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Found 2 results

  1. The dawn will take you all Spring is upon us here in Australia and I'm beginning to feel my funk lift, but I'm not out of the woods yet so I'm staying in the temple for another challenge, very grateful for the encouragement the monks have provided. Goals 1. Positives. At least once a week list out some positive things that happened that week. 2. Rehab/Mobility. 2 hours of rehab/mobility per week. This I'm planning as 10 mins per day of exercises for my recovering back and 2 x 30 min mobility sessions of some sort (yoga/swimming/stretching etc.) 3. Calorie Counting. This is one of my least favourite things but it's very effective and I need to do it to shed my 'winter coat' Starting weight: TBA on Monday... Calorie goal per day 4. Learning Python. 3 hours per week of coding Python. I bought a raspberry pi recently to learn Python with, largely as a distraction from playing addictive video games and because I enjoy it so this should be a fun goal. Things to look forward to: - I'm going to Europe for 2.5 weeks in November - I've booked 2 nights in a pub in the Peak District (An area of natural beauty in the UK) and will be spending the weekend with only my brother. We've never done this before and I don't really know him that well so this is a chance for us to hang out and get to know each other better. - I will get to see my good friends in London and Berlin - I get to spend 4 days intensively learning some cool new technology
  2. The last four week challenge was a learning experience and this time around, I want to focus on what I learned and see where it takes me. I think Mr. Spock would approve. I had a gif of Mr. Spock saying logical but it was too large to upload here and I couldn't link to it so you will need to use your imagination to see it until I upload it to one of my websites. So, I am changing the theme this month since I just found the gif below and I like the Librarians show and I think Flynn Carson would agree with my challenge goals. They key thing that I am trying to do now is get my body to adapt to the training. I need to do things for a long time to get my body to adjust. When I was young, I could train like a lunatic and recover before the next day but now it takes a lot longer, especially my hamstrings, for my body to recover. My thoughts are, working the same muscles, sometimes daily, will help them adapt and get used to the workouts. 1. Kicking complexes - 3 times a week I don't know if they are really called complexes or circuits but complexes sounded better. Finding the combination of kicks and hips/core/glute movements had a positive impact on my kicks and stances so doing them at least three times a week is the goal. 2. Humane Burpee or other circuit training - 2 times per week I have to give credit to Dan John for this one. This kettlebell/bodyweight/loaded carries circuit really interests me. It seems to be the right amount of movements to get the entire body working and it really pushes my endurance. I might create some other circuits for variety but these will be the main focus for this part of the challenge. Only two times per week since I already have the kicking complexes three times a week. 3. More kata training - 35 Shotokan katas per week My kata training is going well and since I am still not taking classes, I need to get in my training time at home. This time around, I want to do 35 Shotokan katas each week. This is doable this time around but I want to spread them out over the week instead of doing 25 or more on the weekend. In the back of my mind, I think I am considering coming out of retirement and competing next year a the state championships. This is more of a long term goal but starting now will give my about nine months to prepare. Extra credit - Write 500 words per week The writing went okay last time around but I know that I didn't get 500 words per week. I am not sure why I didn't do it, since it's only 2000 words over the challenge but this time, I want to hit that goal.
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