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  1. phone rings "Hello?" ... "Yes I lift." ... "Lift my feet?" ... "Oh, you mean fly?! Of course I want to fly!" ... "I can? Really? How?" ... "By building my wings? But I don't have wings!" ... "ooohhhhh, those wings. Yea, I can do that." ... "Same to you!" Sounds of the receiver being hung up. Sounds of disentangling from the phone cord for far too long. Welcome to the first Warrior mini challenge/sidequest in what seems like... forever. We all want to fly, but to do that we need to build our wings and get off the ground. This miniwill be our first steps to the power of flight. You can sign up on the spreadsheet here. The mini will start on week 2 and run through the end of the challenge. A new set of exercises will go up every week and will add to the previous weeks movements. Let's get ready to fly. Mini Rules: - Sidequests are not mandatory, don't let them interfere with your goals. - If you're not sure how to register something, post it here. - Keep it simple! - Don't hurt yourself! - Don't overdo it!
  2. The Adventurer's are READY TO ADVENTURE! As you sit down to begin your day, an envelope next to your cup of morning refreshment catches your eye. Inside there is a note: Going on adventures with friends is fun Doing it alone is no good in the long run. So pack your bags and a grab a mate There is so much to do and the work is great. The week is short - we've much to do peeps So meet me in the city that never sleeps. Week 1 Challenge: Pick a friend, any friend - from any guild other than the Adventurers. It can be someone existing you follow or someone entirely new. The goal is to have your own accountability buddy for this challenge. Once they have accepted, your goal by Friday is to run / walk / job a combined 5 miles. If you have trouble finding a new buddy, let me know (via pm is fine) and I will try to match you up with someone I know of on the forums. I will have a Google docs sign in sheet available and linked on the thread this evening. Good luck!
  3. I just graduated from college. I just turned 22. Time to be a productive human. Goals: By the end of each week in the mini, my points >= half the team average. Bonus points if my points >= team average. Do one thing every day to be a productive human invested in her future. Log that one (or more) thing here with as many details as is appropriate for an online forum full of strangers. This can be as small as watching one educational YouTube or Khan Academy video to finishing cleaning/painting my room to filling a box full of things to sell in a garage sale to nagging my doctor friend to follow up when he says we'll be in touch about me shadowing at his office. Cooking dinner for my family does not count. Cooking dinner for a friend's family (e.g. our church friends whose daughter is having brain surgery) counts. Basically I'm not allowed to sit on my butt all day every day being lazy. Work up to waking up at 6am and staying awake. This obviously requires going to bed early. June 3rd is an exception due to going to a potluck, but my parents are eating paleo so I need to eat paleo. AIP would be even better (cleaner, not because I have any known autoimmune diseases) but somehow I don't think I'll be able to get out of eating tomatoes and coconut milk when my mom uses them to cook. Except for using butter (ghee is such a pain to make/buy), their current diet is almost Whole30 compliant so... Starting 31 May (because birthday 30 May --> sushi, mochi ice cream, and champagne) and excluding 3 June, eat paleo. Use BEMER at least once a day. Bonus points for twice a day. Go to three church things outside of regular service. This can include volunteering to pack or distribute lunches for kids who were on free/reduced lunch during the school year. These can count toward being a productive human although I should strive to have something else as well. Go through 1 skein of yarn a week. I guess it can be split up but I want to see some of these million projects done already. I have 4 bins of yarn under my bed and a basket of reject projects. Two of them have yarn that is not tied up in or for any project. I'm not allowed to touch those or buy more until the other two bins are empty. SUMMARY #dobetter in the mini Be productive. Don't be lazy. Wake up earlier. Naps are for wussies. Eat paleo. Use BEMER. Moar church. Use up some yarn. All this in addition to my other ongoing goals: DuoLingo, making the bed, eating breakfast, etc. Month Church: X _ _ Mini: X X/ _ _ Yarn: X X X _ Week 1 (4 days) Mini: X Productivity: O O / XX Wake up/bed early: X X X X Paleo: X X X C BEMER: / X / / Yarn: X Week 2 Mini: X/ (X or X/ only) Productivity: X X O O X O O Wake up/bed early: / O / X / / X Paleo: X C X X X O C BEMER: / / X / / / / Yarn: X Week 3 Mini: X Productivity: X O O O O X / Wake up/bed early: / / / X / X / Paleo: C O / X X O O BEMER: / O X X / / X Yarn: X Week 4 Mini: / Productivity: O X X O O X X Wake up/bed early: / X / X / / / Paleo: / / / / / / O BEMER: O X X / / / C Yarn: O
