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  1. Trying something new! Hope y’all like it!
  2. shy

    Shy Takes A Second

    I can't believe I'm still here!! Wow! I didn't give up, I completed my first challenge, and I'm actually proud of myself! So.. hey! I'm Dawn aka Shy.. I'm super shy. My first challenge goals were... Exercise every single day. (Week two of January and I've managed this since the 3rd. W00t.) Drink more water. Eliminate Caffeine. Work up the courage to go for a walk or go to the apartment gym. (Super scary for cowardly me!) Here are my Feb-Mar goals.... Main Goal I should say "lose all this excess weight" bu
  3. Hi all, The goal of this thread is to show myself and others that just because you have a family doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy with your fitness and how your clothes fit. I have some goals for myself in 2018 and if I meet all of them I get to spend some money on myself for something I wouldnt normally spend money on. I haven’t decided quite yet so I’ll keep quiet for now, but they are awesome! Here are my goals ~ run 5 miles without stopping(not on a treadmill) ~10 body weight pull-ups ~deadlift my body weight ~have my waist 30”or under (or a four pack) ~w
  4. Hi everyone! Many.....MANY years ago I used to do ballroom dancing. Life made this difficult and I haven't danced in a long time. My beautiful 4yo daughter started dancing earlier this year and I am so jealous! I've decided when i reach my goals I'm going to start dancing again. SO goals are all about getting energy and confidence! Keeping it super simple Goal 1: beginners body weight workout every 3 days. Shiftwork and kids means I don't recover as quick as I'd like. every 3 days is manageable without hurting myself or giving up from exhaustion Goal 2: Improve my sleep by not tak
  5. Overall Goals -destroy fat & build muscle -eat healthier to be a better role model for the munchkin Battle Log Initial Check In Stats: Height 5'2" Age: 29 Weight: 123lbs Left Bicep: 11" Right Bicep:11.5" Chest:28" Waist: 27" Hips:37.5" Left Thigh:20" Right Thigh:20.5" Left Calf:13" Right Calf:13.5" Plan of Attack 3 days on 1 day off Alternating Run Days & Bodyweight Work Out days No Soda at home Eat out <2 a week Will re-evaluate monthly and adjust
  6. This challenge I'm going to focus on 3 things: 1. Treat myself like a 3 year old: I need sleep or I get cranky (sleep routine 2 pts) Sometimes nap to prevent sickness(15 minutes bonus 2 pts) Don't get too hungry Or I get moody (Eat wholesome food 2 pts) Not too much sugar or I will be too hyper to focus (No sugar or cream 4 pts)<---- I'm drinking way to much Early Grey with honey and cream or my new favorite, Whipped cream, sugar packet and espresso.... delicious, but not every day Butternut! Me Time or I'm not a happy camper and I don't share (Medi
  7. WOOO! Survived the last challenge! But onwards to better and brighter things! Diet: While continuing meal plans for dinners I want to increase the amount of plants I eat. The goal is to switch out snacks for fruit. 2 serves of fruit a day. Exercise: Continue with body weight x3 a week and yoga x3 a week. I strugggled to keep up last time but am hopeful I'll do better with the aim of finishing the 3 sets! Life: ugh, where do i start? I'm thinking sleep. So no taking my phone to bed. No screens. Plug my phone in with my alarm on the other side of the room. BONUS: I'm going to do a
  8. Well, here goes. This could turn into a very long story so I will try to spare you all my usual rambling as much as I can. Currently I am 28 going on 29 years old, 5'6" and weigh 222lbs. I am a mom of two boys who I had when I was 20 and 21 and for a majority of the last 7 years was a single mom. I was very skinny my entire young life. I know what you're thinking- I am going to blame the kids on this one, but no, sadly, this is all my doing. I actually lost quite a bit of weight after having them, I'd say kickstarted by breast feeding and aided by a 21-22 year old's metabolism. Un
  9. Hello! I am Jen from Canada. There is snow falling outside my window right now. I am a Stay At Home mom to three kids, and I recently started homeschooling one of them (another story for another time). I am a former graduate of Weight Watchers and am an on again/off again runner. I need help. I have lost this weight twice before. Once, after gaining the Freshman 30 in nursing school (oh yeah, I was a Practical Nurse for 10 years) and then again after the birth of my second child. How do you find the motivation to do it all over again? I turned 40 this year and I have really noticed
