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Found 3 results

  1. A restless night, followed by a hollow day... I live in an island paradise for which many a queen would lay aside her crown. I command the loyalties of free men and women such that no empress could compel. Yet I look across the sand to a clear, cerulean sky and vivid turquoise waters and I am only aware of the dark storm brewing within my mind. I have fine ships and treasure aplenty, and yet... And, yet. What has it gained me to have escaped the confines of that narrow life reserved for so many others of my sex? I pursued freedom on the high seas and won it, only to realize that I am stil
  2. Today when I woke up in my most recent hideout I found a bird carrying another mission for the Assassin's guild... Why we still used birds when we can travel to other dimensions still confuses me... ASSASSIN For your next assignment you will be sent to infiltrate Gotham City. We believe that there is much to be learned from Batman so for the next 6 weeks you need to study and learn as much about Batman as possible. Study his moves, explore his city and follow him on his patrols. This contract begins in 4 days. A chance to study Batman and learn from him! 4 days hmmm I better st
  3. Right folks, This is entry one into my blog. I'm here for the same reasons you are. Tired of the same sh*t different day. It's all very good to sit about and wonder what it would be like to be as ripped as Ryan Reynolds, but until you put your best foot forward it's nothing more than a dream. It's time I made this a reality (my other dream is to dance like MJ, one step at a time). I'm 26, male and from Jersey. Not New Jersey, just Jersey. A small island in between England and France. Currently weighing in at around 174 lb, height 5ft 11in and BMI of 19.4% I'm not overweight nor am I partic
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