched to two meals a day. That was 13 weeks ago and now every meal, every snack, every anything is Paleo. In 13 weeks, I have hit my first milestone and lost 30 pounds. It's not major, but it is. The last time I lost this much weight, it took me six months of starving myself (rigid 1,000 calorie a day limit fueled by Lean Cuisine and Crystal Light) and pouring sweat in the gym for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week for all of those 6 months. Really. My mother even recalls that time as, "Yeah, you lost weight, but you had to blow cash and bust your ass to do it." Buying a scale was a milestone in itself; I have never owned one. When I stepped on it, I honestly thought it was defective. At least not calibrated right. 30 pounds? Couldn't be. But alas, all of my clothes are baggy. I'm wearing stuff I haven't worn in a few years. The shirt I'm wearing right now was thrown in the back of my closet, relegated to the ranks of "ain't gonna happen." The severe heel pain (Plantar fasciitis at 27 working a desk job? Doubtful. Fat.) I was starting to get is completely gone. I am now 30 lbs away from the weight I was when I met my fast-food and junk food-loving boyfriend 4 years ago. It's kind of...odd. I have never been able to lose this amount of weight simply by changing how I ate. I am now psyched to start on the next 30. This weight loss was fueled ENTIRELY by diet change. I have exercised maybe 4 times in the last 13 weeks. But now, backed by the knowledge that THIS IS CHANGING MY LIFE, day by day, I'm ready to go at this with intensity.
  5. Long version: a couple weeks ago I got back from a trip to France. It was absolutely incredible (and one big item off my bucket list!), but I felt kind of bad because, while I'm only a little bit overweight by American standards, I'm a hulking behemoth by French standards. Shortly after returning, I recommitted myself to the Rebellion. Rather than tackling everything at once (like I did on my first ill-fated venture), I opted to focus on eating a little bit better (no soda and cooking breakfast instead of cereal) and going running for 20-30 mins every other day (interval running is so much fun!). Today, on a whim, I weight myself and to my great surprise, I've lost a little over a pound (probably closer to 2 or maybe 3 since I weighed myself late at night). I didn't expect to get so excited over such a small amount of weight loss, but to lose at least almost 2 pounds in just a week or so is just unbelievable. This is the first time since last summer that I've weighed less than 220 lbs, and the fact that I'm actually making some measurable amount of progress is crazy awesome. Can't stop me now! Short version: weighed myself today, and I've actually lost some weight for the first time in my life. Long live the Rebellion!
  6. When I started this journey in May (before I found Nerd Fitness and the wonderful folks here) I weighed in at 235 and wore a size 22W. This morning I weighed in at 217, and just bought myself some 18W pants! I want to do cartwheels (though I don't think my wrists could take it quite yet)!!
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