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Found 13 results

  1. "This battle isn't going very well, Doc. Any suggesti..." "Mega Man!? Rock! Come in my boy" A final shot took out the Blue Bomber. Time to try it again. I have been largely absent from the boards recently and I could give excuses until I was blue in the face (see what I did there?), but I wont. I'm ready to continue. I have a few goals for this challenge and as an added bonus, I have inspired my family to start one as well, albeit offline. Joining me offline is my mother, my step father, Pizzazz, Jitters Junior and Jitter Bug. It's going to be a great year! I'm going to workout 3
  2. "Climb to the top of the world" System reboot initiated. ProtoJitters online. Battle program found. Initiate protocols. ... Initiation failed. Upload previous missions. ... Upload failed. Install into new chassis. Installation complete. Powering on. It's time for me to get my head back in the game. I'm going back to my old goals that I failed spectacularly at on my last challenge. I will see this through. "And as you stand tall, you will see..." I will be following a simple workout routine for the next 6 weeks. I will continue my search for inner peace through medit
  3. Trogdor was a man… I mean, he was a dragon man! Or maybe he was just a dragon… But he was still TROGDOR! MAIN QUEST: Build Better Arms I have a shoulder injury. I have weak upper body strength. I want to be able to do push-ups without being on my knees. I just want to be stronger, in general. My arms also wouldn’t mind looking all sexy and toned like. That’s going to be a pleasant side effect. The goal is to focus on my arms with the new resistance bands I got, as well as getting in my cardio Goal 1: Burninating the Countryside… I’ve long wanted to do some Neila Ray workou
  4. "Climb to the top of the world" System reboot initiated. ProtoJitters online. Battle program found. Upload previous missions. ... Upload failed. The latest newsletter from Steve had a link to an article he wrote about putting fitness first and being selfish about it. For those of you who are not new to my challenges knows that this is not me. I have a huge problem not putting others first; especially my family. To me, they take priority in my life, even if it means that I suffer. "And as you stand tall, you will see..." This challenge, I will break that cycle. I will find
  5. ...You see what I did there? With the title? And the theme...? I think I deserve a pat on the back. Go ahead. Pat me. For this challenge, I return to the Rangers, simply because my focus isn’t solely on martial arts this go. I have a bit of variety planned, and the Rangers were who I started with, and where my heart belongs <3 MAIN QUEST Boost my personal confidence and build muscles while reducing my daily stress levels to encourage a healthy overall change to my health and mind. Goal 1 Complete 3 Les Mills COMBAT workouts a week. The hubs and I will workout to
  6. Main Quest: Ready myself for the races. Run twice a week. I have four races coming up this year. I am actually doing well, all things considered. I haven’t run since January, and since October before that, and I was able to kill a mile in 13:41. My best yet. The goal is to keep training. I want to see a 13 minute mile, straight by the end of the season! (2 points per run) T25 6 days a week. A huge factor in my motivation lately has been the progress I’ve seen with Focus T25. I’m down in inches, I’m down in weight, and I’m feeling pretty stellar. The goal here is to keep that motiv
  7. Got your attention? Good. Hold me accountable. Kick my booty. Because my milkshake sure doesn't bring boys to my yard... GOALS 1. LOG REGULARLY OH MY GOD NIKKI WHY AREN'T YOU LOGGING YET 2. START ACADEMY. YOU PAID FOR IT. DO THAT SHIT. 3. STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK. DON'T DO THAT SHIT. For those that know me, I'm prone to stick around for a week or two and then vanish. I hope not to do that this time. This challenge fits nicely with a 'Body Transformation Challenge' I am assisting with at my gym. If I don't do this now, I don't do this ever. Hold me accountable. Be gentle. B
  8. I admit I'm never very good at these things. But I'm still here, so that counts for something... Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me during my failures here at Nerd Fitness. You keep me coming back for more. --- Body Workshop A body I've built myself. A better, stronger me. Parcourse once a week. Gym three times a week. C25k three times a week. Mind Workshop A mind to withstand all that is thrown at it...even that within. Read and finish one self-improvement book during the challenge period. Learn something new (juggling, no excuses). Practice meditation, nigh
  9. “We must try to contribute joy to the world†I believe it is time to revive the robot. All systems look to be operating within acceptable limits and the processer is indicating the upgrade was a success. Open it up and let’s see what he can do. Carefully, the A.I. disconnected the cords and the door to his capsule was slowly opened. The sound of air rushing into the vacuum sealed casing was more than a little unnerving. Almost like the machine was taking its first breath. In a way, I guess, it was. We had created something beyond machine, though not quite a man; or so we thought.
  10. I will be meditating everyday between now and the 3rd. I've been forgetting to take the time for myself recently and I need to get back on that. I will post here on occasion. Okay, probably a lot. I get bored at work; especially when it's end of the calendar year. I hope to be well rested/focused by then.
  11. I am going to check in here for the next week and a half. Goal is to get to the gym five times between now and Jan 3rd. Gotta start building up the habit again before the next challenge! Let's do this, mini challenge! ALLONS-Y!
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