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Found 1 result

  1. SIFTER'S MAIN QUEST: BE HEALTHY. BE FIT. BE STRONG. This challenge is going to be by far my most difficult, but all of the below are stepping stones that must be hit to reach my main quest goal. Diet continues to be the area where I need the most improvement, so two of my goals will be focused on "cutting the crap" -- from my diet and attitude. From the first two challenges I know I am not ready for flexibility, I must be rigid with my guidelines, and I thrive off a weekly plan. CHALLENGE 3 GOALS: #1: DIET - 90% of meals will be modified-paleo. I have taken baby steps over the last year, especially the last 3 months to get here. 21 meals/week; therefore 19 must be modified-paleo. Action Plan: Review weekly social obligations on Sunday evenings.Meal plan & prep weekly.Measure: Accountability Worksheet -- in my signatureFood Diary Voice Memos -- Trying something new here. Before I eat, I will record a voice memo where I have to state all that I am about to eat. At the end of the day I will listen to the memo and report what I have eaten in my thread. My thought is that it will make me think twice before I eat "crap". If I don't think twice, I will have to listen to the memo at the end of the day and at least reflect.Grading: Weekly grade: # of modified paleo meals/ 21 meals = % gradeFinal grade: # of modified paleo meals / 126 meals = % grade> 90% = A+90% = A85% - 89% = B80% - 84% = C< 80% = F --- grading this way b/c I have been between 80-85% on meals for about 3 months now​ ​​#2: DIET - Sayonara Sugar Step #1 In both of my previous challenges I sadly sought and found ways to eat more sugar than I should have, without compromising my goals...bad Sifter. Not this time, unless I choose to fail. I will start eliminating more sugar from my diet by cutting desserts/sweets more, even clean/paleo desserts. 2 desserts per week allowance. Action Plan: Review weekly social obligationsMeasure: Accountability WorksheetFood Diary Voice MemosGrading: Weekly grade: 2 desserts or less = A3 desserts = Cmore than 3 = FFinal grade: 4 point scale -- 6 weeks -- 24 total points available.​Total # of points accumulated / 24 total points available = % grade​​90% - 100% = A80% - 89% = B70% - 79% = C60% - 69% = D<60% = F​ #3: FITNESS - 4 Runs / 2 Strength Training Workouts In reflecting on the first two challenges, I had trouble building on my fitness progress. Last challenge, I focused so much on my side quest of half-marathon training and push-ups that I totally slacked off on the rest of my strength training. Need some balance and focus, as running, strength training, and cross training are all important in my main life quest. So this challenge I will add back in 2 strength training workouts. Hopefully next challenge I can add back in an additional cross training day. Action Plan:Schedule workouts into my Google calendarComplete strength training workouts before the kids get up.Measure: Accountability WorksheetGrading: Weekly grade:​4 runs / 2 strength training workout = A (4pts)miss one in either category = B (3pts)miss two (any combination of the 2 categories) = C (2pts)miss more than two = F (0 pts)Final grade: 4 point scale -- 6 weeks -- 24 total points available.​Total # of points accumulated / 24 total points available = % grade​​90% - 100% = A80% - 89% = B70% - 79% = C60% - 69% = D<60% = F SIDE QUESTS: ​LIFE: Cut down on my screen time -- specifically internet / social media. 1 hour/day on internet, 5 days a week​Action Plan -- 20 minutes morning, 20 minutes mid-day, 20 minutes night. I might even us a timer. Hoping the 2 day allowance will make this easier for me!Measure -- Accountability WorksheetGrading:​Weekly Grade: 5 days = A (4 pts) 4 days = B (3pts)3 days = C (2 pts)2 days = D (1 pt)1 day = F (0 pts)Final Grade: ​4 point scale -- 6 weeks -- 24 total points available.​Total # of points accumulated / 24 total points available = % grade​​90% - 100% = A80% - 89% = B70% - 79% = C60% - 69% = D<60% = F​​FITNESS: Run my first half-marathon on September 28th -- part of my fitness plan. Currently on week 9 of my training plan.45 push-ups in one set -- part of my strength training plan. Following 100 push-up challenge plan. Currently can do 20 in one set. MINI QUESTS: I participated in the mini-challenges during my first challenge, but didn't in my second challenge. I found I was able to focus better on my goals if I didn't participate. I also spent a lot less time on the computer. Hoping I can find a balance during this challenge, b/c I really enjoy the comaraderie! ​ MOTIVATION: My family. Setting an example for my kids to be healthy, fit, and strong. Good luck fellow scouts! Lets kill this challenge!
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