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  1. It's been a year since I last did a challenge and 2019 was a year of letting go and laziness. Not purposeful laziness but just not caring enough. Not only with my physical self but my mental self as well. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed and was more hermit like than ever before. I changed things up for 2020 and did my Whole30 in January instead of in the fall. Not sure I'd do that again but it was a nice way to bring myself back to better eating habits. But what do I do now, where do I go from there? This has lead me to mindfulness. I've been going on and on for a year without living purposefully, I need to try and change that. These are more Druid goals but I've missed the assassins and decided to create my challenge here. Plus, I want this to be the push I need to get back into body weight exercises. Goal #1 : Meditate 1 Reach session a day. 0/34 Days Goal #2 : Yoga 3 yoga sessions a week. 0/15 Days Goal #3 : Mindful Tasks 1 of the following tasks each day. 0/34 Days Eating without distractions Walking with purpose Go somewhere new Do something I love Actively listen Pause between actions Tracking will be here and I'll make my updates 3 to 4 times a week.
  2. The Rangers and people from other guilds, that have been around for a while (at least 2 years i just checked) could know that, in my past, i have dedicated a few challenges in a row to prepping for my first StrongViking Beast obstacle run in the start of 2016. Those were pretty successful challenges, so now i'm summoning the strength of that format again. Because, frankly, things need to be done. You can also say i'm slowly starting to get frightened a bit by the endeavor i have set upon. For the people that don't know, a few facts: *** * T-minus: ~ 23 weeks / 154 days *** * Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2018 *** * UK obstacle run *** * 20 miles *** * 200 obstacles *** * Meeting all the Epic Nerds IRL for the first time!!! There are a couple of things i want to accomplish before that time, and one way or the other i tried to put it all into a spreadsheet which i will upkeep daily. (WIP) A little explanation about all the things: Weeks / Days: Countdowntimers to keep me focused on the time left KCAL/d: I want to be just under 2000 KCAL a day, this is just under maintenance, which will allow me to lose some fat, and keep up with working out. I need to lose some weight to be able to handle all the bodyweight related exercises better, like hanging pulling jumping etc. etc. Protein/d: I don't want to lose the muscle i have built the last couple of years, so protein will be the most important nutrient that i will keep my eye on. Doing 160+ a day is just a little under 2gr/lbs of bodyweight. Drinking/d: I know this is not going to be much of a problem (especially compared to 2 years ago), but i know that if i don't mention this here a few days will be lost due to excessive drinking. Now i rate this on a scale of no / mindful / less than mindful. This gives me some leeway to enjoy the occasional beer. Cause a challenge has to be hard, but you don't need to set yourself up for failure, especially when the drawback (of a single beer) is that low. This untraining of my beer-habit also makes me a bit afraid of the race itself, i owe it to some people to thoroughly enjoy several beers on friday and saturday that i really am getting a bit scared of having to do the 20 miles and 200 obstacles while having a major beer-induced headache. Eat healthy/d: B/L/D a.k.a. Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. These are the only moments i will eat. The only exception here will be stuff around workout like PWO, recovery drinks and protein shakes. Again this will be scored for doing the best i can. "Best option" means that there was no way i could have eaten healthier given the circumstance at that moment. "Mindfully" means that there might have been a better option which i didn't take but i made a conscious choice not to have that, but also chose not to take the worst option. This is a choice i frequently have to make. I'm not one for meal prepping (yet). And i also don't want to give my kids a bad example by doing some extreme dieting and in their presence i will eat normally but try to do so as healthy as possible. No CC: No Candy no Cooky, no inbetween snacking. This means i just eat at B/L/D and nothing else. This should bring a halt to several of my weaknesses. Especially the one that hit's me after snoozing on the couch, somehow i always wake up with such a sweettooth and stuff my face with cookies or candy just before i go to bed. It will also help in not accumulating those small extra KCALs throughout the day. Lift / Run / Crossfit: These are the workouts i'm gonna do, and my goal is to give them equal attention. I always leaned on lifting more than running, and combining running with lifting was pretty doable. Now that i have CF in the mix it's hard to give running the proper attention. That's why i decided i'm gonna lay down a bit on the lifting and sacrifice one lifting workout for one extra running workout. Even the lifting workout will be geared towards the Rat Race. I'm gonna keep on doing the juggernaut program, and i will do a workout of DL/BP and SQ/OHP + 2 accessory exercises. This program will be written out coming weekend. This also goes for the running workout. I'm gonna go look for a plan that get's me to run about 10 miles within my ~20 weeks i've got. Extra Reps: I just like the idea of doing extra. So this is the excuse to do extra reps, and i'm going to categorize them as hard medium and easy. Hard ones are things i can only do a few of, like pullups. Medium are things like pushups, i can push those out a lot more. And easy ones are the things that i feel i could do all day (and actually have done so), like jumping jacks and mountain climbers. Scoring points are as follows, per rep: Hard 10 points / medium 5 points / easy 1 point. Weight / BF%: These will be here to record how my overall weight and BF% will transition throughout my prep. OSM: OSM a.k.a. Awesome. An awesome day, where i have been completely focused or something else significant happened, will be noted here. I'm hoping a lot of x'es in this column. Comments on missed goals and OSM days: Part of the pressure of accountability, if i fuck up, i have to come clean. Tell how and why i fucked up a goal. On the other hand, this is the place to gloat about awesome days too! So if you want to be part of this success please add some accountability. Nag my ass over things i haven't done or when i tell you i don't feel up to working out. Challenge me (that won't work i can assure you) or find some other way to get under my skin. I'm hoping with the help of you all this will be another good (set of) challenge(s) and i will get my butt in gear to kick ass on the Rat Race. May the lord have mercy on my body So...