  10. She knows. She knows it's time for change. Not a new change but an old change, a change to what she was so many years ago. It's true that she cannot be that person again, too much has happened for that, but she can take the joys and triumphs from the past and forge a future that is as bright as she hopes. Not just for her but for the ones she loves. The story so far: Tiffany has been a nurse for 8 years. Although she has always been a bigger person, Tiffany used to move her body quite a lot. However after having children and experiencing a great amount of loss she has become very
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this: I am MissLyssa. I want to be Super Mom Super Mom, to me, is a mom that can take care of the usual business (kids, work, house, etc) and still take care of herself adequately. I do pretty well at the Super Mom business, but I need some improvement. I have decided that I am not yet ready for a 6 week challenge, but I am ready for small changes. I had a baby 3 months ago and have a 4 year old as well. My main goal for the moment is to get down to 160 pounds by April. That's about 2 pounds down per week as I currently weigh about 197. Th
  12. Main Quest: To get ready to train for competing in my first powerlifting competition in 2017 My name is Rachael, I'm 28 and I have three children. I started weightlifting heavy about 3 months before I got pregnant with my second child. What a difference in that pregnancy! We then decided to have a third child right away and so with just a bit of kettlebell training I went through a third pregnancy 9 months after the last - I definitely noticed that hitting me harder than any. My youngest is over 1 year old now and I don't plan on having any more so I'm ready to get serious about training f
  13. Introduction: Hi! I am Tina and I just found NF. I am really excited to do this first 6 week challenge and hope to share some great support here! I am married, a mom to an active 11 year old and we live in Oregon USA. I really enjoy walks, biking, hiking, and camping but these are very hard for me because I am overweight and out of shape. I also have high blood pressure that I would like to lower and be off medication. I was recently laid off from a job I had for many years (software company) so this has been an interesting life change. I lost some initial weight because I was not sitting a
  14. (I'm starting my battle log over now that I know myself and the rebellion better.) I seriously need to ditch a bunch of this fat I'm carrying. It makes wardrobe management a daily difficulty. I also want to have more fun, and that's just easier in a stronger, more energetic body! I want to always be up for a race or a dance party with my kids! Also, I struggle with mental health (my diagnoses are chronic major depression and borderline personality disorder.) Also also, I moved halfway across the country a few years ago to be near my in-laws, and I still haven't made many friends or found much
  15. Last challenge, I took a detour from completely focusing on diet and weight loss. I slayed some demons and fixed up some life issues and now I am absolutely brimming with confidence! But. This challenge is gonna be boring. (I will keep talking about food, though!) I have an amazing trip planned for June! We--myself, my Mr. and our cubs--are heading back to Oregon for a week! And, since I will be seeing friends and family who haven't seen me in years, I'm solidly motivated to keep losing weight. But, with this impending trip *and* gardening and spring cleaning seasons gearing up, I also have le
  16. I am a brand new character here at NF, and a little late off the starting block, it seems. A little about me: I'm a mom to a very active and curious 2 year old. I am a full-time student, finally going to college again after a 13 year "break". I am a voracious reader and gamer, but I have cut down on that since my child's birth. For this, my first challenge, I set the goals at novice level. Main goal is to lose 5 lbs and 2 inches from my waist. Starting at 191.2 and 41.5, respectively. Sub-goals: •Track my food in Myfitnesspal at least 5 days out of the week. •Workout on Tuesdays and Thur
  17. What a week it has been! I'm glad to be back and I'm really, really excited for this challenge. Although... I have realized there's more I need to do before this weight will come off. I mean, technically, I have lost weight since I joined NF, but I sure hope I can get to where I'm losing more than 5 pounds a year... But first, I need to quit drinking so many calories. Which leads to: I need to learn how to relax, reward myself, comfort myself, nurture myself, have fun, celebrate good times, deal with bad times... without reaching for a wine bottle. It's been hard since I moved here, but
