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Found 1 result

  1. The Mjolnir Challenge This is the challenge where I finally get to do one of those epic things I've been wanting to do since I started at NF. I had planned on doing a couple last year but they all feel through and I was wracked with anxiety about them anyway. The HammerRace is at the end of week 3 of this challenge. I started training specifically for it last challenge or so. I still don't feel ready but I'm not letting another opportunity pass my by. Not only am I Wonder Woman, but this is the challenge I show I am worthy to behold the power of Thor's own hammer I haven't actually put that much thought into my goals. I don't reckon I plan to change much. Power. Pick up the Hammer! I'll continue Sledgehammer Shenanigan workouts. My goal is at least twice a week, ideally thrice. Two of those have been at the gym, immediately following a lifting session. I am usually tired and only have enough umph for about 15-20 minutes, if that. For the first three weeks, it might be a good idea to get a longer Sledgehammer Shenanigans workout out in without lifting. I've signed up for the short race, which I have no idea how long that it is. I think it only means less trekking through the woods and focusing more on obstances. But I need to be ready for a long day with the hammer. This is the plan for the first 3 weeks, including week 0. During Week 3 of the challenge, I'll taper the lifting and focus on some lighter hammer workouts to save my energy for the race. Week 4 will be all about recovery. I have no idea how beat up I will feel that week. Grace. Move! I've been really struggling with my main goal of losing some weight. I'm in a place where I've gained some weight back and some of the workouts I was doing are just a little too difficult right now, or at least difficult enough that it makes me dread them, I'm talking to you running. I want to get back to what worked for me when I started and get more walking in. I can make it a ruck if I am feeling bold, but I'm also battling my own mind a bit. If I only have to tell myself I am going for a simple walk, it will be easier to get out there. And just a simple walk around the neighborhood is enough to get me working up a sweat so I'm good with that. It's also proven to be a good opportunity for some one on one time with LS when I can get him to come with me. Ideally, I should be able to get about 3 walks in a week on my rest days. Wisdom. Eat Smart! This has been the biggest obstacle of late. I did well on my Whole30 a few challenge ago but I have struggled to take those lessons and make something sustainable. I am tired of logging food and when my mind isn't in the right place it can backfire on me anyway. I'm going to try and continue the goal from last challenge and just try and follow a smart version of Whole30, maybe I'll call is Paleo Plus. Anything that is Whole30 compliant is allowed as much as I want. Exceptions are allowed because it' smart but as long as I pick smart exceptions. Whole grains are smart in the right quantities, dairy can be smart, even ice cream can be smart if done just right. The trick is making the smart choices. I will allow 3 variances a week for less than smart choices. I will also track the number of servings of freggies as that has proven to be a good litmus test for how smart my choices were. Wonder. Enjoy Life! This is where I take care of me and my family. I need quality time for myself and I need to give quality time to my family. Right now my own time is spent just watching TV and crocheting, especially with some peace and quiet. I try to make time to do fun things with family, either all together or one on one. I don't have any SMART goals here but I'll just use this space to report on my own meanderings.
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