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Found 6 results

  1. Hey! Super excited to get started this time around. So excited I'm starting the challenge during zero week for the first time! Nutrition Quest #1: SKYWALKER METHOD "While staying away from your demon, study it and learn it’s habits. Come up with a plan to help you battle the demon, and then, after you complete the “Stay away from the boss” quest, implement that plan.." --Nerd Fitness Academy Last challenge I tried to do a photo food log, with moderate success. But I'm not feeling motivated by the food logging, and generally am kind of hung up on th
  2. ...like no one ever was!!! That's right, this challenge is pokémon themed. And spreadsheet fueled. And all kinds of awesome. Of course I'm doing all the things again, so I thought I'd hop back in with the Rangers to see what you guys've been up to but I've really been focusing on balance practice lately and I want to get more bodyweight stuff and gymnastics going on, so I've decided to move to the Assassins at long last. I've been slipping into their minis for the last few challenges anways I'll start a new job this month (and will also celebrate my 1 year
  3. Briniel finds her focus Last challenge, I learned a lot of new things. I found out what works and what doesn't, learned a lot about procrastination, about bullet journaling, about what makes it difficult for me to stick to my goals and what makes it easy. This challenge I want to build on what I've learned and focus on what works for me. I contemplated adding lots of new stuff (new workout routine, new diet plan, new rangerbrain), but I think it would be nice to have a challenge where I just do what I've been doing so far, strengthen the habits I've made and kinda build the
  4. Edit: I decided to switch over to the Druids for this challenge, since it's all about personal development this time. I'm excited about this and genuinely believe it can change how I live my life. So here goes... Okay, bear with me. This challenge is going to be a crazy mash-up of several things that I came across during the last few weeks, all of which have convinced me to give them a try. And what better way than to try them all at once!? So. My goal is to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. This includes getting my life in order on several different levels. Wh
  5. MAIN QUEST: Lose Weight Feel Great! To hit my goal range of 125-135 and do it in a healthy way! Goals (diet and fitness related) that will help me achieve Main Quest: I have managed to GAIN some weight back. I need to get back on track!! I am doing a Challenge Du Jour for workouts until we get our home gym set up, and then I am doing the Master's Hammer & Chisel, if anyone wants to join me in the Challenge Du Jour, here's the link: https://www.teambeac...ingRepId=558773. Update: I am now doing a month of CIZE! 1. #KickSugar - I have started cutting back on candy, because I was eating
  6. Overview / Motivation: This challenge is going to be a focus on creating momentum while also building positive habits and discipline. I'll be continuing with weight training and yoga like the past challenge, but will be adding in intermittent fasting primarily during the week days, and also implementing the Morning Miracle (from Hal Elrod's book). It is focused on building a morning routine of Purposeful Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations (still working on that part), Exercise and Journaling - all in the morning right before the day really gets going. Reading is included too, but I do p
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