  3. Thank you @Leigh for making sure I get on the right thread within 24 hours.... Whoops. *copy and paste* Back with the Druids after my respawn, since a lot of my goals revolve around being mindful while doing them. Along with things that keep me happy is getting outdoors… So I figured out when I respawned giving myself $1 for hitting goals that are a tad difficult has been working. Only way to keep this up though is keeping my budget to what I can live off of and side extra money, and helping to maintain myself. Main goals: - Daily DBT Dairy Card (Dialectical behavior therapy): For my therapy to checkoff the skills I use and emotions for that day. -Side goal: Will make a page in my bullet journal across from my weekly challenge page. I can make these in the beginning of the challenge but they had to be made (found it makes tracking tens times easier, even though it takes 30 mins to make the page). (2 of 4 pages are filled so far for this challenge (9/20)) 2. - “Learn to Feed Myself” -Sticking to a weekly food budget (with a grocery list), grocery shopping once a week for my main stables, writing down my main stables for the week. I learned I need to figure out how to feed myself no matter what my mood or life is at- based on this video. -Daily Bonus if I don’t buy any extra food (mainly convenient food) with reward money (basically the extra calories I want but don’t need). The exception to this rule is finding out I miscalculated on food to have at home or cooking a healthy meal with reward money (buying ingredients for making a meal to get enough calories) or stocking up on cheaper food options. -Extra bonus: Writing a list of wants and a list for needs in bullet journal. Pretty much able to break down items on paper for an extra step. Along with me remembering what I need when I do go shopping… (Become more aware of my actual budget). 3. 20 mins of Base maintenance: Picking up my apartment for 20 mins each day, can help keep my apartment from turning into pure chaos… (A fact that I questionably avoid with ninja like moves). 4. Keeping the darkness away… Hiking 3 times a week. Writing 444 words of creativity on 4thewords (attempting every day). These two things are my biggest boosters on raising my light magic that helps keep the darkness away (But like any good goals I resist). (I will be tracking each as their own, for a $1 each day.) "Screens off" (when I get home in the evening and kept off until I'm ready for the next day, or at the next location). ($1 reward for each morning and evening) 5. Work on homework during the weekdays – Every 1 hour of productive study is a $1… My goal is 10 hours, but working on it a bit every day is better than nothing. I get a a free $1 if I study at least 30 mins that day. 6. Fake it till I Make it – I’m waking up new emotions, and trying new things. Which means ordinary things for every day be even more difficult to do. From showing up to work on time and actually working at work. or staying positive when its tough I’ll give myself a point. (This is very broad but I’ll note as I go on.) (Right now I'll stick to work for the main goal to help define, else all the other goals fit in the Weekly Side goals). Weekly side goals (here I put all the goals I need to get on a weekly basis or doing for trial to be a main goal, all will have deadlines I have to report back to). Or these are also my monthly challenges. Or part of bigger challenges but challenges I’ve broken down to duckling steps. (This is combined a bit to Fake it till I Make it- lots of these goals I have a bit anxiety around and avoid until I must do it... If I don't do by myself my "negative" is asking for help from a professional) Week One: Sept. 17th – 23rd Week Two: Sept. 24th – Sept. 30th: -turn in Presentation on time, and have practiced for Presentation at least 3 times (3 different days) -figure out how to celebrate brother’s birthday (with cake and special candle) (yes I need a reminder, sadly my brother can fall into the cracks if I'm not careful) Week 3: October 1st – 7th Week 4: October 8th – 14th -MRPA conference (Tuesday-Friday) (monthly social adventure) Note: Yup, lot’s of money points. However, when I’m taking out my extra spending and relooking at my needs (whole control over my impulse shopping). It’s pretty much having me work on being more mindful on my money, instead of spending a ton of money on extra unneeded items and extra calories that make my life worst. Rewards won so far: Week 1: $5 towards school treat money.... (Earned!) $10 random chipotle money... (earned!) $2 amazing cinnamon roll.... (earned!) $25 club fee for the year (earned) $12 burger money, it was worth it.... (on deck)