  4. The scouts of Nerd Fitness have set up a rough camp on outskirts of the savage lands. This area is filled now with demons, devils, orcs, goblins, mystical beasts, and other creatures after the outbreak late in the year last. You've just come from the more hospitable land to the North. Camp is not quiet as people seem to be coming and going quickly. A few fellow scouts you know wave to you, before you are stopped by a lean elf who looks you over, "I believe you should go see the scout leader, he said to send you his way as soon as you came into camp." Not one to leave the scout leader waiting you head over to the largest tent in the camp. You are let in by the guards there, and inside ... An older half-ork stands near the rear of the tent talking with a dragon like creature, both are speaking in hushed tones. As you enter he looks up and waves the dragon which slips out of the back flap of the tent. The guild leader moves with a sense of haste to you and greets you, "May the gods of the land find you well." He motions you over to a map sitting at a nearby table. "We've gotten word from a few scouts that the Black Legion Orcs are on the move. They were part of the group that aided the demon assault the Ranger Hall last season. Unfortunate the reports are spotty and we need better intelligence than that before we can send in the Rangers to mop up." He points an area you'd guess is several days travel from the encampment. "I believe based on what we know that the orcs are here, it is through the Eglast Forest, once an elf held land but with the events of last winter I'm not sure any elves are left. I need you to be my eyes and locate the Black Legion."
  5. As I woke up from the strange dream I had, I remember looking up and see the Mentor looking at me. "A good rest I hope?" he asked. He always smiled, and I was terrified of that. I always the idea that he was constantly scheming, aware and patient. Even when he scolded me he did it so calmly that I felt he had both the knowledge and the skills to kill me in a way that I would only know when I laid to rest that day. "I'm sorry Master, I should've been aware", I responded getting up. To this day I remember his words, no matter how many years pass by. He said "It is okay because I had not planned your demise. But I could have other plans". That stayed with me. It was a warning to be ever mindful. I boy that helped me. On that day he also told me that I had a mission. A new target. I was only to engage after fully studying my target. So... I prepared... and Packed... Sequence 1: Chase and Escape (+3 DEX;+2 STR) Same as before, Parkour training once a week. No excuses. Even though I am not fully healed, I have to at least move a bit. Some sequences, some small challenges, technical stuff. Since this didn't work before, this time let's give it an extra notch: I have to release a small video of my training session. Must be at least one minute. Pre-challenge challenge: Get an A5 notebook and call it: Parkour Spellbook and Visions (as inspired by the Tricking Spellbook) Sequence 2: Follow your Target (+2 WIS) Also, same as before, Track the food. Right now I just want to build up the habit of tracking my intakes. I'm not even going to freaking tailor my food after every week, let's keep it simple and JUST. TRACK IT. I've already set up alarms to remind me to track it on My Fitness Pal. Bonus: Take healthy snacks. Boiled eggs, protein bars, fruit, anything "healthy" goes. (+1 CON) Sequence 3: The Mentor teaches, the Apprentice listens (+2 WIS) Back to meditation as it is a practice that I am not keeping and I've proven to myself countless times that it is beneficial for me. Everyday I must meditate for at least 5 minutes. My alarm is set up to 23h (11 pm). Bonus: Do NOT use any technology after it, since it seems to be messing my sleep schedule and quality. (+1 CON) Sequence 4: A Friendly Competition (+2 STR) I'm going to try and embrace my Sith personality (although I consider myself more like a Grey Jedi) and use the Mini Challenge to do some daily callisthenics and try to out-work the other guild members. Not to be THE BEST, but to be BETTER. Sequence 5: Entertain the Crowd. (+2 CHA) I haven't played guitar in ages. And I miss it. So, for this challenge I'm going to consciously practice guitar every other day. I need to learn AT LEAST one segment of a song (intro, verse, chorus, etc) per practice session. Pre-challenge challenge: GET THOSE STRINGS. My acoustic guitar has all the strings torn and degraded, I need to buy new ones until Sunday to start the challenge.
  6. Fruit Toss (Rebel Mini-challenge) This mini-challenge is here to help ease you into the forums and give you some extra challenges along the way. This is by no means compulsory, but you may find it fun, or helpful, or a good way to meet fellow rebels. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here (if it's relevant to the mini challenge), to the Juice Bar, or message me directly. There you have it, enjoy the challenges to come! Week 1 : SMART Challenge Week 2 : Support a fellow Rebel Week 3 : Exercise Experiment Week 4 : Foodie Also, if you find this challenge too basic or want to focus specifically on food, then I ask you to check out the Veggie Chop Off Advanced Mini (HERE).
