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Found 4 results

  1. Hi NF! So, I was a regular way back in 2012-2013 but have since moved on to other fitness paths. But then I got an email about this great deal for the academy and guess what, I'm back! I'm now 29 (almost 30) and mom to a GREAT 17 month old boy (whom we named after a character from the Dune series. Talk about nerdy!). Unfortunately, I now have diastasis recti (BOO!!!) which means my core strength is not what it used to be AND I have to be really careful about certain exercises (no more crunches ever, but not sad about that Anything front loading that puts too much pressure on my stomach has to be built towards very, very slowly. Which is frustrating! I want to do my planks and push-ups again!). As a mom I'm way more tired, have less time to exercise (yay for 20 minute strength workouts!) and oh, I'm also still breastfeeding my son (go super mom!) and I can't really keep up with my calorie needs. I'm still pretty active in general, too - cycle to and from work 20-minutes each way twice a week, and lots more cycling as we don't have a car (or license). Lots of walking and chores etc. In any case, I'm looking forward to jumping back in, both here and with the academy materials. I still love being fit and nerdy things, so I have a feeling I'll fit right (back) in. Any familiar faces around?
  2. How's that for a catchy thread title?? I'm Shenani, mom of three, and in need of a health overhaul. Any other parents of wee ones here? My husband is a HUGE nerd, but this is my first foray into nerdery! I'm excited! Question: the Druids is where my heart is, but I've done yoga and meditated for many years. Should I join something more out of my comfort zone? Or stick with what I know?
  3. Hello! I have been a member for a while, ultimately failed my first few weeks. After that I was pregnant with my second child =] Now I'm back and want to conquer my body and put it through hell :3 I am full time stay at home mom exclusively breast feeding my 5 month old with some baby rice once or twice a day. Both a good and challenging thing. So far she has yet to taken to a bottle or pacifier. Looking for some great tips on when to workout and whatnot=]
  4. Hi! My name is Willow (yep, like this guy, except I'm taller than that. And a girl. OK, OK, maybe more like this.) First thing I need to get off my chest: my life is totally mental. Like, cuckoo crazy mental. Like, I might want to feign actual insanity sometime soon to escape it. Let me explain. If you had met me last year, you would have found me newly married and newly pregnant, with a still-fairly hot bod from doing lots of fun exercise and living paleo (and prepping for that whole wearing a wedding dress and getting a billion photos taken thing). I was happy, hopeful and pretty excited about living my amazingly nerdy life. I didn't know yet that I was carrying twins. That I would be starting a new, stressful-ish job at a big cable company. That this second pregnancy, unlike my first three years ago, would leave me practically bedridden by the end of it. And about 80 gd pounds heavier. Fast forward to now: I'm on maternity leave (thank you, Canada!) and dealing with having three crazy kids at home all day. And three crazy kids up all night, too. I'm on a 24 hour schedule that doesn't leave me with a lot of "me" time. I'm also a 24 hour drive through for those babes, trying to breastfeed as much as I can. My self-esteem is totally shot, feeling chubby and yucky and like I really miss doing something with my brain instead of watching another episode of My Little Ponies and sticking my boob in someone's mouth. In short, I'm just your regular sleep-deprived, jogging pants wearing, hair-in-a-ponytail mom just trying to keep her sh*t together on a daily basis. EXCEPT I'M ALSO AN AWESOME WARRIOR WITH A WHOLE LOT OF "EFF YES!" UNDERNEATH IT ALL. (cue magical unicorn leaping across a rainbow trailing a shooting star in outer space) Oh, people on the street might think I'm just another stroller pushing kid wrangler. But little do they know just how much mettle and magic it takes to keep your sanity when your entire life is basically a dirty diaper, snotty nose, tantrum-laden war zone. OK, enough about the cray times I'm living through, and more about my goals. Without further ado: MY MAIN QUEST Is to lose weight. How much weight? Well, I'm not too fussed about numbers on a scale anymore. I would like to lose a pant size in six weeks. As of this moment, I'm wearing a (vanity) size 10 pair of jeans from the Gap. The scale perches at 168. I was about 145 a year ago (I'm 5'7"). I'd like to see those numbers smiling up at me again someday, but if not, hey, a size 8 in six weeks will do. MISSION 1: Do the BBW 3X a week. Starting now. OK, it's late right now, but tomorrow for sure. Cardio when I feel so inspired, and the gym when I can make it. I would LOVE to make it to 5 workouts total a week, but considering my gonzo sleep schedule, I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Now is not the time for bootcamp. (See Mission #2) MISSION 2: Go Easier on Myself. Be Happy. Stop Stressing I have this steaming heap of stress on my plate Every. Single. Day. (Try driving your car with three carseats in the backseat and surround-sound screaming emanating like a wall of ear-bleeding torture.) So, I want to be gentle with myself. Allow for mistakes, eff-ups and, you know, life to happen. Hopefully being a little lax will provide me with the room to get right back on that horse if I happen to fall of it. Or jump off of it, as the case may be. (Hello, glass of red wine calling my name with your sweet, sweet siren's song.) MISSION 3: Eat the Paleo. But with the Paleo Carbs. As much as humanly possible, I want to eat paleo. That means no dairy, and only a moderate amount of paleo sugar. I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, and I can eat an entire wheel of brie before I realize what I've done. So, sayonara, fromage; so long, sweets. I'll still mange the tubers and occasionally the rice though. I need to keep up my milk supply, so those are kinda essential right now. I also would like to IF once a week for 24 hours just to try it. If my supply tanks, it's back on the food wagon. MISSION 4: Do Some Fun Stuff I actually really love fun stuff. I know some people are anti-fun, but, hey, what can I say, I love things that aren't boring or lame. Despite what my current schedule is like. So I want to plan for some bonafide adventures that will let me actually a) get away from motley crew of offspring and give me a fun way to get in shape and c) challenge me. So my goal is to do at least 2 of the following in the next 6 weeks: The O Course Military Obstacle CourseSUP Paddle BoardingPole Dancing (perhaps the most bone chillingly terrifying of all of the adventures for me)Rock ClimbingA Mud Race (if there is one)Trampoline Workout (or Dodgeball, if I can get in there)Whatever other cool workouts I can findRight now, I'm thinking the O Course and Paddle Boarding are topping the list. OK, that's the nerd me in a nutshell. Happy to have found NF and to be embarking on this amazing quest. I'm already trying to think about what kind of guild I want to join! SO AWESOME!!!!! And now, I'm off to produce some milk and catch a nap before I have to be up at some ungodly hour of the night... But fear not. The Cliffs of Insanity shall be scaled. And then I will leave them in my dust.
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