  4. Hey guys *waves* So I'm still not sure what's going on in my life. There are a lot of things in flux, and yet I feel more stuck than I have in a long time. So I'm just going to take it day by day, one thing at a time, and try to focus on the process again. It's November tomorrow, which means National Novel Writing Month. I have a project that I'm going to work on, so expect to see notes/comments/progress on that. I have so much to catch up on. My mental health has been shaky lately, but that means I should be relying on this community more, rather than pulling away and isolating. I'll be keeping my head above water one second at a time.
  5. Breaking from my DragonAge Challenges to refocus and find a little of what I’ve lost. I used to have a nice foundation and starting point but those have scurried away from me. I also want to find some way to incorporate some of the NF Academy quests into a challenge. I’m sure I can add in some of the mindful stuff in. I contemplated joining the druids this go around but I love the assassins. Going back to basics with quests revolving around the 5 senses. Using some of the information from www.chopra.com/. Plan is to focus on the 5 senses and use them to help me refocus. I have no real idea what I’m doing, so this will be a whole new experience for me. I will make a list of the things I want to accomplish and throughout the challenge I want to complete at least 3 from each sense category. I’ll most likely add more items to the list as the challenge goes on. Wish me Luck! Sight - Remodel HQ Touch - Body Hearing - Music Taste - Balanced Nutrition Smell - Aromatherapy
  6. Andu-falah-dor! Let Balance Be Restored! I'm making a slow transition back into Nerd Fitness because I have been away too long. And it is showing. My eating has gotten terrible. My exercises have become non-existent. Everything is just out of a good, healthy balance. I need to fix this. I want to fix this. I've come back to the Druids for a number of reasons, but the most important one is taking the time to re-learn this balance. Find your inner peace, begin and continue the healing process, and build up a strength both physically and mentally. Quest One // Wild Mushroom Food tracking. I keep forgetting how important this is. I always start recording everything, and then stop. "It's so tedious." "This takes too much time." "I don't have time for this." While it may appear tedious, it's useful. It helps. It does take time, but that is what this about; taking your time. Results are not overnight. You do have time for this. You always had time for this. Now do your best to make it happen. This quest won't include exact numbers. I will only be recording and tracking my food. I want to see what I eat in a day and how much I eat. You really don't realize how much (or how little) you eat when you're not paying attention. This is pretty Pass/Fail. I have to track all food/meals for the four weeks. Quest Two // Moment of Clarity A lot of folks are talking about being mindful, taking time to remember the good things, and reflecting on what you're thankful for. I need to do this more than I'm doing now. I do my best to always keep in mind the positive things in my life. Especially if some dark clouds are lurking. I need to take a moment to write away worry when I feel it becoming too overwhelming. There are no specifics in which type of outlet I use, but I should be taking at least 5-10 minutes a day to write down something. Good, bad, random; write it down. Another Pass/Fail. Keeping mental health up and running is just as important as physical health! Quest Three // Celestial Alignment To round out the above, I want to do 5-10 minutes of movement a day. I plan on having some sort of step counter on my person so that, if I'm doing laundry, cleaning, or running errands, I can keep track of my time. Pass/Fail. I'm giving myself Pass/Fail rather than grades for on main reason: personal accountability. I believe I can sometimes be the time of person who sees that I will still give myself credit if I slack on something. Not all the time, but sometimes. Doing that will not help me get back on my journey to success. I'm really looking forward to this challenge, and I will be doing whatever I can to ensure that I stick with it even during times of stress, worry, or any other thing that may come my way.
