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Found 3 results

  1. A restless night, followed by a hollow day... I live in an island paradise for which many a queen would lay aside her crown. I command the loyalties of free men and women such that no empress could compel. Yet I look across the sand to a clear, cerulean sky and vivid turquoise waters and I am only aware of the dark storm brewing within my mind. I have fine ships and treasure aplenty, and yet... And, yet. What has it gained me to have escaped the confines of that narrow life reserved for so many others of my sex? I pursued freedom on the high seas and won it, only to realize that I am still in chains. My days pass in an endless stream of responsibilities and tasks. There are so many that I must provide for and watch over. Even my twin loves of the sea and of the art of the sword are fading. I no longer take joy in plotting my attacks, nor in my daring escapes. Would that I could find again that glad simplicity of my younger years... But, wait! Have I grown so weary as to have forgotten the simple truth that once filled the sails of my ambition? It is my choice and my choice alone that steers the ship of my future. Dare I take my sword to those things that grind down my days and steal the precious hours of my life? Will I make my fears and failings my new enemy and win my way to freedom and joy once again? Do you dare to become the Pirate Queen of your own life, to cut away all that stands in your way of epic awesomeness? How many ships can you realistically command, anyway? What is your joy? Where is your freedom? What is your true treasure? Ahoy! I'm ShadowLion, and I started this thread after reading a conversation between Starpuck and Wufkar. Their discussion contained this, among other wise and useful insights: I realized how hard it can be to make the sorts of choices that would simplify our days, allow us to take back our freedom, and live life on our own terms. Come on up the gangplank and let's plan our adventure over some rum laced with tea...
  2. Today when I woke up in my most recent hideout I found a bird carrying another mission for the Assassin's guild... Why we still used birds when we can travel to other dimensions still confuses me... ASSASSIN For your next assignment you will be sent to infiltrate Gotham City. We believe that there is much to be learned from Batman so for the next 6 weeks you need to study and learn as much about Batman as possible. Study his moves, explore his city and follow him on his patrols. This contract begins in 4 days. A chance to study Batman and learn from him! 4 days hmmm I better start planning... I looked at my calendar and laughed, Happy Birthday to me!
  3. Right folks, This is entry one into my blog. I'm here for the same reasons you are. Tired of the same sh*t different day. It's all very good to sit about and wonder what it would be like to be as ripped as Ryan Reynolds, but until you put your best foot forward it's nothing more than a dream. It's time I made this a reality (my other dream is to dance like MJ, one step at a time). I'm 26, male and from Jersey. Not New Jersey, just Jersey. A small island in between England and France. Currently weighing in at around 174 lb, height 5ft 11in and BMI of 19.4% I'm not overweight nor am I particularly unhealthly. Still that doesn't mean there aren't any improvements to be made. In preparation for my mission I have rid my flat of all unhealthy food and drink, replacing with veggies and meat, read many articles on NF and I'm halfway through Rob Wolf's Paleo solution. My goals are rather simple. I would like to be in the 10-12% region for BMI and increase all over body strength. My reasoning is straight forward. I have a blood condition that prevents my blood from clotting. As a result, I'm injury prone and my recovery is almost non existent compared to normal people. I need to strengthen the muscles around my joints to protect them. As you get older, it takes longer and longer for your body to recover. I need to get this sorted now so I'm fit and strong enough to play with my future children and lead an active lifestyle going forward. The current time frame I've put on part one of my mission is 9.5 weeks. Obviously you're asking why? Everyone else has. It was simply how it fell into my calendar. February 4th - April 4th. Within this timeframe I'd like to use the Paleo diet and regular exercise to get into a routine of healthy eating and cutting down my BMI. I also have a mini sub goal for this part, I've recently quit smoking (since the beginning of January). My new healthy persona doesn't recognise smoking and so far so good. Today was day one of my mission. How am I doing....? I've had a far from uneventful start.
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