  7. Fruit Toss (Rebel Mini-challenge) You'e just come onto the website and you've been bombarded by information from all sides. PvP, Accountability, Guilds, Challenges, People, Quests, ..... It's a lot of overwhelming information, but you have no need to worry. This mini-challenge is here to help ease you into the forums and give you some extra challenges along the way. This is by no means compulsory, but you may find it fun, or helpful, or a good way to meet fellow rebels. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here (if it's relevant to the mini challenge), to the Juice Bar, or message me directly. There you have it, enjoy the challenges to come! Week 0 : SMART Challenge Week 1 : Join an Accountability Group / PvP  AND support a fellow guildie Week 2 : Try a food Week 3 : Ask a question AND Share some advice Week 4 : Try an exercise The fruit rolled along the floor, some of them jumping up into the air, bouncing off one another, yellow red, green, some blue, berries to pineapples not squashing each other. The fruit rolled and bounced, and came together, at a spot just infront of the Juice Bar. The few Rebels who had managed to make an early order, and several coming up the road, all watched in horror as the fruit turned into a bowl, and then into a cube, and then into a dragon! They looked at each other, united in an effort to improving their own lives, and charged at the dragon with the assortment of powers. Will you help them?
  8. In honor of Halloween the Scout mini will be monster themed What? You were expecting this? Nope - we'll be trying to conquer our monsters! so strap on your runners and let's get hunting!
  9. welcome Scouts ! I'm all out of fancy gifs for we're going simple. The Houses of Hogarts are Gryffindor - values the virtues of courage, bravery and determination Hufflepuff - values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty Ravenclaw - values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit Slytherin - values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness I'll post what each house's mini on Monday/Tuesday of that week, and you pick which house you want to participate in ... its 4 weeks of challenge so you can go through all 4 houses. You can not pick the same house you picked the previous week (ie you can repeat a house after a week at another house but not two weeks at 1 house) Hopefully that makes sense Alight Scouts let's get to it!
  10. Hey friends! If you choose to participate, here's a mini for this challenge Gratitude statements are a great way to focus on the positive things in your day, or even to reframe tough moments as lessons. Gratitude is strongly associated with improved mental health and happiness, something we all deserve. So, each day (or whenever you feel the urge) share one to however-many-strikes-you gratitude statements in this thread Here are mine from yesterday: Gratitude: I am grateful for soft evening air I am grateful for extra sleep I am grateful for a good brain day Looking forward to sharing with you all! -Spooky
  11. @sozzielou @Jormungand @Elastigirl @skinNbones @Nymeria @Odinson_Rising First week is a walk, run, or ruck! Shove off, me mateys!
  12. Thread for the crew of the Aeronaught's Bane, part of the Ranger mini-challenge.
  13. This group is for the crew of the Queen Lizzie's Cutlass from the Ranger Mini Challenge.
  14. Welcome aboard the thread of the Dowager Doom Crew! I'm not able to check in on everyone's threads so I hope we can stay up to date on here and meet each other this way! @Rurik Harrgath@NeverThatBored @Evicious @Artemis12 @shaarawy @sarahschmoe
  15. Thread for the Belligerent Crew Crew of the Belligerence.
  16. @Tanktimus the Encourager, @T2sarahconnor, @Sylvaa, @Reluctant Amazon, @darkfoxx, @Leesa An Airship named Silken Harbinger, a crew of highly motivated and well-trained pirates. The fun was only just beginning when the Dowanger Doom lifted off and the fleet fell in behind her the Silken Harbinger amoung them. If you need help or motivation, or a place to vent or rant... this is it.
  17. @Charlotte S @Raxie @Endor @sfowler10 @Blonde-E @Zirakzigil, let us sail this beauty into Valhalla, shiny and chrome!
  18. Hello team, @MiaulinTheCat @LadyShello @Charlie_Quinn @Wild Wolf Based on @IslandGirl_Becks excellent suggestion, here is our ship-specific thread for our Ranger challenge. Maybe we should start with brief intros? I'll go first! I'm 24, from Southern California, and work as a civil engineering officer in the military. I love all things nerdy but my absolute favorite would be Lord of the Rings Trilogy (plus the Hobbit), Doctor Who, and all things Super! I joined Nerd Fitness to see how strong and disciplined I could become. My journey isn't necessarily about losing weight but is more focused on becoming an overall better athlete. I want to be an inspiration to other young woman and show that strength is beautiful. It's a pleasure to meet all of you and I look forward to kicking butt alongside y'all on this challenge!