  7. I'm back! And I'm trying to be more regular on the boards again. I have a lot going on with my life at the moment: the move, Camp NaNo, finishing my re-write (or trying to), exercising, trying not to be overwhelmed, finishing financial aid, sisters wedding, blah blah blah So I'm keeping this as simple as possible. That means no theme, no frills, just 3 measurable goals I can do every day. I want to get more momentum behind me. Goal 1: Meditation Meditate for 1 minute every day That's it. Just take a minute to be mindfully aware. Who can't spare a minute? Goal 2: Post every day I want to be more active here again, so what better way than to make it a goal? Visit one friend's thread and my own every day Goal 3: Something for myself Do one thing to make myself happy every day. Can be a walk, painting my nails, making art, making music, writing, playing with a cat. Anything. As long as it's done mindfully, and with an awareness that it is for me. And then post it in the day's update. That's it! I'm still cleaning and going through my house, I'll be writing for all of April and updating those numbers here too, but short, simple, sweet, and attainable. That's what I want right now Now to find everyone's threads Goal 4: Mindful Eating Refer to this post when I'm feeling snacky
  8. Annyshay was raised on stories that her Gaffer told. Folks in those stories had plenty of opportunities of turning back, only they didn’t. Annyshay wants to be like the characters in her Gaffer’s stories. Her own story started a few years ago as detailed in her Quest. She wants to be strong, wise, and compassionate. Luckily, she joined the Rebellion and is working to become the hobbit she knows she can be. For this challenge, she will focus on nourishing herself with the healthful habits that she continues to build and refine. Goal The First = Nourishing Eating 5 experiments from Eating the Moment per week No screens while eating Goal the Second = Nourishing Movement GMB Integral Strength for the second time supplement with yoga, walking, and play time Goal the Third = Nourishing Sleep 30 minutes of light in AM electronics off at 8:00 Life Goal = Keeping Track document headspace and habits in spreadsheet newly dubbed the "Red Book" weekly review of my life (more organized and structured) report intermittently on trends Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR, REBELS!!! Let's make it great!
  9. Annyshay was rudely awakened by Navi in July 2015 (for more details, see her battle log). She has come a long way since she was first summoned to the Great Deku tree and swept up in an adventure far bigger than herself. So far she: listened to her fairy (start days with quiet time with God) found a sword (daily movement) bought the deku shield (mindful, level 5 meals) followed the dungeon map (GMB Elements!!!!) aimed the fairy slingshot (craving control habit) used the compass (tracking nutrition) recovered gold skulltulas (meditation, studying, and recovery) cut lots of grass (5-6 vegetables per day) watched the weird egg (posted all non-paleo food) broke some pots (rewrote my “finished a task habitâ€) listened to Kaepora Gaebora (tracked on spreadsheet) Although her body composition remains far from ideal, she has made great progress on her journey towards the Triforce of Awesome (healthy, happy, look great). Her current habits work well. She doesn’t know exactly what lies in front of her - likely new cities, new dungeons, and entirely new races of people - but she continues preparations for the epic life ahead of her. Main Quest - Improve Body Composition by Easter (3/27/2016) Hylian Shield - Eat at the Table Eat at the table. Just eat. Stop doing everything else. This is a habit I need to recultivate in order to defend against mindless munching. Cucco Wrangling - Mindfulness Mental chatter and thoughts are often like cuccos. There’s a lot of cuccos running around my mental Karkariko village. Mindfulness, writing, and other introspection skillz help me to get these suckers back into their pen where they belong. This will be a free form goal where I continue to meditate and write about keeping my headspace healthy. Goron Bracelet - Integral Strength Integral Strength will make me strong enough to throw bombs, make me the bomb... or something roughly equivalent. Anybody who has been here before knows that I am WAY EXCITED for this new program from GMB after all the success I had with Elements. Also, GMB respects the triforce. Ocarina of Time - Self Love That’s right, Zelda and Shakespeare. Calm down. I know you can handle the awesome. Here are the “songs†I’ll be practicing (at least one daily) during this challenge:zelda’s lullaby = writesun’s song = natureepona’s song = animalssaria’s song = music Kaepora Gaebora - Spreadsheet I know, Kaepora Gaebora can get a little… well, annoying, long-winded, and detailed. Still, he keeps me on the right path. Much like my trusty spreadsheet. So, I’ll try to be patient and check in with him regularly. Off we go! PS... we're starting NOW!