  18. Hello! I'm a mum to two little ones- a toddler and an almost 1 year old! It's too soon to completely lose all of the baby weight (at least 20 more lbs!) by the end of the challenge, but I want to get a boost of motivation. My topic is kind of a joke...but really....I don't want Baby Big Boy to turn 2 (in 2016) and for me to still have some of the baby weight! I have been working out for about two months or so, but want to be more consistent- and I need to work on being more active throughout the day. And then there's that major sweet tooth! I cook pretty healthily (if i may say so...!) but m
  19. Ho! Fellow Rangers! I've been a member of NF since last February, but a move and nursing school haven't help me reach my fitness goals. I finally decided those are not the best of excuses and so here I am! This is my first official challenge but I've done many of this type of thing with other groups/people and I LOVE THEM. They are infinitely invaluable to me. I chose Ranger because I feel like a "jack of all trades, master of none" applies to my life in general. Background: I'm a 34 yr old, mom of 5--used to be farmer/homesteader but decided to put that on pause while I get my nurs
  20. Hi guys! First post, first 5 minutes on the site, which was recommended by a co-worker and fellow nerd. . So here's a little background: 1. I'm 24. I'm a vegan. When I was pregnant I stopped being vegan and went vegetarian. I went from 127 lbs to 207 lbs. 2. I used to spin quite a bit. As in, at least 4 days a week on top of lifting. I have a membership at the YMCA (which has babysitting) but haven't been in months. I can barely find the motivation to work out at my apartment. 3. I'm very bottom heavy. It doesn't seem all that relevant, but I don't need exercise that targets my midsectio
  21. Started Paleo over 1 week ago & Loving every minute of it, Might have even been born to be cave-woman!. I own 3 kids and 2 step kids, a full time job and a hubby that works on nights, so I'm a busy woman, but I've got the basics down, but I want to be better in everything I do. . Main Quest To lose 30lbs and fit into a size 6 jean.( currently @ 150 and a size 8-10) Three Specific Tasks Only weight myself 1x a week and start taking measurements.( and be happier with the measurements than the number on the scale) Complete 30min of workout (cross fit, weight lifting, walking, ect..) da
  22. Well, I'm old. I have never struggled with weight, activity levels, paunchy middle, etc. I had children later in life and so my shape has spread out, quite a bit. I am here to get a bit of spring back in my step. A bit late to the party but here I am! Quest 1: CARDIO at least 3 days a week, EVERY WEEK(FOR 45 MINUTES). I was regularly attending a kickboxing class and my cardio was better than it probably has been in many many years. I have started a stay at home job and the hours at class don't work for me so I didn't substitute. I just dropped it. Quest 2: No dairy and limited carbs
  23. Probably the nerdiest thing about me is that I LOVE to watch anime. Probably the thing that I DO most often is MOM stuff. (in fact I am giving my daughter a bath right now!!.. well she is playing with toys in the bath.. I am sitting on the toilet next to her typing.) I'd like to find other people who are dealing with marriage, kids, keeping up with nerdy past-times AND trying to get healthy (in whatever way you choose). Because if we are honest with ourselves our first priority is NOT fitness (what?!!). It is probably our families, but we can STILL do it!! It is difficult, but not imp
  24. Hi to all, I have a confession to make. The last time I tried to do one of these challenges I fell flat on my face and had a pile of snow trap me in the house for almost a month (not completely a metaphor). Anyways I am swallowing my pride and coming back after a long hiatus to try it again. Here are my goals: 1) get up at six o'clock every morning and do 30 min of yoga followed by 15 min of prayer and meditation before everyone gets going for the day. 2)walk, swim, run, hike, or play an active game(tag, ultimate Frisbee, basket ball, e.g.) for a minimum of 30 min a day outside of work 3)
  25. ã¿ã‚“ãªã•ã‚“ã€ã“ã‚“ã«ã¡ã¯ï¼ I'm a 28 year old mom of two who's still carrying around that baby weight, hovering right around 160 pounds with little to no muscle strength. We live in Japan right now, the land of effortlessly thin people, and after the third person in two weeks asked me if I'm pregnant (and rubbed my stomach!!), I decided to jump back on the wagon. I was heading to all the normal websites, full of hot jocks with the bodies of the Schwarzenegger, when I randomly decided to search for body weight exercises. And fate did arrange for us to meet. Nerd Fitness was one of my top
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