  19. I loved the game City of Heroes. To build a character you could just go and experiment, be a number cruncher, or read about optimal slotting for your character and recommended power combinations if you do not want to crunch your own numbers but want the perfect build. I found slotting as recommended boring and not working for how I ran a character and my power combinations. I had the ultimate defender but it was not spec’d like the wiki’s recommended. I focused on doing what worked for how I like to run the character. I ended up being a very sought after toon because I figured out what worked for how I liked to play. This can be applied to our scouty activities. We often start by reading and asking questions. Find how you like to do things and then experiment/try out ideas to find what helps you and makes you happy in how you play. So during this mini we are doing just that in preparation for the Scouts Plumber Toolbox Race that takes place week 6. We are all here to help pace Mario the final week of the challenge. Week 1: Pick a workout that can be added to your biking/running/swimming training that will help you pace Mario during week 6. Cruise around Nerd Fitness and find fun workouts. Konami code, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars workouts for example to help build strength. You could also go for adding some speed work to one of your training sessions such as The Flash (sprints), fartleks, tempos, and intervals. See where you are and work it as part of your challenge to see how you can improve in as little as 6 weeks. The point is to do it at your level, modify if you need to, and do not sacrifice your current workout but to compliment it and add it bit of fun/variety. A quick preview of the next weeks include: Assassins are cool and so are we, Keep your head in the game (Don’t let that boss beat you), Power up (fueling), Crunch time (Short on time workout), and finally reevaluate your week 1 and pace Mario to the finish. Make sure you share here as you go so we can inspire each other and learn. So for week 1 what did you try or do you want to try? Questions on how to do it or modify ask here! Try something and had fun or surprised yourself let us know.
  20. You blink, uncertain of your whereabouts. Waking has never been so disorienting, especially since the Serum. Normally, you jump straight out of bed with the energy of a million suns. This morning feels like a morning following 50,000 nights - and as you become aware of your body (so slowly aware... such a strange feeling) you realize your body also feels the weight of 50,000 nights. Your need for the 3S routine that comprises the morning of any active duty solider has never felt so intense - you may die if you don't get to shower, shave, and sh... well anyway, you could really use some hygiene time. ------------------------------------------------ We're all guilty of it. Between work, interests, family, and trying to stay fit, we might let an extra day slip by without a shower. Maybe some of us get forgetful on those simple little tasks like brushing, flossing, or deodorizing. Maybe we're good on the basics but would benefit from an extra five minutes of hair styling in the morning, or trimming the mustache and nose hairs regularly. This week, pick one of these details and focus on doing it with the regularity you think you should, or just get it done this week if it's a "once in a while" thing you've been putting off. If it's personal and you'd rather not tell us what the thing you're forgetful of is, that's okay. Just tell us you're in and let us know if you were successful or not. Take stock of how long this thing actually took and remind yourself of it next time you procrastinate. (For instance, I sometimes leave for work without make up because I think it will make me late. I timed it - my normal make up takes about 3 minutes. That's not why I'm late!!) --------------------------------------------------------- We need Emcees for this Challenge's Mini set! My challenge is based on a little snippet of a Captain America story - our mini's will all focus on an Avenger this go around. For the sake of ease I've chosen "movie" Avengers for the list below, but if you want to Emcee based on a "comics" Avenger, that's okay, just alter as needed in the list when you repost. Copy/Paste the list below with your name beside the week you want into a new post Week One: Captain America - Kailer Week Two: Bruce Banner/The Hulk - [Your Name Here] Week Three: Thor - [Your Name Here] Week Four: Tony Stark/Iron Man - [Your Name Here] Week Five: Hawkeye/Black Widow (dealer's choice) - [Your Name Here] Week Six: Nick Fury/Agent Phil Coulson (yes, his first name is Phil) (dealer's choice) - [Your Name Here]
  21. So I have just done the Strength and Weaknesses challenge... this was a good reminder on how bad I am and Good to.. Ill explain, First this Winged Grey Warden can help encourage others when down and lift them up but forgets he need to be pulled out of the mud buy others too.. i need to shout out to the enemy more of what i have done so don'mess with me or the blazing sword of light will fall onto the dark shadows... bring the First Cantor and my will power to bare and force and defeat the demonds that known as laziness and excursuses by doing it no matter the weather or time.. something is better than nothing. I have seen what I am strong at that's keeping a goal but I need to build better armour and bring the burning light of knowledge that i and my fellow rangers hold.. So I have added links links people to click onto add as friend and kick my arse in to gear...