  10. Hi, I am starting my six week challenge a week late but I think it's important I start a challenge. I'm not new to personal challenges - I have had a thing for boss battles over the years. So far my challenges have been: Cycling from London to ParisRunning the Mexico City marathon (from London; now live in Mexico City)Doing the six week get quick fit challengeGoing LEVEL TEN paleo for six weeks (it deserves capitals) After the six week challenge, I felt like a different person - all lean and clean! So I am looking forward to this challenge. However I am totally new to forums and to some extent, socialising. I have been battling with depression for the past year after having to come to terms with abuse in my childhood and one of the effects was that I suddenly much more of a recluse and struggled to socialise. This is my reason for the title; I am not concerned about the diet and exercise so much but I am a little worried about the forum. So my goals are the following: Year quest: Gain strength and weight - Currently bench pressing max one rep of 55 K / 120 lbs and dead lifting 70 K / 155 lbs. I weigh 77 K / 170 lbs and I want to weigh 80 K / 175 lbs but I want to keep my body fat as close to 10% as possible. 6 week quest 1: Work out 3 times a week and increase weight, form or reps on each visit. I use a Google sheet to record gains. 6 week quest 2: Go on level 10 paleo but add milk and oats on workout days to aid weight gain. I use myFatSecret to record calorie intake and I aim for 3700 each day. 6 week quest 3: Meditate 10 mins 5 days out of 7 to improve mindfulness This last quest ties into my Life side quest. As I mentioned, I am a victim of abuse from my early teens and I now know that I have to remember what happened to me in order to accept and forgive myself. I anticipate that this may trigger depression again but I still have to do it in order to deal with the root cause. So my Life side quest is: 3 days out of 7 actively attempt recall of memories of abuse and record it in my diary. This is also why I need the meditation to keep me on the straight and narrow. My psychotherapist will be helping me but I also need to help myself. So that's me: ex Londoner but Mexican at heart; married to Mexico and a Mexican; and happy father of three English Mexicans. Root for me and please show me the benefits of being part of a society - in my 40 years, it's my first time!!
  11. Quest: Embark on Healthy Habits Current Weight: 209.8 Grade Scale: Week 1: 3 cheats Week 2: 2 cheats Week 3: 2 cheats Week 4: 1 cheats Week 5: 1 cheats Week 6: 0 cheats Goal #1: 8 Hours of Sleep Per Day Stats: Stats: +1 STA, +2 CON, +2 CHA Goal #2: Embrace a Workout Schedule This year I am signing up for my first half marathon. It won't be until September 6th for my birthday. But I want to start training for it and start building up my body. My current workout schedule is iffy. I had a trainer for 3 great years but I can't afford it financially. I ended up going to a cheaper gym, Fitness 19. But I get anxiety so I haven't stepped in yet. On the 27th of December I went in for questions, they gave me a week long guest pass but I didn't use it (I sat in my car staring at the people going in (3X!!), freaking out that they were strangers), then last night I had the hopes that by 9PM there wouldn't be anyone there. There were loads of people, so I signed up but chickened out of using equiptment. I went home and I used the treadmill. I run outside on Sundays with my mom. And I'm hoping I can workout with my dad at the gym. Monday: Running and Gym? Tuesday: Dance Wednesday: Running and Dance Thursday: Day Off Friday: Gym? Saturday: Gym? Sunday: Running and Gym? +2 STA +STR +1 DEX Goal #3: Stick to my calories (1730)! I have a semi-active lifestyle but a not so active boyfriend/mother/friends. I tend to eat pretty healthy (lots of veggies, meat, and a small quantity of carbs when I am by myself). However, I don't make the best of choices when I am around other people. And I certainly don't want to be a hermit for the rest of my life just so I can lose weight. A lot of my weight gain has to do with my thoughts. I try to eat what other people eat in terms of quantity. So let's just face the facts. I'm a short, would be petite if it wasn't for the weight, kind of girl. So I have decided first to do portion control when I eat out and yes I do eat out. Currently, I make 2 of my meals and would like to eventually make my third at home but that hasn't happened yet so instead when I do eat out I will order off the children's menu, the smaller portion's menu, or the under 500 calories menu. Stats: +1 STA, +2 WIS Life Quest: Practice Meditation for 5 Minutes a Day My anxiety and stress levels are really high at the moment. It's exahusting. So I will try something new like this: http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/01_Breathing_Meditation.mp3 Stats: +1 WIS, +1 CON, +1 CHA PS If you see me disappear, I'm still continuing with the challenge I just forget to update.
  12. Main Quest To do one full pushup, to lose the 10lbs I gained in the last 6 months, to de-stress and enjoy working out again, to stop wolfing down food. Mini-Goals to get me there! Complete 3x a week strength training (MWF) Training Day 1 contains squat variations, horizontal push (bench press), horizontal pull (rows of any variety), back extensions, and glute/hip work, core work (bird dogs) Training Day 2 contains deadlift variations, vertical push (ohp or arnold press), vertical pull (pulldown), back extensions, and calf/accessory work, core work (planks) Alternate days each week. I’ve been doing this for the last month now, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to keep up as it’s a pretty flexible schedule. This includes upper body strength and lower body strength so I get stronger in general, but also focuses on some upper body movements to help build up my back, chest, and arms. Complete AMRAP stair pushups 5x a week (this could be all weekdays with weekends off) The point here is to grease the groove. I can use the stairs in my house while the cats are eating their breakfast, keeping track of reps. Not sure when would be a good time to move down to a lower stair. Some progressions say when I can do 30 in a set… That seems like a lot. Eat Mindfully I tend to zone out and just eat but I find that if I focus on eating, I tend to eat less and actually enjoy my food. Anyone do that thing where they’re really excited to eat something, like hot chocolate, and then suddenly it’s gone and you think, what happened, where did it go? That’s me. I’m going to count this by days. If I remembered to stop during a meal, chew my food, and enjoy the flavors even if it only lasted a minute before I got distracted again, that counts. The point here is not to focus on every single bite, but remind myself to slow down and pause during a meal. Hopefully, over time, this will become a habit and I will naturally pause during meals and enjoy my food. Bonus side effect: hopefully if I’m eating something mediocre, I’ll stop and realize it, and then toss it. I shouldn’t eat something “meh†just because it’s there. Side Quest I’m a hater, and the person I hate the most on is myself. “Why are you doing this? It’s never worked before. Why do you even try?†Ouch. It’s even gotten to the point where that jerk inside me has said things like, “you should just kill yourself.†So I’m going to work on this in reverse because not only do I hate on myself, but I hate on other people. That coworker who used to be a bigger girl and now is a crossfit beast? She must be starving herself. False, but that’s what the hater wants to believe because it means having the strength I want isn't based on hard work. I think the key to stop hating on myself so much is to start on the outside and work inward. I need to be more accepting and less judgemental of people, whether they’re succeeding in their pursuits or a negative force in my life. Also, I need to stop engaging in office gossip. During some shifts, I'd sit with a coworker and just bitch about other coworkers. This is healthy for venting purposes, but eventually it becomes unhealthy and doesn't actually solve anything. And contributes to already plummeting morale. TL;DNR Strength train 3xweek Grease the groove on AMRAP stair pushups 5xweek Pause during 1 meal every day to enjoy the food Stop hating on others and their successes or failures
  13. Greetings fellow rebels! Now that I completed Day 1 of my respawn, I'm starting a Daily Battle Log to officially keep track of my Journey. This will hold me accountable for my actions as well as help me stay motivated. I'll write about diet and exercise and also share my experiences of trying to maintain a primal lifestyle while in college. I have no finish line in sight because I'm striving to become the best version of myself and will level up as I go. For the Rebellion! Monday 12/15/12 Food (all meals from school cafeteria) Breakfast: Skipped (overate yesterday and wasn't hungry) Lunch: Sautéd broccoli, spinach, & mushrooms with 2 hard boiled eggs & salsa Dinner: Piece of salmon, piece of grilled chicken, ratatouille & summer squash Exercise Walking (pedometer on phone recorded approximately 11,600 steps) Notes Having just gotten back on track, I'm taking it easy by making small changes and not working myself too hard. Right now my priorities are 1) to eat for nutrition, and 2) to avoid being sedentary throughout the day.
  14. Hello Fellow Rebels! I've recently read a book called The Thin Woman's Brain: Re-Wiring The Brain For Permanent Weight Loss I fully am onboard with this book in that I believe in it and I think it's a viable long term/lifelong plan. As much as I believe in this book I feel stuck on implementing it. I'm hoping there are some other rebels out there who are implementing this book, interested in it, or have implemented it successfully so that maybe we can have an accountabilibuddies style forum going to discuss it. I think sometimes it's hard to see if I'm self sabotaging and it's often clear to an outside observer. Ideally my boyfriend would be the best pick to see what I'm doing and what I should be doing but he refuses to read the book or learn what I should be doing... Please join and we can help each other
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