  22. Call to Arms Sitting alone in your small village's meadow, daydreaming of days gone by, you are jolted awake by a loud THWAP on the tree behind you. As you look over your shoulder you see a scroll pinned under an arrow. You jump up and look around, but there is nothing to see- your peaceful field is eerily silent... You turn back to the tree, remove the scroll, and begin to read... Dear traveler: This letter is a final desperate plea for help and assistance- if it should reach you, fate has desired to bring us together. For many months the people of our land have been tormented, by what we aren't certain. Something comes in the veil of the night- it haunts our children, steals our livestock, and murders our citizens. No one in our land is safe. We have taken every defensive precaution we can imagine, to no avail. It would appear that offence is our only choice, yet our fighters are few. We are a small farming community, and it would take months or years to raise up a regimen of soldiers- by then we will all be dead. We are begging for your help; we need strong men and women to venture into the lands just beyond our village, find the horrible creature (whatever it is), and help bring peace to our land. In exchange for your help we are able to offer supplies and food- we just need to you get here. Fast. If you will consider standing in the gap for us, we are organizing a party to head into the hills in a weeks’ time (Sunday at sun down.) We will meet at Althriam’s Mead Hall- where you can sign your name and pledge your allegiance. Please, if you will, get your affairs in order and make the journey to our peaceful village. There isn't much time! In desperation, The People of Truaant Rangers: With the start of another 6 week challenge, we are taking a dive into the world of RPG for the next few weeks to complete some mini challenges. These are designed to be a fun accompaniment to your regular goals. If what the mini is asking would put you in conflict with yourself (cause that's always fun), feel free to modify in a way that makes it practical for you to participate. This Week’s Tasks: Sign your name on This Roster indicating that you intend to participate in the challenge. This will help us to gauge and scale goals in the following weeks. Get your affairs in order. We are now in the second week of the 6 week challenge. Go through your goals and make sure you are clear on what you expect from yourself over the remaining 5 weeks, so that when mini challenges arise, you will know if they are something you can roll in to your existing plan. Have fun. These goals are design to be fun and engaging. Feel free to role play in this thread to get your character going. ((Role playing is not a requirement- you are more than welcome to sign the roster and simply participate!)) If the challenges are not in your realm of physical capabilities, modify them so that they suit your level of fitness.Fun for all Huzzah!
  23. Greetings Scouts! First off, I'd like to apologise for the confusion last week...this time around I won't be posting from my phone (twice)! As you can tell the effects of my misadventures last month are still hanging around.... Despite the confusion, many of you managed to find the threads and log some great distances, so well done! This week, we're going to work on improving both our speed and endurance, using Intervals. For those of you new to intervals, what they are is basically bursts of speed that you add in within a normal run. They can be structured (for example, 15 seconds every minute), or free-form, where you just go faster at random times. Intervals aren't just for running though. You can use them in pretty much any endurance sport. They key is to keep your base speed at a comfortable pace, then push yourself hard enough to elevate your heart rate during the speed intervals. So, for this week's challenge, we're going to try adding at least 1 interval session in for the week. You can do as many as you like or feel comfortable with, as long as they're in there somewhere. Post back and let us know how they went, what you thought of them, and what you might do differently next time. Good luck!
  24. As the Scouts gather at the Tavern suddenly Shukar comes in panting and with a look that something important is about to happen. "Scouts, Assemble!", he shouts. As the scouts gather round he tells them a sad tale of their leader Dawsy. He left the below note, which was found only today, and as he put it himself, something is apparently wrong. West being a fairly large direction we're going to need to set out and cover some area, search for clues to where he might have ended up, and then mount a rescue mission. Covering a lot of ground is what we do here, and we are good at it. Time to put those skills to work. Scouts, move out! Alright Scouts, sorry for the late start on the mini but better late than never right? So here's the deal, Dawsy is in trouble and we need to find him. To do that we're gonna have to cover a lot of ground and pay attention to our surroundings. Make an effort this week to try and move more than you normally would. Maybe you use the far bathroom at work, or walk to go tell someone about something instead of just shoot them an email, park further out from the store, etc. While you are out being active pay attention to your surroundings, look for tracks, the passage of wildlife, anyone who might have some information as to where he went. If you're comfortable with it talk to some strangers and ask them if they have any information on the wereabouts of Dawsy, or just how they're doing today. Report back here and let us know what you find and what area you cover. Keep up the good work Scouts, together we're gonna get him back! Now with Week 2!
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